5 years ago

Best Buy's Insignia Flex reportedly priced under $259


Will buyers bite at a Best Buy tablet? At between $239 and $259, it could be a sweet purchase for a mid-range device, if the latest reports from Reuters are to be believed. The news agency sites "a source familiar with the matter" in a report published today.

According to details revealed on the Insignia Products Facebook page earlier this week, the retailer’s Insignia Flex Android tablet will be on the shelves on November 11. Specs include a 9.7-inch, dual-core 1GHz slate running Android 4.0 with ten hours of battery life.

The Insignia branding is Best Buy’s house brand, aimed at competing in the discount electronics range.

Source: Reuters, Insignia Products

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5 years ago

Sprint Optimus G benchmarks and hardware testing


It's no secret that I dislike benchmark applications on Android. I've got technical reasons that involve native code and virtual machines, but the fact remains that plenty of folks do like them, and I'm here to deliver what you guys want to see. I've put away my dislike for a moment today, because the Sprint Optimus G just blows the doors off of everything else and it deserves a look.

The quad-core APQ8064 Snapdragon S4 Pro, high-speed RAM and Nand, and Adreno 320 GPU mean the Optimus G is a well-oiled killing machine when it comes to performance. In every benchmark we ran, it handily beats everything out there -- even while running less than optimal stock software.

We didn't stop at benchmarks. This was also a perfect opportunity to check the hardware performance as well, so you'll see some numbers and graphs for Wifi, GPS, and multitouch, too. Spoiler -- you'll be pleased. 

Hit the break and check it out.

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5 years ago

PSA: Remove all of the protective plastic before you complain


Remember the one where Jerry said he was bothered about the fake chrome trim on the Sprint Optimus G, and how it didn't seem to sit flush?

Yeah. Always remove the plastic before you complain. 

That's all it was. With the protective plastic gone, things are smooth and fit nicely. Crow is delicious!

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5 years ago

Jawbone Jambox review


The Jawbone Jambox is a popular stand-alone Bluetooth speaker with sharp style, heavy bass, and relatively rich app environment. Audio from the jawbone Jambox is pretty solid, and especially heavy on the bass. I didn't have any issues with distortion, even at higher volumes, The lack of hardware playback controls, like pause and play, is a pretty serious downer. The Big Jambox has the full selection of hardware buttons, but costs an extra hundred bucks.

Need more? We got more. Read on!

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5 years ago

Starbucks updates app to follow holo design guidelines


They just keep coming. More and more developers have been publishing updates to their apps recently that apply the latest Android design guidelines. Starbucks joins the list today with an update to their app that brings a pretty noticeable UI redesign.

The new design follows the "holo" design language -- destroying the legacy menu button (which makes Galaxy Nexus uers happy) and replacing it with an overflow settings button. Tabs across the top of the app offer a cleaner look to navigation, and Starbucks simply changed the color scheme from default blue to a dark shade of green. The map of nearby stores is cleaner, and the entire UI seems to have received little bits of polish.

If you haven't given the Starbucks app a try yet, it's really worth a look. The app is free at the Google Play Store link above. If you're just curious about the new UI, we've got a few screenshots comparing the old (left) and (new) designs after the break.

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5 years ago

'It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown' now available for Android


It's that time of year when we see a few Halloween apps, and that list wouldn't be complete without a Charlie Brown storybook app. "It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" is coming to the Play Store in the form of an interactive storybook, narrated by Peter Robbins -- the original voice of Charlie Brown. The app incorporates remastered animations and original voice material from the original 1966 TV special. Surely this storybook recreation will do the original some justice.

Accompanying this storybook app is an interactive game, The Great Pumpkin Festival. With this app, you can create your own avatar with plenty of costumes and customizations, carve pumpkins, vote on other people's creations and complete achievements to get new costumes for your avatar.

For just over $5.00, this Charlie Brown classic can be yours at the Google Play Store link above. If you're content with a smaller bit of the experience, The Great Pumpkin Festival is available free on the Play Store as well.

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5 years ago

Samsung Galaxy S3 lasts slightly longer in blender than iPhone 5


The fine folks at BlendTec have continued their fine heritage of appliance-based science by seeing whether or not the Samsung Galaxy S3 or the iPhone 5 are able to survive industrial-strength spinning blades. The short answer is no, neither of them can withstand BlendTec's whirling wrath, but as you can see from the video below, the Galaxy S3 manages to stay mostly in one piece longer than the iPhone 5. Some other decidedly more practical (though less scientific) toughness tests have show that the SGS3 doesn't fare quite as well against the iPhone 5 in drop tests

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5 years ago

AT&T Optimus G pre-orders start today


Well, AT&T followed through on this one. Following announcement of pricing and availability for the LG Optimus G on AT&T yesterday, the pre-order page at AT&T's website is now live. $199 with a two-year agreement -- $549 outright -- and a circle on your calendar for Nov. 2 is all you need to reserve LG's latest flagship.

If you're still on the fence about this device, don't worry, Phil and Jerry are working to bring you their official Optimus G reviews. In the meantime, we've got a few sneak peeks at certain parts of the devices.

Source: AT&T

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5 years ago

Apple to invent smaller tablets Oct. 23


So Apple's going to invent a smaller iPad next week. It'll probably be really, really good. Frankly, it'll probably be better-built than the Nexus 7 we've been enjoying for a few months now. 

And you know what? That's probably a good thing. Google got itself a bit of a gem in the Nexus 7. It's not perfect -- what device is? -- but for $200, it's easily our favorite Android tablet. 

