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Motorola to run new 'Moto X' ad in major papers July 3


New advertising campaign focuses on device customizability and 'Made in the USA'

Following the unveiling of its new logo as "a Google company", Motorola is set to kick off a new advertising campaign for its upcoming "Moto X" device starting July 3rd. According to Ad Age, the full-page ad is set to run in The New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post, emphasizing the customizability of the upcoming device. Billed as "The first smartphone that you can design yourself.", the Moto X isn't pictured or further described in the ad, leaving a lot of questions unanswered.

The advertisement also prominently displays the fact that the phone will be designed and assembled in the USA, which makes sense considering its placement right before the July 4th national holiday. We have high hopes that the customizable features of the Moto X go beyond simply selecting colors, but we have to wonder how the logistics of offering anything deeper than that would play out in a consumer setting.

We'll certainly be looking forward to the advertising push that starts with this ad on Wednesday. You can see the full (extremely tall) advertisement after the break.

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4 years ago

A lucky contest winner gets his OUYA on


OUYA consoles are shipping out rapidly, and our very own contest winner has received his unit

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, we held a contest to pick our Android Central user name for the OUYA service.  We rounded up all the entries and picked a winner -- glazedfaith came through with the name LloydOfTheRings -- and it was all finished except the waiting. 

The wait's over, and glazedfaith has received his OUYA! Like a true gracious winner, he's taken the time to thank us for holding up our end and getting the OUYA console out to him as soon as they could be shipped. 

On behalf of all of us here, you're welcome glazedfaith. We hope you enjoy the heck out of the OUYA, and keep sharing your experiences with it. The best part about working here is knowing that folks like you are out there and appreciate what we do. 

Everyone head into the forums and check out the pictures, and hopefully glazedfaith can give us some real-world user impressions of the OUYA while he puts it through the paces.

Android Central forums: Thanks AndroidCentral!

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4 years ago

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active rooted by iPhone hacker Geohot


An application package from Geohot's webpage provides the root exploit

Being the owner of a less popular phone variant often means having to wait a little longer when it comes to support from the hacker community. For owners itching to root their Samsung Galaxy S4 Active devices, the wait is over. Infamous hacker Geohot -- most known for being the first person to carrier unlock the original iPhone -- has published a root method for the Galaxy S4 Active.

Some very vocal users on XDA Developers started a bounty, each individually pledging dollar amounts for the ability to root their beloved Galaxy S4 Actives. Not long after an official bounty forum thread was started, hacker Geohot answered the call by rooting his first Android device and making an application package available for download on his own website. Users simply visit the website, download the application directly onto a Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, and run "activeroot." 

Credit to who actually found the root exploit has been questioned, however.

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4 years ago

MEEP! tablet update adds requested features, boosts performance


Firmware 2.1 update package can be downloaded over the air or via PC

An update for MEEP! tablet owners is now available, adding some very cool features along with the promise of increased overall performance. Instead of having to use the Parents Portal on a computer, parents can now manage parental controls directly on the tablet itself or on their own devices via Android and iOS apps. This will allow parents easier access to approve requests for virtual currency, MEEP! Coins, and game downloads

Parents Controls become more robust in firmware version 2.1, adding a new “white list”, “blacklist”, and “bad word” list to more finely control keyword and website access. Parents also gain the ability to monitor online activity, limit play time, and set up allowances for app purchases. Kids will be able to burn through those allowances at an even faster pace now, thanks to this new firmware that "optimizes content and provides faster performance."

Quite an impressive update for an Android tablet from last year that's marketed squarely at kids. For the official details on how to receive and apply this update, follow the link below.

Update: meeptablet

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4 years ago

Your daily (more or less) Talk Mobile Hangout!


We're back with another one of those fancy Talk Mobile daily Hangouts!

On tap today: Why do we let smartphone notifications rule our lives? Join us ... NOW!

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4 years ago

HTC: No Android 4.2.2 update for HTC One S


Aluminum-clad 4.3-incher 'will remain on the current version of Android and HTC Sense'

Bad news for HTC One S owners this afternoon, as HTC has confirmed to Android Central that the One S — one of its 2012 flagship devices — will not see any official upgrades beyond its current software version. That means as far as official firmware goes, users will remain on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and HTC Sense 4+ for the remainder of their devices' lives.

HTC's statement reads —

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4 years ago

Pebble Smart Watch appears on Best Buy website


While many Kickstarter backers are still be waiting to receive the Pebble Smart Watch they bought and paid for, the device itself is headed to Best Buy

We heard rumors last night that the Pebble Smart Watch would be headed to Best Buy, and today we know the whole story. The Bluetooth powered smart watch will indeed be sold at Best Buy, and be available in stores July 7. The black version (already on the Best Buy website) will be for sale at first, with cherry red coming later in August.

The wearable, which will cost $150, connects with your Android or iOS device through Bluetooth and offers an interface to things like text messages and incoming calls. There are also available programming interfaces so things can be extended, and we expect more than a few applications for the smart watch will become available once it reaches more hands. Being available over the counter at a big box store will help make that happen.

