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The HTC DLX, batteries and you


We'd never turn down more juice, but is 2500 mAh on a 5-inch device really that low?

Yesterday we brought you the first photos of HTC and Verizon's 5-inch, 1080p Android smartphone, codenamed "DLX," along with a full list of specifications. By any standard, the DLX is a super-high-end phone, packing a quad-core Snapdragon S4 CPU -- generally considered to be the fastest SoC around -- and the highest-resolution phone display available, in the form of a 1080p SuperLCD3 panel. Throw in Verizon's 4G LTE network, and you've got an awful lot of telephone.

One area that's easy for some to find fault with, however, is the battery. Read on to find out why.

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LG India confirms its worst-kept secret, Nexus 4 to be announced Oct. 29


The LG Nexus 4 has been extensively leaked over the past few weeks. We've seen the front, back, sides and even taken a sneaky peek at the phone's internals. Nevertheless, the phone is still officially unannounced, pending a Google event in New York City on Oct. 29.

Today LG's broken its silence on the device, according to reports from Indian news site IBNLive. The site reports that Amit Gujral, Head of Mobile Product Planning for LG India confirmed the device's existence in an interview at an Optimus Vu launch event. "Google will unveil the LG Nexus on October 29 and the phone will be available in the Indian markets by the end of November," Gurjal is reported as saying. He also apparently spilled the beans on the device's hardware, confirming reports of a 4.7-inch display, a 1.5GHz quad-core CPU (presumably a Snapdragon S4) and Android 4.2.

The "LG Nexus," as Gurjal calls it, will be available in India by the end of November, following an unveiling by Google on Oct. 29. That means other territories will likely get the device even earlier in the month. We're not sure this official confirmation was supposed to slip through the net, but in any case, it's one more piece of the 2012 Nexus puzzle. We'll be live from New York City next Tuesday to bring you all the Nexus announcements as they happen!

Source: IBNLive

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5 years ago

Sprint lights up LTE in Chicago suburbs and other markets


Today Sprint announced the activation of 4G LTE networks in Chicago suburbs (Addison, Bolingbrook, Des Plaines, Downers Grove, Kankakee, Rockford, Joliet, Naperville, Palatine, Plainfield), Illinois; Wichita Falls, Texas; New Bedford/Fall River, Massachusetts; and Hutchinson and McPherson, Kansas. Combined with other LTE expansions since the initial launch this summer, this brings Sprint's LTE coverage to 32 cities total, which includes Atlanta, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, and plenty of others on the way

Sprint recently purchased a controlling stake in Clearwire, which was a necessary step to keep moving forward with their LTE plans. Any Sprint customers in these new markets happy to get some 4G lovin'? How about those of you still left in the dark? How long are you willing to wait for LTE before switching over to the competition?

Source: Sprint

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5 years ago

Isis NFC payments go live in Austin and Salt Lake City


As expected, the Isis mobile payment system backed by AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon has been launched in Austin and Salt Lake City today. There are currently nine handsets that are ready to roll with the NFC-enabled app, with another 11 on the way before 2013. Verizon has announced that the Droid RAZR HD and Droid RAZR MAXX HD will both be compatible this week. T-Mobile has announced that the Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy S Relay, and Galaxy S2 will be compatible with Isis. AT&T will also support the GS3, as well as the HTC One X, Exhilarate, LG Escape, and Rugby Pro. As far as credit cards go, American Express, Capital One, and Chase are supported, which might not be enough of a selection for most folks, but it's a start. 

Meanwhile in Canada, Rogers is getting ready to launch their own mobile payment system based on NFC-enabled SIM cards, though it doesn't seem like they'll have the same device restrictions. Apparently we'll be able to pop that SIM into any Rogers phone and the service will work perfectly well once it's rolled out. Anyone interested in getting started with Isis apparently has to get a new SIM card too, though they won't work with rooted devices. 

In any case, Isis will be competing directly with Google Wallet, which makes for some annoying repercussions. it seems like some carriers haven't been shy about blocking Google Wallet in favor of pushing Isis, but why wouldn't Google just kick Isis from the Play Store? One would assume that both sides have already talked the issue to death, but it's hard to see this kind of service not putting some friction between partners. How do you guys think the NFC payments situation will pan out between Google and carriers?

Any locals interested in signing up can check out the Isis home page

Source: Business Wire, Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T

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Sprint Optimus G has root before the phone hits the shelves


The first thing I do with a review phone after I'm finished writing the review is to try to root it. Tonight was that night with the Sprint Optimus G, and it went rather well.

After a bit of Google Translate, I found the root method for the Korean Optimus G and had to try. It's based (either in whole or in part -- I don't read Vietnamese) on the Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean adb restore exploit discovered by Bin4ry and does the job easily.

