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LG Optimus G, Sony Xperia TL available from AT&T today


Great news for all of you on AT&T today as the LG Optimus G (see our review) and the Sony Xperia TL (see our hands-on) are available now.  The Optimus G can be had for $199 with a 2-year contract while and Xperia TL costs $99. Both can be bought in-store as well as online.

If you're concerned with having the top of the line phone, the Optimus G will be your choice. LG has done a fantastic job and has made it one of the top phones on the market. In case you've forgotten, it packs a 1.5GHz quad-core processor, 1GB RAM, 32GB of storage, a 4.7-inch True HD IPS Plus display, 8MP rear camera and 1.3MP front-facing.

The Xperia TL, known as the 'Bond phone' because James Bond will use it in the upcoming film Skyfall, is a great phone, especially at the $99 price point. It sports a 4.6-inch HD Reality display, 13MP camera, 1.5GHz quad-core processor, Android 4.04 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and NFC support.

Two great options for AT&T customers. Do you plan on picking one up? If so, which one? Tell us in the comments or our Xperia TL and Optimus G Forums.

Source: Sony Xperia TL on AT&TLG Optimus G on At&T

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Apple's 'apology' ad goes from snarky to snoozy


Remember how Apple got called out by a UK judge for basically being a dick when it "apologized" by saying the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 didn't "infringe" but still "willfully copied" the iPad? Yeah. Those were good times. Apple's revised advert is appearing in British papers today (please let it be on Page 6!), and it's a snoozer. It's a 87 words (or something like that -- we fell asleep) of pure legal drivel. But at least it's more in the spirit of what the judge intended, we suppose. Have a cup of coffee, and have a read. Then pour another cup.

(And in related news, it seems the earlier "non-compliant" statement has now been pulled from Apple's UK site -- go figure.)

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Clearwire cutting back LTE rollout expectations by 3,000 new sites


Clearwire has just released some interesting but understandable news today regarding its expected LTE rollout for 2013. Previously, the company's plans were to have 5,000 new LTE cell sites by mid 2013. Now that Sprint controls a majority of Clearwire again, the plans are changing a bit. Clearwire will be cutting its expected LTE rollout down to 2,000 new sites to fall better into line with what Sprint is doing in its own LTE rollout. Part of the change will come on the device side as well, as Sprint will start deploying data devices in Q2 and phones in Q3 next year that operate on the 2.5GHz frequency, which Clearwire and Sprint will both be deploying LTE on.

It's disappointing to see Clearwire cut its expectations for an LTE rollout, but if in the end it turns out that Sprint and Clearwire will keep their networks compatible and running smoothly, it'll likely be for the better of both companies.

Source: FierceWireless

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Rumored HTC Facebook phone gets codename, reportedly still in the cards


You could be forgiven for not remembering the HTC ChaCha and HTC Salsa. HTC's first-gen Facebook phones failed to make much of an impact when they were released in mid-2011. But apparently that hasn't deterred the manufacturer or the social giant, as fresh rumors are emerging today of another Facebook phone in the works, slated for a 2013 launch.

UK tech blog Pocket-Lint reports via sources in HTC's native Taiwan that the phone in question currently goes by the codename "HTC Opera UL." The device is reportedly an OEM phone, meaning one manufactured by HTC specifically for Facebook (in the same way the Nexus One was HTC-manufactured but Google-branded). Recently-posted Nenamark benchmarks for the device suggest it'll run a 1.4GHz dual-core processor of some description, with an Adreno 305 GPU, Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean and a 720p display. It's worth noting that earlier leaks have suggested this may be a forked version of Android, rather than a Google-approved build.

Today's reports echo a story from Bloomberg which appeared a few months back. That report suggested that a "modified" version of Android would be used in a HTC-built Facebook phone that'd be released in 2013, after delays prevented a late 2012 launch.

Pocket-Lint's report says that the "Opera UL" has indeed been delayed, though it's not clear whether this refers to the original delay to 2013, or whether additional setbacks have pushed it back even further.

Is a fully-integrated Facebook experience still a major selling point for a mobile device? Let us know what you think down in the comments.

