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4 years ago

Qualcomm FQ2 2013 results: Record quarterly revenues of $6.1 billion


173 million MSM chips shipped in the quarter; raising fiscal 2013 guidance

Qualcomm, which powers many of the gadgets we know and love, has just reported its Fiscal Second Quarter results. Here's your quick breakdown of the headline numbers for the quarter:

  • $6.12 billion in revenues for the quarter, up 24-percent year-over-year
  • $1.88 billion in operating income, up 24-percent y-o-y but down 10-percent q-o-q
  • $1.68 billion in net income, down 16-percent y-o-y
  • $2.22 billion in operating cash flow, up 17-percent y-o-y
  • 173 million MSM chips shipped in the quarter, up 14-percent y-o-y

This is overall a bit of a mixed bag for Qualcomm this quarter. While its revenues hit a record high, net income decreased year-over-year and most financial metrics dipped quarter-over-quarter. Some of this can be attributed to increased R&D (Research & Development), which jumped 27-percent from the year previous to $1.21 billion. Qualcomm says the increased R&D costs come from increased development time spent on CDMA-based 3G and OFDMA-based 4G LTE products.

Source: Qualcomm; PDF

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4 years ago

Samsung Galaxy S4 available at U.S. Cellular April 26 online, April 30 in stores


16GB models in both White Frost and Black Mist will be available for $199 for eligible customers

Folks looking to pick up a Samsung Galaxy S4 on U.S. Cellular can now start counting down with everyone else. The device will be available Friday April 26 for people purchasing online, and in stores on the shelves Tuesday, April 30. Both the White Frost and Black Mist version in 16GB will be available, and at the cash register, you'll need to part with $199 if you're eligible for an upgrade price.

U.S. Cellular tells us that phones preordered online will start shipping April 26 as well, and include the promotional S View flip cover as part of the preorder promotion. 

The Galaxy S4 looks like an incredible phone (see our review) and will surely be a crowd pleaser. It's great that U.S. Cellular can offer their customers access to this one in the same time frame as the bigger carriers. If you're interested, the order page will go live tomorrow right here

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4 years ago

New NFC capable Soundbars reportedly coming later this year from Sony


New NFC capable Soundbars will allow easy pairing and streaming with a range of mobile devices

According to a report from the folks over at Pocket-Lint, Sony has confirmed that they will be releasing a new range of premium Soundbars later this year. Of interest is the news that they will be NFC capable too, which means with a simple tap you should be able to share your music from your mobile device, to the Soundbar. 

There's very little else to go on at the moment. As you may expect with un-announced products, Sony is being somewhat scarce on details beyond this initial teaser. Considering we'll be on the ground in Berlin this September at the annual IFA show, it's quite possible we'll get our first look then. 

Source: Pocket-Lint

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4 years ago

Sony Xperia P, Xperia go, and Xperia E dual Jelly Bean updates rolling out soon


Android 4.1 updates will be available starting this week

Following the announcement that there would be an announcement, we now have the official roll out schedule of three Sony Xperia phones: Xperia P, Xperia go, and Xperia E dual. All three phones will get Android 4.1 updates beginning this week. The update roll out is planned to happen in phases, so not all phones will see an update notification by Saturday. Sony says as we finish April and get through May, the update schedule will ramp up and eventually reach all users.

The convergence of Sony's software with Google's Android 4.1 Jelly Bean promises to bring some useful features to these three Xperia phones. New versions of the WALKMAN, Album, and Movies apps are included in the update. A 'Battery STAMINA Mode' is now part of the OS, and aims to shut down battery draining apps when device screens are off. Sony's launcher gets new features for its homescreen and app drawer, making it more customizable and easier to use. The normal Jelly Bean features, like Google Now, are also included.

Not all Xperia models will be able to download the update over the air. Updates that are especially large, like the one for the Xperia go, will need to be downloaded using Sony's PC Companion or Bridge for Mac. An in-phone notification will alert those still running Ice Cream Sandwich.

The next devices in line for updates are the Xperia S, Xperia SL, Xperia ion, and Xperia acro S, which will be getting Android 4.1 starting at the end of May. Good news indeed for Xperia users.