The November 11 release can't come soon enough. Hit the forums for the details, and stay tuned for that review while it gets its final editing!

How to root the Sprint G Optimus G (Windows only)

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Samsung Nexus 10 reported once again in run up to Google event


Fresh reports from TheNextWeb today add further weight to a possible Nexus 10 tablet unveiling at Google's Oct. 29 "Playground" event.  The site says the 10-inch device, previously known by its codename "Manta," will pack a 2560x1600 display with an iPad-beating pixel density of 300ppi. TNW reports that the "Manta" tablet will be unveiled alongside the extensively-leaked LG Nexus 4 phone and 32GB Nexus 7 tablet. Naturally, Android 4.2 is expected to run on both Nexus 4 and 10 out of the box.

We've been hearing similar whispers privately for the past couple of weeks, including some strong evidence suggesting the 10-inch Nexus tablet will indeed sport a super-high resolution 2560x1600 display.

The Nexus 10 will go up against Apple's iPad and Microsoft's new Windows RT-based Surface tablet, which is set to launch later this month.

Source: TNW

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From the Editor's Desk: The acts of children ...


We're in the tall grass now, boys and girls. We're at that point in the year when Google's got a new Nexus coming down the pike, and the smartphone nerds are getting that annual tingling sensation not felt since puberty, or the release of the previous Nexus. All sanity and logic goes out the window, and drama ensues.

That, of course, brings us to the object of last week's infection, that painfully obvious fake "Sony Nexus X." Make no mistake, folks -- it was pretty clear from the start that it wasn't real. I said as much on Twitter before we published. Others were a bit stronger. Internally, we knew what we were looking at. I was done. But Alex likes to walk through this stuff, and he's got a good eye for debunking, so I gave him the green light. Could our post have been stronger? Perhaps. But I love that British sense of understatement. When our headline called the pictures "dubious," that's code for "utter shite." Make no mistake -- somebody was being polite.

I've never understood why folks throw out reason when it comes to new phones. Some call it "hypebeasting." I call it a pain in our collective asses. Fakes are nothing new, and they all have one thing in common: Frauds like these are perpetrated by feckless children, starved for attention. That's it. And in this case, it's twice as bad as you think. There's the attention the initial fraud receives, and then the added attention of when someone "comes clean," which is to say they own up to having lied, and we should all love them now for no longer lying. Someone should be rewarded for that? That's not what I teach my 6-year-old daughter, who's able to understand why that's wrong. I hate that I'm still talking about this, that I've given it the weight of this column.

But, frankly, I'm glad the kid who wasted his time with all this didn't even realize that we'd called bullshit, and that explained why. And I'm especially glad he didn't list us as his favorite Android site. An endorsement from a pathological liar is not an endorsement I want. I'm funny like that, I guess.

Good news, everyone! I've got happier thoughts ahead.

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Hands-on breaksclusive video with a 32-gigabyte Nexus 7


Folks seem to have lost their minds a little bit over the 32-gigabyte Nexus 7 -- which remains unannounced, though Staples (always them, right?) apparently has no qualms about selling them early. So in the spirit of utter ridiculousness, here's some breakslclusive hands-on in-the-wild first-look oh-my-god-it's-full-of-stars video of the 32-gigabyte Nexus 7, courtesy of John1029 in our forums.

As should surprise no one, it's a Nexus 7. With 32 gigabytes of storage. (Actually, more like 27.5.) And that's it. It's running Android 4.1.1 out of the box, which also should surprise no one, since Android 4.1.2 just pushed over air, and these would devices would have been flashed before then. No big deal. At all. In fact, it's not even a deal. It's a non-deal.

Still, this is a decent enough walkthrough, and all snark aside, it's great to see our readers get the goods. Hit the break for the full video.

Source: Nexus 7 forums

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This is the Verizon HTC Droid DNA


Verizon appears poised to bring HTC's first 5-inch Android smartphone to the U.S.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the HTC DLX for Verizon, since officially named the Droid DNA. A few rumored details recently emerged about this upcoming (and as yet unannounced Android smartphone, and tonight we're able to bring you the first pictures.

The codenamed HTC DLX (pronounced like "deluxe," we're told) is notable for several reasons. For one, it will (assuming it comes to market; that's not always a given) be Verizon's first HTC One smartphone since the line was announced at Mobile World Congress way back in February in Barcelona. That the United States' largest carrier didn't pick up any of the three devices announced then has been a sore spot for months. 

Then there's the size. Along with the Japan-exclusive HTC J Butterfly, the Droid DNA marks the manufacturer's first foray into the 5-inch display category, known to some as "ridiculously large." But consider our curiosity piqued, our appetite whetted. We -- and you folks as well, we know - have been waiting on Verizon to sport new HTC kit for the better part of a year now.