Source: Pocket-Lint

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Google slips a walking and cycling tracking card into Google Now


Google Now continues to try and improve our daily lives one little step at a time, and the latest addition seems to be doing just that. Some users are reporting this card now appearing when they open up Google Now, which reports on the distances you walked and cycled in the last couple of months, with a comparison of the two. Pretty nifty, and while not quite at the same level as an actual pedometer, those of you who like to keep active will no doubt find it useful. 

How accurate it actually is -- especially for the cycling -- remains to be seen. Presumably this relies on having your location data, so turning this off should disable it if you're not too keen. Have you seen this card show up yet? Shout out in the comments below, let's see how active we all are. 

via Android Central Forums

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Acatel to launch Android devices with Three UK


French phone manufacturer Alcatel is reportedly set to launch an Android smartphone on the Three network in the UK. But don't get too excited yet, as not only does it not look great, but it's also running the two-year-old Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

Alcatel One Touch UK and Ireland country director William Paterson said: “We are extremely pleased to have a handset launching with Three. We feel this will be a great partnership, as Three aims to offer value for money to their customers, just like we aim to do with all our handsets. We are looking forward to working together and launching more handsets in the future.”

The Alcatel One Touch Smart 903 which has a 2.8 inch display will apparently be followed by other devices later this year. As far as specs go this is all we currently know.  Let's hope software wise the future devices are a little more up to date. This one had better be as cheap as chips or I have a suspicion it may not do too well.

Source: mobilenewscwp

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Samsung has sold over 3 million Galaxy Note 2's


Not so surprisingly, the Galaxy Note 2 has sold well. Samsung is reporting that in just over 30 days, the Note 2 has surpassed 3 million devices sold. It took just a handful of months for the original Note to hit 10 million devices sold, so the Note 2 is expectedly selling at a faster pace than that. There's a lot of demand for the huge phone, and it has only been announced on two of the four major carriers in the U.S.

Back in September, JK Shin -- head of Samsung Mobile -- said he expected to hit the 20 million sales mark for the Galaxy Note 2 (although no time table was given). A lofty goal for sure, but the holiday season will surely be kind to Samsung as we see the launch of the device on Verizon and AT&T here in the states.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow

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Jelly Bean build for the Droid RAZR HD leaks out


When the Droid RAZR HD was announced, Motorola was quick to note the Android 4.0 powered device would indeed be getting an update to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean by the end of the year. One could conclude from that that Motorola has been doing some testing of the update in an effort to get it ready by that time but alas, owners are still waiting. While we wait though, the more adventurous out there may want to check out a new Jelly Bean leak that has now popped up.

Labeled as "9.1.39Xt926.verizon.en.us" this release is noted to be non-official and carries with it the typical slew of warnings, like the fact that if you load it - you may end up stuck on this build for a while and it's potentially full of bugs.

You won't have to be rooted to load it up but you should be stock, it can be side-loaded as well but if you're looking to keep the root access you currently have you'll need to back up root using OTA Root keeper. Again, not for everyone to take for a spin but if you're interested, you can hit the source link below to learn more and grab the downloads.

Source: DroidRazr

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Google Wallet will soon let you make purchases on mobile sites


If you're on the go and need to make a purchase at a website on your phone, it's always going to be a hassle to juggle your wallet in one hand and your phone in the other, trying to enter your credit card into a mobile site. Google is hoping to fix this, bringing Google Wallet credit card payments to mobile sites on your phone. The idea is that the site will integrate with the Google Wallet information already associated with your device, and let you auto-fill your name, billing address and card information into the proper fields of the website. Easy as that.

For everything to work properly, this is going to require that the websites partner up with Google and get it integrated just right. At launch, Google is partnering with 1-800-flowers.com, Rockport.com and FiveGuys.com -- although they're quick to note that partnerships are in the works with Finish Line, MovieTickets.com, Seamless, SwimOutlet.com and more.

This is only going to become second nature if all of the most popular retailers are on board -- which turns into a "chicken and the egg" problem -- so Google is also offering discounts for using the service right now to try and get people interested in using Google Wallet for more than just NFC payments.

