5 years ago

Rogers launches Motorola RAZR HD LTE


Following an announcement last month, the Motorola RAZR HD LTE hit Rogers store shelves across Canada today for $99 on a three-year contract. It's an awful lot like the Droid RAZR HD that announced for Verizon last month, except this one is made for GSM networks. The main selling points for the Motorola RAZR HD are its 4.7-inch display, its strong battery life with LTE usage, and the triggered response software system, SmartActions. 

The Motorola RAZR HD LTE isn't showing up in the Rogers online store just yet, but feel free to call up your closest brick-and-mortar location to see what's up. There's also a bunch of information on Motorola Canada's site about detailed specs. Canadians, are you guys interested? Personally, I'm having a hard time imagining signing a three-year contract for any phone with WIND and Mobilicity in the picture. Any Americans interested in importing the RAZR HD LTE to use on A&T? Verizon customers, are you itching to pick up your version?

Source: @Motorola_CA

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5 years ago

Motorola Atrix 2 bestowed with Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade


Motorola Atrix 2 owners can now emerge from Gingerbread now that AT&T has begun rolling out the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade. We had an inkling that the update was on the way, so no huge surprise, but welcome nontheless. The update includes Motorola's new quick-launch lock screen, along with the usual ICS features, like Face Unlock, tabbed browsing, a data usage monitor and a few other odds and ends. 

Earlier this week, Motorola also started rolling out ICS for their Droid XYBOARD tablets, but there are still a few more devices on the timeline that we're waiting for. For those that aren't getting an update reasonably soon, Motorola has a pretty sweet upgrade incentive in place

With all of these ICS updates, it's starting to actually feel like Google owns Motorola. Hopefully it won't take long before Motorola sets the standard for software update timeliness, but for the time being, which manufacturer have you been most pleased with on that front? Which manufacturers take way too long for their ICS updates? Should manufacturers even be bothering with Jelly Bean in the picture? Is Google rolling out these new features too quickly, or do manufacturers and carriers just need to hurry and catch up? 

Source: AT&T

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5 years ago

ZTE says its equipment is safe, poses no threat to U.S. national security


We reported yesterday on a U.S. Congressional report suggesting that ZTE and Huawei should be blocked from operating within the U.S. for national security reasons. The report singled out both companies with allegations of corruption, bribery and possible influence by the Chinese government. Hot off the press this morning ZTE has hit back with a statement in its defense.

In its statement, ZTE notes its status as a "Trusted Delivery Partner" for 140 other governments, and says it's "China’s most transparent, independent, globally focused, publicly traded telecom company." The company also points out that the vast majority of U.S. telecommunications equipment currently in use is manufactured in China. 

We expect this one to go back and forth before any final outcome is reached. For ZTE's full statement, check past the break. To read more about exactly what they and Huawei are alleged to have done, see our report from yesterday.

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5 years ago

Samsung Galaxy Music is official - ICS on a 3-inch display with stereo speakers


Dual-SIM Galaxy Music Duos also confirmed

Following numerous rumors and leaks, Samsung has officially announced the entry-level, music-focused Galaxy Music and Galaxy Music Duos this morning. The Galaxy Music takes the front-facing stereo speaker design seen in certain Samsung tablets and PMPs and incorporates it into a budget smartphone with a 3-inch (QVGA) display.

The device comes in three colors -- silver, blue and yellow -- and runs Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, backed up by Samsung's TouchWiz Nature UX. The official spec list doesn't mention what's powering the Galaxy Music, but we can presume it'll be a fairly modest single-core affair. In terms of musical prowess, Samsung's plugging the phone's Sound Alive & SRS playback enhancements, as well as support for OGG and FLAC formats and FM radio capabilities.

Also announced today was Galaxy Music Duos, a dual-SIM variant which we'd expect to see targeted at emerging markets. There's no word on pricing or availability for either product, but we'd expect both to be competitively priced.

Source: Samsung

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5 years ago

LG Electronics Q3 earnings announcement and conference call set for Oct. 24th


If you're interested in learning how LG Electronics doing financially, you'll want to tune into their Q3 2012 earnings announcement and conference call taking place on Oct. 24th at 13:00 (KST) followed by a Korean language news conference at 16:00 (KST). Just in case you're not fluent in Korean though, there will also be an English conference call that will take place on Thursday, Oct. 25 at the following times --

  • Seoul - 10:00 AM
  • Hong Kong - 09:00 AM
  • London - 02:00 AM
  • New York City - 9:00PM (Wednesday, October 24) 

If you'd rather spend your time sleeping, don't worry. We'll be sure to follow up with any news coming from the call and let you all know how LG is faring in the business thus far. Besides, you never know what other details may happen to slip out.