Source: Sony

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4 years ago

Fieldrunners 2 now available for your tower defending pleasure


Fieldrunners 2 introduces elevation to the classic tower defense formula

The sequel to one of the most widely-loved tower defense games has finally come to Android. Fieldrunners 2 expands on the cute graphics and wide strategic elements of the original with new maps, new towers, new creeps, and upgraded visuals.

The biggest change is the introduction of trenches, bridges, and tunnels. Adding elevation to the mix introduces a whole new challenge to the classic tower defense formula.  Puzzle, sudden death, and time trial game modes are all available across a bunch of different landscapes. 

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4 years ago

HTC One gets updated with camera and audio enchancements in Europe


While a significant update at over 200MB, the Android version remains the same

Owners of the international version of the HTC One are reporting that an OTA update is currently being pushed to devices in Europe. The new software version is 1.29.401.12, which makes improvements to the phone's camera, audio, and system stability, among other things. Thanks to a screenshot posted by hamdir on XDA Developers, we have the change log and update size.

HTC Zoe gets sound quality improvements, and the camera gets 'parameter fine-tuning.' The Beats Audio 'sound experience' has been improved, and the One gets location service updates. System stability and miscellaneous improvements, along with bug fixes, round out this software update.

If any HTC One users are getting the update, hit the comments and let us know if these improvements are noticeable. A screen shot of the change log and update size can be found after the break.

Source: XDA

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4 years ago

T-Mobile and MetroPCS merger becomes official May 1st


Shareholders at MetroPCS made the final vote to approve the carrier marriage

After FCC approval, a planned shareholder vote, and a revised deal by T-Mobile, MetroPCS shareholders have finally voted to approve the reverse merger between the two companies. In this 'reverse merger,' the smaller company, MetroPCS, will be buying the larger T-Mobile.

René Obermann, the CEO of Deutsche Telekom (T-Mobile's parent company), says this is an important step in the company's plans going forward, as "it enables us to be more aggressive in the USA." With T-Mobile's recent and continuing network improvements, revamped monthly plans, and its ability to offer phones like the Galaxy S4 and iPhone, the company is working hard to improve their competitive position in the United States.

With the recent approval by MetroPCS, the deal to merge the two carriers is set to close on May 1, 2013. MetroPCS shareholders will receive $1.5 billion in advance, and get 26 percent of the shares of the newly merged company. The changes that subscribers on both ends of this deal will see are still yet to be determined. Expect more as this milestone deal develops.

Source: Telekom

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4 years ago

HTC One now available in T-Mobile stores


For $99 down and $20/month, the HTC One can be yours

As promised, the HTC One went on sale at "select retail channels" at T-Mobile for $99 down and $20/month for 24 months. Those "select retail channels" probably means that stock is going to be limited, so be sure to call ahead. You can also snag one online if you'd rather get it right at your doorstep. You can get more information on availability elsewhere in our big round-up post here.

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4 years ago

HTC One announced for China with dual-SIM and microSD support


A removable back cover houses the extra goodies, but the battery still remains untouchable

The HTC One is steadily making its way into hands around the world, and the next big launch announcement is for China. The HTC One has been announced for all China's main carriers, but comes slightly customized for the region from its international counterpart. 

Beneath a removable rear cover, the Chinese HTC One houses slots for dual-SIM cards, and for a microSD card to expand the total storage. The battery still remains non-removable however, as it sits in the middle of the device still as on the international variants. 

No carrier subsidized prices have been announced at present, but the One is set to go on sale direct from HTC on Friday, April 26. 

via Engadget Chinese

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4 years ago

Amazon Mobile for tablets now available in 9 countries


Amazon brings their tablet-optimized experience to shoppers outside the US

When Amazon launched their Amazon Mobile version that had been optimized for tablets, it was only available in the United States. This, of course, frustrated many who live elsewhere  who wanted to access the app, because it's pretty well done. Over the past few months, Amazon has been making it available in more locales and the total is now at 9 countries, including the United States.

Here is the full list:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • France
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • China

If you're located in any of these places and have not yet checked out the tablet optimized version of Amazon Mobile, hit up the Play Store link.