Source: Google Commerce Blog

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2.7 percent of Android devices now run Android 4.1 Jelly Bean


Following up on the IDC report earlier today that showed 75-percent of all smartphones shipped in Q3 ran Android, Google has now released their monthly platform version numbers. Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich saw a little movement and now sits at 25.8-percent while Android 4.1 Jelly Bean saw a jump from 1.8-percent going up to 2.7-percent. From here on out, we'll continue to see Jelly Bean rise especially with Samsung steadily rolling out Android 4.1 Jelly Bean updates to the Samsung Galaxy S3 Globally.

Source: Android Developers Dashboard

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MVNO options for the Nexus 4, Streaming TV apps [From the Forums]


Just in case you missed out on some of the Android news today, now is the time to go ahead and get yourself fully caught up. Here on the blogs and in the Android Central Forums there is plenty to talk about. Have some questions? Need some help or just looking to chat Android? You know where to go, check out some of the threads below to get started.

We've got nearly 1 million members helping members and nearly 2 million posts in our Android Forums. Are you one of them? Join today!

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Pocket receives a speed boost in its latest update


Extremely popular news reading app Pocket has just received an update focused on one thing: speed. Sure we all like new features and UI elements, but if an app is slow, nothing else really matters. If you haven't used Pocket (or similar apps) before, it basically allows you to use Android's built-in sharing functionality to add all types of content to a queue of things for reading later. This latest update improves the speed of launching and navigating through the app, as well as scrolling and responsiveness.

In addition to the overall speed improvements, this latest update has added a couple small feature changes. You can now edit tags while reading articles, issues with ASUS tablets have been resolved and numerous bugs have been fixed.

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Jelly Bean for the Verizon Galaxy S3 leaks out


A resourceful poster over at XDA has gotten his hands on a pre-release version of the Jelly Bean update destined to eventually make its way onto the Verizon Galaxy SIII (S3). The device received an incremental 4.0.4 OTA just a couple of weeks ago, and its brother on Sprint has started officially receiving the 4.1 OTA, so the timeframe on this makes sense. The poster is quick to point out that this build is not finalized, with a build date of October 8th, and that he believes the official OTA will hit in the coming weeks.

Take that with a couple boulders of salt, but at least for now those of you on Verizon with the Galaxy S3 can get a little taste of the pre-release build if you're so inclined. A couple of custom ROMs based on the leaked images have already hit the forums, but as always, flash at your own risk.

Source: XDA

More: Verizon Galaxy S3 Forums

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IDC: 75-percent of phones shipped in Q3 ran Android


IDC (International Data Corporation), a go-to source for worldwide smartphone market share information, has just released its report on Q3 2012 smartphone sales. Android shipments for the quarter broke over the 100 million mark for the first time, totalling 136 million. That accounts for an even 75-percent share of total smartphone shipments for the quarter, up substantially from 57.6-percent (71 million total) this time last year. Apple's iOS is trailing far behind with just 14.9-percent of shipments (26.9 million total), and the other mobile operating systems chopped up the remaining 10.1-percent.

To put that into perspective, the report notes that the number of Android phones shipped this quarter is larger than the total number of smartphones sold in all of 2007, the year Android was released. In terms of the sheer number of devices being shipped with Android onboard, these numbers are just staggering. As Android continues to grow and move into developing nations around the world, we'll see these numbers grow at an even greater rate.

Source: IDC (BusinessWire)

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Panasonic Eluga getting Ice Cream Sandwich update


Panasonic may have all but pulled out of the European smartphone market, but that hasn't stopped it pushing out Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich for its ill-fated Eluga. The Eluga, which saw a limited launch in June with Gingerbread, can now benefit from standard ICS features like improved multitasking, a redesigned lock screen and various UI enhancements.

Panasonic has chosen a somewhat odd upgrade path for the Eluga, however. The upgrade package must be downloaded from the Google Play Store (check the link above), after ensuring that you've got the required 150MB of SD card space and are running the latest Gingerbread ROM, version 07.5315. It's a little convoluted, but we suppose it's better than no upgrade at all.

The Eluga isn't the only Gingerbread phone getting updated to ICS via a long-winded manual upgrade process. Earlier today Vodafone and Huawei posted details of how Ascend G300 owners can upgrade to Android 4.0, using a similarly complex method.

Anyone actually buy a Panasonic Eluga? If you're out there, fess up down in the comments. Full 22-step upgrade instruction procedure is detailed at the source link.

Source: Panasonic

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