Source: LG

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5 years ago

Motorola and SoftBank launch the Motorola RAZR M in Japan


Motorola is continuing their roll out of the RAZR M internationally, after having launched the device in the U.S. a short while ago. SoftBank in Japan is the latest carrier to take on the device, and much like the Droid RAZR M we reviewed, it's sporting some decent mid-range specs, including a 1.5 Ghz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor, 1GB of RAM, 8-megapixel camera with LED flash, as well Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich pre-loaded, and a promised Jelly Bean update.

And as you might expect, it's capable of running on the SoftBank 4G network. If you're looking for the full details on pricing, you'll need to head on over to the SoftBank website. If you're just looking to get the skinny on it direct from Motorola, the press release can be found right below.

Source: Motorola, SoftBank

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5 years ago

Opera launches Opera Mobile 12.1 for Android, offers better security and faster browsing


Given the multitude of web browsers available for download in the Google Play Store, it's no wonder those competing for space on your device continue to revamp their efforts. Opera Mobile is no exception, and as such the updated Opera Mobile v12.1 for Android is now available. The latest release has Opera concentrating on several improvement, including slimming down the app install size:

  • Opera Mobile fraud detection - The fraud detection system tells you when a webpage has been marked as being suspicious or used for illicit activity. If you get a warning, it’s a good idea to think twice about visiting that site.
  • SPDY: Borrowing from the desktop version of Opera, Opera Mobile includes the SPDY for communicating to web servers around the world, the SPDY protocol makes fetching webpages more efficient. Twitter and Gmail are two early adopters of the SPDY protocol.
  • WebSockets: Rich content is the new way of the web, and WebSockets is here to make it happen. With WebSockets, the browser in your mobile device get top notch access to the web server, improving two-way communications between your mobile device and web server for applications.
  • HTML5 and CSS Enhancements: Combine the visual eye candy of CSS with some HTML5 practicality and voilá, even better mobile browsing. That’s why we’ve added HTML5 goodies like HTML5 Drag and Drop and the HTML5 Clipboard API to Opera Mobile 12.1. These features help web developers connect better to the surfer’s devices and, e.g., access clipboard content such as text and pictures.

If you're not satisfied with your current browsing experience, Opera Mobile is certainly worth a look. I've tested it out on the Mobile Nations sites and enjoy the tabs at the bottom for quick selection. I wouldn't say I'm ready to swap over from Google's Chrome browser just yet but having a decent secondary option loaded is always a good idea.

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5 years ago

Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update available in Korea, says Samsung


Samsung Galaxy S3 owners in South Korea will now be able to update their handsets to the latest version of Android, 4.1.1 Jelly Bean, according to a statement released on the official "Samsung Tomorrow" site. The update is now available through Kies for owners of the Korea-specific SHW-M440S variant. In addition to performance enhancements through Google's "project butter" and the new Google Search with Google Now, the S3 Jelly Bean update also introduces many new improvements to TouchWiz. These include a new "easy mode" for the home screen launcher, "blocking mode" to enable you to manage when contacts can get hold of you, and that new "smart rotation" feature from the Galaxy Note 2.

The Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update began rolling out in some European countries a few weeks back, but we've yet to hear anything about U.S. availability besides the occasional leaked build. Hopefully S3 owners in the States won't have too long to wait.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow, via: Engadget

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5 years ago

Samsung and Google reportedly working on high-end, 10-inch Nexus tablet


Here's another juicy Nexus rumor to complement all these LG Nexus photos we've been seeing over the past few hours. According to information given to CNET by industry analyst Richard Shim, Google is also at work on a 10-inch Nexus tablet, which will be developed and "co-branded" with Samsung. The tablet will reportedly be a high-end device, sporting a 2560x1600 panel, with an iPad-beating pixels density of 299ppi. Shim said the source of these reports were "supply chain indications."

Shim also claimed that Google would begin production of a $99 Android tablet in December, echoing earlier reports from industry rumor-monger Digitimes. However, he neglected to mention whether this would be a Nexus 7 variant or another model altogether.

All this is unconfirmed for the time being, but the nature of the source would seem to elevate it above the usual Internet rumors. And with ASUS already producing the Nexus 7, it's possible Google may seek to diversify with a Samsung-made Nexus 10, possibly based upon that P10 "retina" tablet that was revealed in court documents a few months back.