Apple getting into the "mini" game will make Android manufacturers better. They'll have to be. Because Apple's going to sell a shitload of its smaller tablets. (That's a technical term analysts like to use, by the way.) Will the Nexus 7 wither and die? Hardly. Neither will the Amazon Kindle Fire. Or even the Barnes & Noble Nook line. They're going to have to step up their game, for sure. But you can bet your bippy each company has been hard at work on future products anyway.

Think about how much innovation (and iteration) we've seen in the Android tablet space in the span of two years. From the original Galaxy Tab and the defunct HTC Flyer, to the likes of the ASUS Transformer Infinity and Nexus 7.

No. A smaller iPad won't kill off Android tablets any more than the iPhone has ended sales of Android smartphones. The balance may shift, as balances are prone to do. That's a good thing. Because the best is always yet to come.

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5 years ago

Top LG Nexus 4 forum threads


Sure, the LG Nexus 4 (or Optimus Nexus, or whatever) doesn't actually exist yet. Except, it does. And you guys are talking up a storm. Here's a quick look at some of the best threads we've spotted in our Rumored Devices forum:

And it's still early yet.

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5 years ago

HTC offers up 64GB One S Special Edition in Taiwan


The HTC One S is probably one of the most under-appreciated devices of the year, so it's nice to see the phone getting a little bit of extra attention as HTC refreshes its Android line-up this fall. Alongside the One X+, the company's debuted the One S Special Edition (or "SE") in its home country of Taiwan. The changes aren't as sweeping as in the One X+, but they're no less striking. The phone gets an ice-white coat of paint, making it more One X-like in appearance, and the internal storage has been bumped up to 64GB -- although it's still non-expandable. Other specs, like the 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 SoC, 1GB of RAM and 8MP ImageSense camera, remain unchanged.

Storage space was one of our main complaints we leveled against the One S when we reviewed it back in April. The international version comes with 16GB of space, and of that only 10GB is available for music and other media.  With 64GB on-board, that suddenly becomes much less of an issue.

Right now we're not seeing any signs of the HTC One S Special Edition outside of Taiwan, but we've asked HTC about any international release plans, and we'll update this post with any info they provide.

Source: HTC, via: MoDaCo

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5 years ago

Sprint's Samsung Galaxy Note 2 drops Oct. 25 for $299


Sprint this morning announced that its Samsung Galaxy  Note 2 will be available Oct. 25 for $299 on contract. It'll be available in Marble White or Titanium Gray.

More: Read our complete Galaxy Note 2 review

The Galaxy Note 2, as you'll recall, sports a massive 5.5-inch Super AMOLED display and is running Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean, with a ton of customizations and features from Samsung thrown in. It's all powered by a 1.6 GHz quad-core processor and has a rather ridiculous 3100 mAh battery.

Source: Sprint
More: Sprint Galaxy Note 2 forums

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5 years ago

Gameloft's Real Soccer 2013 now available in the Play Store


Gameloft's soccer simulation game, Real Soccer, has received a nice update to a 2013 edition. The update brings improved graphics and animations, along with a new management mode that provides a better in-depth game experience.

So, does Real Soccer 2013 have what it takes to challenge the incumbent FIFA 2012 (and impending FIFA 2013)? A gameplay trailer from the developer can be found below. If it seems like something you'd like, you can grab a download from the Google Play Store link above.

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5 years ago

An indoor test of the Sprint Optimus G camera


A lot of folks want to know how the 13MP camera in Sprint's Optimus G fares when it's time to take some pictures indoors. Forget the MegaPixels, camera technology is about the sensor, the lens, and the software that assembles the data into a finished image. A good camera on my smartphone is important to me, so I took a few minutes, a frosty malted beverage, and checked it out.

Hit the break, and have a look at the camera with three different lighting scenarios and see how it does.

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5 years ago

ASUS Padfone 2 announced - quad-core phone/tablet dockable with LTE


This morning at events in Milan, Italy and Taipei, Taiwan, ASUS has announced its second-generation phone and tablet hybrid device, the Padfone 2. Like the original Padfone, it’s an Android phone which can slot into a tablet dock to deliver a full-blown tablet experience. Time time around, ASUS has boosted specs throughout the device, including an upgrade of the CPU to a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 chip. The device also packs 2GB of RAM, a 13MP camera and a 4.7-inch, 720p IPS display, matching the specs of leading Android phones like the LG Optimus G.

Unlike the first-generation Padfone, the Padfone 2 fits inside its tablet dock without needing to be secured in place with a door. What’s more, the weight of the entire package has been reduced to 649 grams, down from 853 grams in the original. On-stage in Milan today, ASUS Chairman Jonney Shih demonstrated the same seamless transition from phone to tablet UI, just as we saw from the original Padfone at Mobile World Congress.

On the software side, it’s running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, with an upgrade to Jelly Bean promised in the future. Connectivity options include NFC and 4G LTE support, though no carriers were mentioned at today’s events.

The device will ship in Europe and Asia before the end of the year, in 32 and 64GB flavors, which will retail for €799 and €899 respectively with the tablet dock included. At this price, the new Padfone remains a niche product, but ASUS will be hoping that a focus on hardware specifications and a slimmed-down tablet chassis will help the Padfone 2 succeed where its predecessor stumbled.

Anyone tempted by ASUS’s latest Padfone iteration? Shout out in the comments! We've got more images after the break.

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