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2 weeks ago

Best accessories for Porn in VR [NSFW]

Adult entertainment in VR gets even better with accessories.

VR has brought porn into a whole new realm. Now, you can watch your adult entertainment, in a venue where you are completely surrounded by it. So, it's only natural that accessories can bring it up a notch even further. You may not have even considered the fact that there are accessories built specifically to better enjoy porn in VR.

That's where we come in, we've got the details on some of the best accessories currently available to you.


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2 weeks ago

Google needs to build a Chrome tablet


Developers needs the right tool to get their products ready for the future of computing, and Google is the company that needs to build it.

Many people reading this will have paid at least a passing interest to Apple's WWDC 2017 announcements. Among all the hyperbole and salesmanship in the keynote address there was one thing that became clear: the iPad is closer than ever to the only "computer" most of us need. Apple is serious about making a tablet that's productive but simple to use, and this is going to evolve into the standard for regular consumers. At least Apple thinks so, and it's probably right.

That means Google needs to get on board and help define the future of this new-but-not-really-new thing. The good news is that it has a helluva head start with Chrome OS.

The software on a Chromebook is a good starting point for a next generation operating system.

A lot of people will disagree, but chances are a decent Chromebook is the only computer you need. Sure, content creators will need something with extra horsepower and the software tools to work with, but for the computer you buy for goofing around at home or doing your school work a Chromebook will probably work out fine. Hell, I spend most of my work week in front of one because I have everything I need and it's set up the way I like it. Chromebooks are great for the now but need some adjustment to be ready for the future.

Chrome already works on a tablet. Mostly. We know this because so many Chromebooks can be flipped around and turned into one. I still think my little Chromebook Flip is the best Android tablet you can buy because it has every app you need from Google Play and a real web browser. But it's thick and clunky to use as a tablet and some of the Chrome apps don't work as well with a touch interface as they need to. And let's be honest, the display isn't on par with a good tablet from Samsung or even the Pixel C. But the core experiences — a touch interface that works and an on-display keyboard — are in place and usable.

It's easy to take what we have now in the Chromebook Flip (or any other convertible Chromebook) and turn it into something better. We know it's easy because Microsoft and Apple are doing it and a device that attaches to a keyboard isn't a new idea. The Transformer series of tablets from ASUS is a great example of that. Hardware isn't an issue, though money probably is.

The company who can build a good Chrome tablet needs to be able to lose money on it. That means Google.

A good tablet isn't cheap to build, and that makes it expensive when it gets put on a shelf. The Galaxy Tab S3 or the latest iPad isn't priced the way it is just because. And, to be honest, people who will be willing to adopt a "new way to computer" aren't going to be satisfied with anything less. A good great 10-inch display with a high resolution, a decent processor and enough memory to hold a bunch of apps and web apps, and at least 128GBs worth of storage, is the minimum for a device that's supposed to make us all give up our real laptops. And make sure it has a decent keyboard and a sturdy way to attach it.

Samsung's not going to build this. It shouldn't because Android on a tablet isn't good enough to justify the price, but Chrome might be. At least when the Android runtimes are sorted and Android 8.0 becomes a thing and applications work better than they do now. The software needs to be sorted before it makes any sense to build an expensive Chrome tablet. That means Google needs to build it so there is real hardware to use when sorting out the new software.

It turns out that developers weren't willing to spend the time and money to make tablet apps for Android.

Google can afford to be that loss leader for a "new" hardware category. It's done it numerous times and tried to do it for Android tablets. While it worked for Android TV or Android Wear (mostly) it failed for the tablet because of the software. Developers don't have to do anything for their app to work on a tablet, but there's a difference between just working and working well. Making a great tablet app takes extra time and money that few companies are willing to invest. It's hard enough to make money with an app for a phone, let alone spending more to build an interface for a much smaller tablet market. It seems like Google expected developers to just do it, and it was wrong.

That's why Google now has to try and fix it. On a 10-inch screen, multiple apps doing their thing at the same time is pretty standard. Android 7 introduced new ways for developers to make things better in this situation, and Android 8 is going to help us use apps that weren't updated. Things won't be perfect, but they will be better and help the people making new apps see what they can do to cover both the small screen on a phone and the big screen on a tablet. Since Android apps run native in Chrome, everything a developer does also will apply here.