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4 years ago

Verizon Galaxy S4 preorders start April 25 [Updated]


Device to cost $200 with new agreement and $50 mail-in rebate; $650 off contract

Update: May 30 date has been confirmed on Twitter as well

Verizon will open preorders for the Samsung Galaxy S4 on April 25, according to their official Twitter account. The 16GB version will cost $200 with a new contract and a mail-in rebate, or $650 for those who are buying outright in order to keep existing unlimited data plans. They haven't said when we should expect to see it on the shelves, which is an important detail. The device will be available in stores on May 30.

We've seen delays from both Sprint and T-Mobile in getting the Galaxy S4 out the door, meanwhile AT&T says they will be shipping devices slightly earlier than expected. The logistics of getting millions of devices from factories in Asia to the hands of consumers surely isn't easy, and maybe Verizon is being smart by keeping any potential dates close to their chest -- you can't have a delay on what was never announced.

Anyhoo, if you've been hankering to get Samsung's new Galaxy S4 from Verizon, tomorrow is your chance to get things started. 

Source: @VZWNews

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4 years ago

Sprint reports net loss of $643 million in Q1 2013


$7.1 billion in revenue, 5 million phones shipped, $29 million in operating income

Sprint reported their first quarter financial results for 2013 today, which included $7.1 billion in revenue - that's 9% up from Q1 last year, and their new all-time high. Sprint boasted that this quarter they've enjoyed the fastest year-over-year increase in operating income in more than six years: $29 million, which is up 25% from the same figure in 2012. After all was told though, Sprint still reported a net loss of $643 million, which isn't quite as bad as the $863 million loss last year, and definitely the $1.3 billion loss last quarter. 

Sprint felt it necessary to point out that 1.5 million of their 5 million smartphone sales this quarter were iPhones, because nobody cares about where the other 3.5 million phones came from, I guess? 

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4 years ago

LG Q1 2013 earnings: Profit down slightly, mobile business performing well


Record smart phone shipments of 10.3 million offset weaker performance company-wide

It's earnings time, and today it's LG's turn to let us know how it performed in the last three months. The company posted what it calls "solid first-quarter performance", but the overall numbers certainly aren't as great as some would have hoped. The mobile division (which we really care about) however posted some impressive results. Here's your quick breakdown of those "Mobile Communication" division numbers:

  • Revenues of $2.96 billion, up 28.5-percent year-over-year
  • Operating profit of $122.69 million, nearly four times revenue the year previous
  • 10.3 million smart phone shipments for the quarter, a record for the company

LG gives credit for such great performance in its mobile division to its high-end LTE devices such as the Optimus G and G Pro, as well as successful new 3G-only device lines like the Optimus L series. Even the Nexus 4 is called out by name as helping improve sales numbers and profits. The Korean manufacturer expects even stronger shipments in Q2, with a worldwide rollout of the Optimus LII Series and greater availability of the Optimus G Pro in markets with LTE.

As a whole, LG Electronics had less than impressive results, with profits dipping year-over-year even with amazing growth in the mobile division. On the bright side, LG says revenues for the quarter did increase overall, but again mainly due to strong mobile division performance. The "Home Entertainment" division, which is LG's largest, contributed most to the declining profits with a less than stellar quarter. There are still several high points for the quarter that should keep LG pointed in the right direction going forward.

Source: LG

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4 years ago

Sprint retail locations to see Samsung Galaxy S4 delays


Though you'll still be able to order the Samsung Galaxy S4 from Sprint online starting Saturday, finding one in stores will be tough. 

We just got a note from Sprint saying that though they're still aiming to have the Samsung Galaxy S4 available for sale online and over the phone starting this upcoming Saturday as originally planned, retail and other channels may be a little behind. 

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4 years ago

Swype finally makes its debut in the Google Play Store


99 cents gets you one of the best-known third party keyboards on Android

Hell may have just frozen over today, because Swype is now available for purchase in the Play Store. Previously, as many of you are aware, the only way to have Swype on your device was to sign up for the beta test and install it manually, or have one of the many devices with it pre-installed. A $0.99 purchase now gets you a proper and easy to manage Play Store download, ready to install on your devices.

Its hard to believe that one of the most used keyboards on Android -- Swype claims 250 million users -- wasn't available through the primary app store up to this point, but we're glad today's the day. You can grab a download of the latest Swype from the Play Store link at the top of this post.

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