We've reached out to the folks behind the Pebble, asking how this news will affect the people still waiting for the product they bought through Kickstarter. While not being able to fill demand is a problem many companies would like to have, you never want to leave a bad impression on your early adopters. 

I'll head over to my local Best Buy this Sunday and pick one of these up and see what the fuss is all about. What about you? Is the Pebble an accessory you're interested in using? Be sure to tell us the answer, and why you feel that way in the comments.

Source: Engadget

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4 years ago

Messaging overload: Why have we let notifications rule our lives? - Talk Mobile


Sorting the signal from the noise is a major problem when it comes to mobile communication and social networking. As social networks grow, they become filled not only with real people, but also with advertisers and brands, and worse -- inundated with trolls, griefers, spammers, and more. You're forced to make a decision between a manageable existence where you can keep up with what's going on, or just accept the influx and go with the ever-quickening flow.

4 years ago

Google not changing privacy policy for Google Glass


Concerns of user privacy and Google Glass seem to go hand in hand and the time for debate is now

Google has responded to Congressman Joe Barton (R-Texas), co-chair of the bipartisan Congressional Privacy Caucus with a letter focusing on new privacy concerns that surround the wearable device. Of particular interest is Google's clear, yet controversial, privacy policy and if it would be amended or changed to deal with Google Glass

According to Google VP of public policy and government relations Susan Molinari, they have no plans to change anything and the existing privacy policy will remain in effect.

Use of Google Glass will be governed by the terms of the Google Privacy Policy and no changes to the Google Privacy Policy are planned for Glass.

Congressman Barton is disappointed, as he feels this doesn't address the way the new technology can affect the "social norms" as it changes the ways users interact with the public. 

We like to think that anyone buying into the wearable computing market would take a few moments and understand how their data is being used, plenty of people simply won't do so. Google has clarified their data privacy policy in the past, and the concise, simple language spells out what they can and will do with the information they collect from you.

We're not sure how things need to change to protect users of Google Glass, but we do know that now is the time to hash it all out. With wearable computing becoming a reality in the very near future, these concerns and others will need to be addressed by the people on both sides of the issue. 

Follow the source link for a PDF download of Google's four page letter to congress, and click here to read their existing privacy policies.

Source: Marketing Land

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4 years ago

Sphero is Amazon's Deal of the Day, on sale for $84.99


You all know Sphero, the robotic ball that is controlled via your Android phone. If you've been curious about one of these but were hesitant about the price tag, you can get it discounted today for $84.99, marked down from $129.99, as it's Amazon's Deal of the Day.

As mentioned above, Sphero is a ball that is controlled with your mobile device, Android or iOS. There are many apps that you can download from Google Play to allow you to control your Sphero in a different way or play games.

At a price of $129, many were hesitant to commit to the purchase. A $50 discount is attractive and will likely lure many more to try the robotic ball. How about you guys, at this price, are you more likely to buy a Sphero?

Source: Amazon

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4 years ago

Get dedicated Tapatalk apps for all the Mobile Nations forums!


Good news, everyone! We now have dedicated Tapatalk apps for all of your favorite Mobile Nations sites. That's your fast-track ticket to the forums of Android Central, CrackBerry, iMore and WPCentral — and they're all available now in Google Play.

(And for those who have asked, yes, we'd love to get some iOS action going on, but — surprise, surprise — Apple rejects anything that has to do with Android Central. Go figure.)

Here's where to get your download on:

And as always, don't forget to check out the Official Android Central app, which also gives you full access to the blog side of things in addition to podcasts, forums, wallpapers and more!

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini now available at Three UK


Free on a £26 a month deal, or £349.99 on pay-as-you-go

One of Samsung's newest members of the Galaxy S4 family, the Galaxy S4 Mini, is now available to purchase from Three UK. The S4 Mini can be had for no initial payment on a new, two-year, £26 and above contract, or can be purchased on Three's new pay-as-you-go tariff for an outright payment of £349.99. 

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4 years ago

Motorola 'Droid Ultra' spotted on Motorola site


Thin, Kevlar-clad device mentioned on apparent placeholder site

If you listened to Android Central podcast 139 a couple of weeks back, you might've caught our own Phil Nickinson talking about the Motorola Droid Ultra, Droid Ultra Mini and Droid Ultra Maxx, a new line of Moto-built, Verizon-bound phones. The Ultra, according to our source, was to pack a 5-inch screen and be even thinner than the original Droid RAZR. Check out the clip below.

Today we've got some of the first signs that of the "Ultra" line's existence, in the form of what seems to be a placeholder page on Motorola.com. Under the subheading "Think Thin," the Droid Ultra is described thusly —

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4 years ago

AT&T expands LTE network with nearly three dozen new or improved locations


As it seems to do on a nearly weekly basis, AT&T is rolling out new or improved LTE service to 35 new markets across the United States, with expansion to a handful of others.

That brings AT&T's nationwide total to 326 markets.

It's a pretty sizable list, so we're going to do it all after the break. But users with LTE-capable devices and the proper provisioning on their account should see new coverage in the following markets:

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