I still think we'll eventually see a single OS from Google that scales with the display and type of user input. You can call that Andromeda or Fuchsia or whatever you like. But to get there, Google needs to get started now so developers can be ready. With a Chrome tablet, we all can get started and whatever the future of Google's operating systems is, it will be better because developers are ready for it, too.

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2 weeks ago

Expand your mind in this week's comments thread!


Sit back, relax and chat about stuff because it's the weekend!

We made it through yet another week, and as a reward we have two days to do what we want instead of what we have to do to keep the lights on. Making the most of those 48 hours of freedom before we do it all over again on Monday is important. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy (with an axe and ghosts in his ear).

Making the most might mean you work in the yard or on your car, or maybe you just want to head downtown and fool around all day. In any case, you'll probably find time to sit around and do nothing with a phone or tablet or even a laptop in front of your eyeballs. Here's a place where you can spend that time talking about whatever. And if you're working through the weekend and reading this on the clock, high five. 👊

in the world of Android, we got a new phone from Sony, the third Android 8.0 Dev Preview, and news about the OnePlus 5 with its rumored 8GB of RAM this week. Then there was that Apple thing, which, let's be honest, had some really cool AR stuff.

There's plenty to talk about if you want to keep things techy, but whatev. This one is for you, just be kind to each other :)

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2 weeks ago

Get one of the best fitness trackers around for half off


The fitness tracker market is quite wide, but it isn't necessarily all that deep. There are a handful of trackers that are truly worth your money and then there are a boatload of duds that simply track steps and have apps that are poorly translated or altogether useless.

Fashionably track your fitness goals for $90 Learn more

Great fitness trackers that look great are somewhat hard to come by. Yes, many let you customize the band, but the actual faces lack elegance or any real flair. The ones that do are often quite expensive and value fashion at the expense of function.

The Withing Activité Steel activity tracker is the perfect blend of function and fashion in that its gorgeous and sophisticated-looking watch face sits atop technology that tracks steps, distance, swimming, jogging, and calories burned, while also able to track your sleep cycles and to coach you on fitness and better sleep habits. Straight from Withings, the Activité Steel is $179.95, but at Android Central Digital Offers, it's only $89.95, a savings of 50%.

With the Activité Steel comes the free Health Mate app, which, using data provided by the tracker, helps to give you a picture of your overall health and provides you with tips and solutions for weight loss and attaining other fitness-related goals. And it does all this while looking like a $300 watch, thanks to its gorgeous analog face.

Fashionably track your fitness goals for $90 Learn more

If you're looking for a fitness tracker that keeps stock of all of your fitness goals while also looking refined enough to wear to the gym and then to a fancy dinner, then the Withings Activité Steel is the way to go, and Android Central Digital Offers is the place to get it for only $89.95.

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2 weeks ago

Best Universal Car Mounts

Best universal car mounts

Keep your phone safely in sight and secure with a car mount.

Update June 2017: Added the Nite Ize Steelie to the list and added a note about windshield mounts.

When you're on the go, your phone is more than just a tool for keeping in touch. It's your road trip playlist and your GPS, too. For safety's sake, mounting your phone to your dashboard, windshield, or air vents is the best way to keep it in view while keeping your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road. We've gathered up a list of some excellent options for universal car mounts, and trust us, there's no shortage of choices out there.

Note: Before you consider a windshield mount for your phone, you should make and check that windshield mounts are allowed in the states you'll be driving most frequently in. As it stands, most states outlaw windshield mounted GPS or phone holders due to visibility and safety concerns.

iDoo Qi Car Charger Mount

iDoo Qi car charger mount

The car mount from iDoo is one fantastic multitasker. It offers wireless charging for your Qi-enabled phone, or space for a charging cable if you need to plug in.

You have three installation options: dashboard mount, air vent clips, or windshield mount. Take the time to experiment a little with the best sight lines for your phone when you're ready to get set up so you'll know which variation works for you. The cradle arm is completely adjustable, so you can avoid glare, and the frame rotates 360 degrees. No matter where you put it, the mount will be an essential part of your commute.