Enough preamble. We've got more pictures, specs and a few thoughts after the break.

More: HTC DLX forums

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Android Central international round-up - October 20, 2012


We're less than two weeks away from one of the biggest Android events of the year, where it's possible we'll see a new version of Android, and new phones and tablets. We've already seen just about all there is to see of the LG Nexus 4, and rumors suggest a possible Samsung Nexus 10, as well as a new 32GB Nexus 7. But in amongst all the rumors, leaks and speculation, we've also had a fairly busy week of news for existing devices.

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean finally hit UK Galaxy S3 phones, bringing with it a host of Samsung-specific improvements to the TouchWiz UI. O2 and Three are already pushing out the update, with Vodafone set to follow in the near future.

In Japan, we saw the announcement of what's arguably the most high-spec'd Android handset yet, in the form of the AU-exclusive HTC J Butterfly. With a 5-inch, 1920x1080 (yes, 1080p) display and a quad-core Snapdragon S4 CPU, this device should set the standard for high-end smartphones as we move into 2013. The J Butterfly itself won't be released outside of Japan, but we wouldn't be surprised to see a close relative of this phone land on Verizon in the U.S. before the year's out.

And finally, ASUS launched its second-generation Padfone, the Padfone 2, at glitzy events in Milan, Italy and Taipei, Taiwan. At the Milan event, ASUS' energetic chairman Jonney Shih was on hand to reveal the device, which like its predecessor can be docked with a bundled tablet accessory for a larger-screen tablet experience. Like the J Butterfly, the Padfone 2 runs a quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro SoC, which looks set to become the new standard chip for high-end Android phones and tablets.

Check out a selection of the highlights in international Android news below. If you've got news, be sure to tip us at the usual address.

Special feautres:


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Apps of the Week - Max Payne Mobile, History Here, Funky Smugglers and more!


We're getting into that time of year when device rumors are swirling, but when it comes down to it we still care about finding the best apps in the Play Store for your enjoyment every week. When we find 'em, we let you guys know. We've got a couple games (as usual) and some utility apps for your enjoyment. Read on past the break to see how we've done this week.

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LG Spectrum Ice Cream Sandwich update imminent


One of Verizon's many mid-range LTE phones from early this year, the LG Spectrum (remember that one?), is poised to receive an update to Ice Cream Sandwich soon. The update to software version VS920ZV7 will bring the device up to Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich, and include many of the features and design that we've seen on other recent LG devices. The support page notes that a couple Verizon "enhancements" will be coming with the update as well -- Verizon Remote Diagnostics and a Viewdini app.

The Verizon support PDF doesn't indicate a specific date for when the update will be rolling out, but you can bet your bottom dollar that the users in the forums will be talking about it the moment it starts.

Source: Android Central Forums; Verizon (PDF)

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Bionic ICS update impressions, What is your favorite remote desktop app? [From the Forums]


Just in case you missed out on some of the Android news today, now is the time to go ahead and get yourself fully caught up. Here on the blogs and in the Android Central Forums there is plenty to talk about. Have some questions? Need some help or just looking to chat Android? You know where to go, check out some of the threads below to get started.

We've got nearly 1 million members helping members and nearly 2 million posts in our Android Forums. Are you one of them? Join today!

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Motorola revises Android software update page for US devices


Motorola has once again updated their Android software upgrades page, this time filling in much of the details for U.S. devices and the Jelly Bean rollout. It's a big (and getting confusing) list, so you'll want to be sure to have a look at the source link, but we can pretty much wrap things up with the short version.

These devices are getting, or have received Jelly Bean, and if any time frame was given, it is noted

  • DROID RAZR M (XT907) -- before 2013
  • DROID RAZR HD (XT926) -- before 2013
  • DROID RAZR MAXX HD (XT926) -- before 2013
  • ATRIX HD (MB866)
  • PHOTON Q (XT897)
  • ELECTRIFY 2 (XT881)
  • DROID RAZR (XT912)
  • DROID 4 (XT894)
  • MOTOROLA XOOM WiFi-Only (MZ604) -- July 2012
  • MOTOROLA XOOM WiFi + 3G/LTE (MZ600/MZ602) -- Q4 2012

As of today, if your phone or tablet (U.S. only) is not listed, the Jelly Bean update is not scheduled for you. Of course, Motorola says things are under evaluation, and subject to change.

Again -- these updates are for the U.S. only devices. Motorola hasn't updated anything about the rest of the world just yet, but looking at the list above it's pretty easy to come to a conclusion. If your phone was built after the Bionic, you might get Jelly Bean. If not, you can only hope it meets the criteria for Motorola's trade-up program

Feel free to fill the comments with opinions and rage -- just don't shoot the messenger.

Source: Motorola. Thanks everyone who sent this in!

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