Would you be in the market for a high-end, Samsung-made Nexus tablet? Shout out in the comments and let us know.

Source: CNET

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5 years ago

A new week means a new winner in Android Central's Nexus 7 A Week giveaway!

Here we are at the start of week 4 of our Nexus 7 A Week Giveaway! Below you can find the winner of last week's contest, as well as information on how to enter this week. (Hint: It might have something to do with the picture above.) Keep reading!

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5 years ago

More LG Nexus pictures leak


Well, this is very interesting to say the least. Just a little while ago we received several pictures of a reported LG-E960 device running stock Android 4.1.2 with on-screen buttons, reportedly said to be the next Nexus device. What we've got our hands on now is several more pictures of a reported LG Nexus device that seems to be more of a cross between the previous design (which is very similar to the Optimus G) and the current Galaxy Nexus design.

The design is interesting to say the least -- with camera, flash and speaker placement similar to the previous leak, but with different design lines otherwise. As if the "not for sale hw rev 1.0" printed on the back wasn't a good indication, the hardware itself looks pretty prototype-like. There are a lot of rough edges and what looks to be screw holes on the bottom edge.

Other than the design differences, looking through the FCC documents based on the FCC ID listed on the back of the device, there are 31 results in the FCC's database (which can be found at the second source link below). Diving into the labeling listing, the FCC documents confirm the location of the ID label, which also states explicitly that the back cover of the device cannot be removed. Charging certifications list that along with a standard charging port, the phone incorporates inductive charging. The radio certifications for this model indicate that it's triband HSPA, with only 850MHz, 1700MHz (AWS) and 1900MHz frequencies -- that means no AT&T LTE or T-Mobile HSPA on this specific device's certification.

We've got a few more pictures after the break. What do you guys think, does this help or hurt your opinion of the device?

Source: Baraholka.onliner; FCC

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5 years ago

Is the next Nexus phone the LG-E960?


A tasty surprise just hit our inbox, and we like what we're seeing. A black slab built on what looks very similar to the LG Optimus G's body, running stock Android.

According to these pictures, the device has the board name Mako, which jives with previous Nexus device internal names as they have all carried a fish theme. The version number is Android 4.1.2, running on the Linux 3.4 kernel. The device is running stock Android as we can see from the home screen, and visually what we can see is identical to the current Jelly Bean build we have now.

Outside there are some slight differences between this mystery phone and the Optimus G we looked at in Korea, namely the position of the camera mount and flash. This leads us to believe there is a different board inside. We also noticed that the LG E960 made it through the FCC with AT&T bands in tow. A little further digging and we see that this phone has been kicking around since late last month, so we're pretty confident that this is the phone everyone is talking about.

But it this the next Nexus? We've all heard rumors of an LG Nexus device, and from some very credible sources. For now, let's all look at the pictures (there's more after the break) and discuss. 

Update: Our tipster also posted these pictures publicly at XDA and failed to mention it to us, here's a link to that source.

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5 years ago

PDF app suggestions, Managing space on the 8GB Nexus 7 [From the Forums]


Just in case you missed out on some of the Android news today, now is the time to go ahead and get yourself fully caught up. Here on the blogs and in the Android Central Forums there is plenty to talk about. Have some questions? Need some help or just looking to chat Android? You know where to go, check out some of the threads below to get started.

We've got nearly 1 million members helping members and nearly 2 million posts in our Android Forums. Are you one of them? Join today!

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5 years ago

Native Facebook for Android app nearly ready for release


We know that Facebook's current app strategy has been more or less a failure on Android. Following an update to the app on iOS from mostly HTML5 to native code, it looks like a native Facebook for Android app is in the final stages of testing according to an anonymous source inside the company.

We'll hopefully be seeing an official statement and release from Facebook soon. The Google+ app has set the bar pretty high at this point, we'll see if Facebook can catch up.

Source: Engadget

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5 years ago

Live from CTIA MobileCON in San Diego!


Yes, folks. We are back in sunny San Diego, Calif., where baseball has just wrapped up (sorry, Padres fans), football is in full swing (sorry, Chargers fans) -- and the mobile tech is ... Well, it's here. We're at the fall CTIA event, henceforth to be called MobileCON, which might or might not hide the fact that this thing's still all about enterprise. And that's OK. We're prepared to own our inner IT admin if you are.


We're about to bring you two full days of whatever it is we're here to see, which should include a bit of Android, a bit of other stuff, and a lot of fish tacos.

Get the full lowdown -- and re-live the spring event's stories -- at our CTIA home page. You'll be glad you did.

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