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Affordable Universal Car Mount

Affordable universal car mount

This offering from Affordable is as minimalist as they come, and you know what that means: no obstructed view. It's ideal for dashboard or windshield installation.

It's simple to install and remove when you're switching vehicles. Bonus points are also awarded to this mount for living up to the name Affordable. It's also been favorably reviewed for some time now; it won't drop your phone when you're travelling bumpy roads, and potholes won't shake it's grip.

See at Amazon

Koomus CD-Eco Car Mount

Koomus CD dash mount

Remember when you kept stacks of CDs in the backseat so that you'd always have your favorite tunes close by? Well, your phone takes care of the songs these days, but your CD player can still be put to good use. The Koomus mount uses it to hold your phone in a very convenient place.

The low-profile mount is easy to install, and your CD player won't be damaged or even recognize that it's in use. The flexible clamps hold your phone securely with or without its case. You can also rotate your phone 360 degrees for easier viewing.

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iOttie Easy One Touch XL Car Mount

iOttie One Touch XL car mount

iOttie's car mount is available in a few different versions, but we're going to spotlight the XL. The suction cup is tough, and won't budge from your dashboard or windshield. If you favor dashboard mounts, you can choose to add their Sticky Gel Pad for some extra grip, although most users say they don't need it. The windshield mount won't obstruct your view, either.

The XL is an especially solid choice if your phone case adds a little extra bulk, since the cradle is designed to hold larger phones to begin with. Your phone can rotate 360 degrees, and if you need to remove the mount and put it in a different vehicle, a quick rinse and dry of the suction cup makes it good as new again.

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New Trent Arcadia Magnetic Mount

New Trent Arcadia car mount

For something completely different, check out the mount from New Trent. It holds your phone with a strong magnet, and installs onto your air vents. You don't have to worry about snapping your phone into a cradle, just stick it to the magnetic pad and you're on your way.

The base mount is available in black or blue, and comes with two magnetic plates you can stick to the back of two devices, especially handy if you share your car with other family members. The magnetic plates are thin enough to fit into your phone's case, and strong enough to adhere to the base without having to constantly removing the case every time you get in the car.

See at Amazon

WizGear Universal Air Vent Magnetic Mount

WizGear universal car mount

Wizgear produces another magnetic car mount we're a fan of.. The magnet is strong on this one, and if you take the mount out of the car, it doubles as a kickstand for your phone. The magnet can be concealed inside most phone cases, so you won't have to constantly remove the case before sticking your phone to the mount.

The air vent clips keep your phone highly visible without obstructing your view. The base swivels your phone into your preferred position and promises to keep it there until you move it, even when going over rougher terrain. It's perfect if you just need to jump in the car and go with your phone at the ready.

See at Amazon

Spigen Style Ring

Spigen Style Ring

An inexpensive alternative for car mounts is the Style Ring. The mount is a tiny black hook that sticks to your dashboard, and the ring sticks to the back of your phone. If you're not wild about sticking things to your car or device, this may not be the right choice for you, but it's convenient.

The ring that attaches to your phone doubles as a kickstand in both portrait or landscape. It hooks to just about anything, so you might find yourself hanging your phone from a variety of places. Positioning the car mount might take some patience to get it just where you'd like it to stay, but it works well for hands-free calling and accessing music. Your phone snaps into place and swivels 360 degrees. It's the smallest car mount you can find, so if space on your dashboard is at a premium, the Style Ring is a solid option.

See at Amazon

Nite Ize Steelie

Nite Ize Steelie

This is definitely one of the coolest mounts on this list. The Steelie is a two-piece mounting system wherein a circular magnet adheres to the back of your phone, or its case, and a spherical magnetic base adheres to your car's dashboard or console.

Hop in the car, and your phone mounts in a snap. This is about as minimalist as it gets in terms of car mounts. Making sharp turns and hitting potholes? No worries: The magnet is super strong and the magnetic ball moves with your phone to prevent it from falling off.

If you want a mounting system that barely noticeable, the Nite Ize Steelie is your slick solution.

See at Amazon

The bottom line

First and foremost, you need to know the details of your local laws, in terms of whether or not you are allowed to mount anything on your windshield. Next, you need to consider how often you'll use a car mount and where in your vehicle it's going to be. Each of these car mounts has distinct advantages all their own, but we think that versatility and durability are the most important qualities to look for.

Which universal car mount are you using these days? Tell us about it in the comments!

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2 weeks ago

The show must go on with these Broadway wallpapers


I wish life were a musical.

Music makes us feel better. It conveys our thoughts and dreams better than spoken words alone, and our favorite songs liven up droll days while making chaotic nights bearable. But since we can't live in a musical, at least we go visit one for a few hours.

Musical theater is an escape from reality into fantastical worlds of passionate love, myriad colors, and heart-rending melodies. This weekend is the Tony Awards, which honors the plays and the wonderful, wonderful musicals that debuted on (or returned to) the Great White Way this year. Here are a few wallpapers to honor the bright lights — and brighter songs — of Broadway.

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2 weeks ago

How to enable family sharing on YouTube TV


You can share your monthly online cable subscription with up to five other people.

Did you know that a $35-a-month subscription to YouTube TV gets you access for your friends and family, too? Google lets you share your membership with up to five people at no additional cost. You can easily create a family group and manage it as you need, though you can only do so from the web. Here's how.

  1. Go to
  2. Under Account, click Set Up to get to your Family sharing settings.
  3. You'll be taken to the Family sharing page where you can start inviting people to your group.

When your friends or family members open the invitation in their inbox, they'll be asked to sign in with their Google account to complete the setup. Afterward, they'll be able to access YouTube TV through a desktop browser at, or through the mobile app on Android or iPhone with their login credentials.

What is YouTube TV, anyway?

Confused as to what YouTube TV is, anyway? Be sure to read up on our primer and then follow up where we compare two streaming apps that bring live television straight to your smartphone.

Read: YouTube TV vs. Sling TV

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2 weeks ago

Google introduces reCAPTCHA Android API to keep mobile apps safer from bot abuse


Adding reCAPTCHA functionality is but another tool for Android developers to keep their apps secure.

Machine learning and security were big themes at Google I/O, including making the Google Play Protect service more visible to users. In a recent post on the Android Developers Blog, Google has announced the first reCAPTCHA Android API as part of Google Play Services.

If you've spent any time on the internet over the past 10 years, you've surely run into Google's free reCAPTCHA service, which has benefitted billions of users and saved countless websites from the spam and abuse caused by scripted bots. The service has become so advanced that Google announced it was going to become invisible to human users, while suspicious users and bots will have to solve those familiar challenges.

This new Android API will use that latest reCAPTCHA technology to run in the background so users can enjoy their favorite apps and avoid spam and abuse without being interrupted with a human check. The API will be included with Google SafetyNet, the existing set of services and APIs that developers use to protect apps from security threats. This is a win-win for users, who will get an extra layer of security built into their favorite apps without ever noticing it's there.

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2 weeks ago

How to customize your Amazon Alexa Flash Briefing


Alexa, what's in the news?

That's a question you can ask your Amazon Echo every single day and receive a custom report based on what you want to hear about. Cut out the fluff, keep the good stuff.

Thanks to the Alexa skills catalog, there are a number of different news sources you can call upon to tailor your Flash Briefing to your particular tastes. It's really easy to set up, too.

Here's what you need to know.

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2 weeks ago

Sony kicks off 9 Days of Play with deals on the Gold PS4, DualShock 4 controllers, and more


Our friends at Thrifter are back again, this time with great deals from Sony on the PlayStation 4 and accessories!

June 9 marks the beginning of the PlayStation 4 "9 Days of Play," a celebration of all things PlayStation that coincides with the start of E3 and, of course, summer. Sony plans to release a whole bunch of deals on hardware and games as the campaign stretches forward, but the blog does list a few specific deals. Some of these deals will sell out over time, but the prices should be good at any retailer selling official Sony products like Amazon, Best Buy, Target and others.

Here's a break down of some of the deals available right now:

Not only is it unique because its gold, it's also being sold at a limited time price of $250, compared to $300 for normal colors. Since it was available for pre-order it has sold out at some retailers, like Amazon, but you can still find it at Best Buy, GameStop and others.

If you were looking for a normal DualShock 4 controller yesterday, you could probably find one for $44 or so. If you were looking for an odd color, like Gold or Green Camouflage, you were going to pay significantly more. With this deal all colors, even the unusual ones, are $40, and that's where the real savings are.

Amazon has sold this stereo headset at less than $80 for a long time now. It's not a deal and not worth your time. Get one for $71 from them right now if you want.

This difficult samurai fighting game was selling at $50 yesterday on Amazon.

This post-apocalyptic RPG with dinosaur robots was $55 yesterday.

This game about... you know, baseball, was selling for the full $60 yesterday.

These are the main deals Sony listed on the PlayStation blog. There will be other deals, but most of those will be visible on the PlayStation store. Many of them will only be available to PlayStation Plus members, but luckily that's also discounted by $10 during this sale!

NONE of these deals will last forever, especially the controllers. Many of these items have already sold out at some retailers. Jump on the deal you want while you can, and remember if you can't find it at Amazon you can always check Best Buy, Target, GameStop, or anyone else who sells PlayStation 4 peripherals.

For more great deals be sure to check out our friends at Thrifter now!

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2 weeks ago

Galaxy S8: What's the difference between U.S. unlocked and carrier versions?


If your goal is not to stress about the carrier behind your new Galaxy S8, then the unlocked version is the way to go.

Now that it's officially available to purchase, there are plenty of reasons you should consider paying the full price for the unlocked Galaxy S8 over a subsidized one from your carrier. Not only are you freeing yourself from the relative shackles of a contract with a carrier, but you're also signing up for an easier experience. Having a carrier loom over your device means that it's also included its own stuff right out of the box. By virtue, the unlocked Galaxy S8 is simply pain-free.

Here are the main differences between an unlocked Galaxy S8 and a Verizon model.

A bloat-free setup

Verizon bundles in a ton of stuff right out of the box.

By far, the unlocked and untouched version of the Galaxy S8 offers the quickest setup process of any of the carrier models. In this version, you'll only have to walk through the Google account login screen for Android, and then once more to log in to a Samsung account. On a carrier-branded version of the device, however, there is usually a third login screen added on, typically towards an account associated with the carrier. On both T-Mobile and Verizon variants of the Galaxy S8, for instance, I was asked to log in or sign up for an account with their respective online account services. I opted out both times.

Some people like what their carrier has to offer. Verizon, for instance, will bundle in the NFL Mobile app on the Galaxy S8 — and keep it there. If you're truly a fan of American football, however, this sort of forced inclusion probably isn't an issue. But in most cases, it feels like mandatory advertisement living in the app drawer.

Paying full price for the Galaxy S8 without a carrier contract won't pay for a wall between you and Facebook.

Opting out of logging in with your carrier won't opt you out of the carrier's apps either, and that's another mark in favor of the unlocked Galaxy S8. I was almost awestruck at the relative lack of bloatware in the app drawer right after logging in. There is very little that required tinkering with after the fact, save for a lone Facebook icon that will never leave the smartphone. Sorry to say, but paying full price for the Galaxy S8 without a carrier contract won't pay for a wall between you and Facebook. The app can be disabled, at least, but it can't be deleted without some trickery. At the very least, it's only a mere 12KB of annoyance (since it's not actually downloaded until you tap on the icon for the first time).

The Galaxy S8+'s app drawer on Verizon (left) versus the Galaxy S8 unlocked (right).

There are also Samsung's apps to contend with, though if you're staying on the Samsung wagon perhaps you should consider leaning into the company's ecosystem. The Samsung Gear app, for example, comes pre-included so that the phone is ready to go with the Gear 360 right out of the box, while Smart Switch is exceptionally helpful at migrating data from the old phone into the new one. When you're done with either of the apps, you can delete them entirely to reclaim that space.

The apps you can't delete from the unlocked Galaxy S8 are the Samsung browser app, the Galaxy Apps store, an included file browser, and Samsung Connect. You can't disable them, either, as they're effectively a major part of the Samsung experience. The My Files file browser app is at least useful for finding files lost deep in the abyss of the smartphone's file system, or dealing with external storage. Dupes still exist here, too; in addition to the two app stores that come preloaded, the unlocked Galaxy S8 comes with two unremovable email clients and two browsers.

Free to be you

Fewer apps outside of the box seem to signify more freedom.

Perhaps the best reason for buying an unlocked smartphone is that you're nearly truly free — free to be on any network you choose, anywhere in the world. All the major U.S. networks are supported on the unlocked variant of the Galaxy S8 and S8+, including Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and many of their related MVNOs. The device will work overseas in different countries, too, and you won't have to worry about calling anyone about your device before getting on the plane.

Update anxiety

The only downside is that if you're a person who is consistently concerned about receiving timely software updates, there's still some doubt concerning whether the Galaxy S8 will be on frequent schedule. Last year's unlocked Galaxy S7 and S7 edge variants in the U.S. were severely behind the major carriers on the update calendar.

The price gap

Still, if a bloat-free Samsung smartphone is one of your goals in life, the unlocked Galaxy S8 or S8+ is worth the entirety of the cash it requires to purchase. If you're suffering from sticker shock, however, and are still considering purchasing the device through your carrier for the discount, consider the fact that stores like Best Buy and Samsung's online shop offer similar monthly financing.

See at Best Buy

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+

Verizon AT&T T-Mobile Sprint Unlocked

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2 weeks ago

Boston Dynamics and its lifelike robots have been sold to SoftBank


Boston Dynamics is getting a new owner again.

Google's parent company Alphabet Inc. has decided to sell Boston Dynamics, which it bought back in 2013, to technology holdings group SoftBank for an undisclosed amount. Boston Dynamics frequently makes the rounds on social media (and regular media) whenever it puts out videos of their adorable dog-like robots... or of their engineers kicking said dog-like robots to prove they can balance.

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2 weeks ago

Learn everything you need to know to become a Graphic Designer!

Designing posters for events, making business cards, or creating graphics for Youtube videos all take powerful designing software to complete. The Adobe Creative Cloud is the gold standard in the design industry today, used by professionals and amateurs alike.

Learn Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign for only $39! Learn more

While the Adobe CC is loaded with powerful programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, they won't be much good to you unless you know how to use them, and learning how to use these sophisticated software programs can be tricky. Android Central Digital Offers has the perfect solution.

Right now, through Android Central Digital Offers you can receive the Graphic Design Certification School: Lifetime Subscription!

This bundle of courses gives you lifetime access to valuable training content for three of Adobe's most popular designing programs. Regardless of your skill level coming into the courses, you will learn essential skills for using Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Here's just a sampling of the topics covered:

  • Use selection tools, work with layers, master crop and transform functions, and more.
  • Apply Photoshop filters, layer styles, and explore adjustment layers.
  • Understand the Type tool, blending shapes and colors, and basic effects.
  • Discover transparency and graphic styles.
  • Use templates and styles to speed up creating documents.
  • Explore graphic file formats and print terminology.

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2 weeks ago

How to get the best Daydream games for free

With a few tricks, you can get the Daydream games you crave for absolutely free.

Daydream delivers plenty of excellent games, apps, and experiences, that are all delivered directly from your phone. However if you're trying to pick up all the games that have caught your eye, and you happen to be on a budget, then you might quickly find yourself unable to afford everything you desperately want to play. Thankfully there are a few ways you can save some money, and get yourself the games you really want...for free.

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2 weeks ago

Pixel and Pixel XL will stop getting on-device tech support in 2019


Google now says that the Pixel and Pixel XL will no longer be eligible for on-device phone tech support in October 2019.

When something goes wrong with your phone, you want to be able to call (or more usually chat) with someone that can help you fix it. Google currently offers on-device tech support that lets you call Google Support right from the Settings app if your Pixel gives you trouble, and those calls are going to go unanswered starting in October 2019. That date is, not coincidentally, also when the Pixel is going to stop receiving Android security updates.

The Pixel will also no longer be guaranteed Android version updates after October 2018, two years after it was announced. Putting expiration dates on a product is always a bit of a buzzkill, but I'm happy that Google has given us the dates, and I'm very happy with the dates they've given us.

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