4 years ago

Hands on with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 S-View case


The S-View case isn't new to Samsung, we saw one earlier this year with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4. With the arrival of the Galaxy Note 3, the S-View case is back, and with the larger display size on the phone comes a larger window on the case. 

Beyond the time and the notification bar which you get with the Galaxy S4, the Galaxy Note 3 also shows the current weather information. It also has more than screen, and by swiping left from the bottom right corner you get to a secondary screen with some additional functions. From here you can control the media player, access Action Memo and even open the camera and take a photograph using the window as a viewfinder. 

As far as cases go, it's pretty cool. Head on past the break for a short hands on video. 

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4 years ago

Video: Multitasking on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3


Samsung expands 'Multiwindow' and introduces 'Pen Window' on the new Note 3

One of the killer features of last year's Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was "multiwindow," a new capability that let the phone split its sizeable screen between two Android applications. Twelve months on, the Galaxy Note 3 has expanded upon these capabilities and introduced a new windowed app feature called "Pen Window."

Once you've created an app pairing using multiwindow, you can now scroll down the multiwindow bar and select "create" to save that app pairing. It'll then sit at the top of the bar, allowing you to instantly load both apps side by side.  In certain apps, like Messages and Gallery, you can even share content between apps directly — for instance, send a photo over MMS by dragging it from Gallery into Messages.

And Samsung's also introduced windowed apps to the Note series, with a feature called "Pen Window." Selectable from the S Pen's Air Command menu, Pen Window lets you draw a window on-screen using the pen, then populate it with one of a few supported apps.

Check out our hands-on video above for a complete walkthrough.

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4 years ago

Eyes on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 official cases


With a new Samsung phone comes a bunch of official cases, and the new Galaxy Note 3 is absolutely no exception. In the sprawling Samsung booth here in Berlin at IFA 2013, the range is on show for everyone to see, including the pretty interesting and nice looking S-View case. The range comes in a whole bunch of different colors, and there's even some special edition ones designed by Moschino and Nicholas Kirkwood. 

Click on past the break for a few more snaps of what's on offer.

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4 years ago

Hands-on with the ASUS Transformer Pad TF701T


Same great tablet/laptop hybrid, with a better display and Tegra 4 power plant

ASUS has come quite a long way since the days of the original Transformer eeePad — and the newly announced TF701T has things as good as they've ever been.

We took the Tegra 4-powered hybrid Android tablet/laptop for a spin at IFA in Berlin and were greeted by the familiar feel of the excellent keyboard and (decent but not great) trackpad, along with the same excellent hinge and docking mechanism.

But, really, the star of this show is the IPS display, coming in at a whopping 2560 x 1600 resolution at 10.1 inches, for 300 pixels per inch. Well, that and the NVIDIA Tegra 4 T40X system powering this beast. It's running Android 4.2.2 as well, and things seemed speedy enough. (We'll wait for a definitive judgment when we've got a little more time with one, away from the trade-show hiccups.) 

Put simply: If you love the current iteration of the Transformer Pad, you'll love this one that much more, we reckon. We've got more pics and video after the break.

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4 years ago

In pictures: The Blush Pink Samsung Galaxy Note 3


The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 didn't just launch here in Germany in black or white. As we heard at Unpacked, Samsung has a third way for the Note 3; Blush Pink. Samsung isn't a stranger to selling pink smartphones either, with previous Note devices as well as other Galaxy range phones being made available in various shades of pink over the years. But, since it's here at IFA 2013, we figured you might like a closer look. 

Click on past the break for more shots of the Blush Pink Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

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4 years ago

Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear availability confirmed on AT&T, T-Mobile


Carriers announce availability dates of Oct. 1 and Oct. 2, AT&T now offering pre-orders

Although all four major carriers here in the US have announced that they will eventually carry the Galaxy Note 3 and its companion device the Galaxy Gear, AT&T and T-Mobile have just rolled out their pricing and launch dates. AT&T has announced that it will open up pre-orders for the Note 3 at $299 with a two-year contract — or $35 per month on AT&T Next — in either black or white starting today. The phone will finally ship starting October 1st.

T-Mobile has yet to open up pre-orders — just a pre-registration page — but is offering the Note 3 for $199 down and $21 per month (for 24 months) on a Simple Choice plan. Oddly, the phone goes on sale one day later than AT&T on October 2nd. If you do the math, that pegs the Note 3 at about $705 full-price with T-Mobile, and AT&T has its off-contract price set at $725.

Also off-contract regardless of your carrier choice is the Galaxy Gear, which T-Mobile has pegged at $299 and we're going to assume the same goes for AT&T. Neither carrier has specified the color options on the Gears they will offer.

Source: AT&T (2); T-Mobile

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4 years ago

New LG-D820 device passes through FCC, could this be the next Nexus device? [update]


FCC documentation screen size, processor, firmware version and radio bands

Update: Further investigation of the FCC documents by the folks over at Engadget and Anandtech have revealed even more information on the device. Multiple references have been found to "MSM8974", which is the Snapdragon 800 processor. The firmware build indicates that the device is named "aosp_hammerhead" (keeping with the fish codename Nexus history) and is running Android 4.4.

Other new information includes a screen size of 126mm or 4.96-inches diagonal, and a full case size of 131.9mm high and 68.2mm wide (for reference, the Nexus 4 is 133.9mm x 68.7mm). We also see reference to a 2300mAh non-removable battery in the device.

Original story: Right on the heels of the announcement that Android 4.4 will officially be called "KitKat", we saw a very interesting "leak" from a Google promotional video that showed off what seemed to be an unreleased Nexus phone with a very similar design to the New Nexus 7. A new LG device, model number LG-D820, has just passed through the FCC bearing a striking resemblance to the device shown off in that video.

Unlike most FCC filings we actually have pictures of the back plate of the phone, showing off the NFC antenna and Qi wireless charging contacts underneath the shell. The outline and materials certainly look very similar to what we saw in the video, and the one tell-tale sign is a distinctly large camera lens hole in the back plate.

This LG-D820 device, whatever it may be, supports a serious number of radio bands as well. We're looking at pentaband HSPA+ 42mbps on 850, 900, 1700, 1900 and 2100MHz, 7-band LTE on Band 2, 4, 5, 17, 25, 26 and 41 and most interestingly EVDO revA (CDMA) on 800 and 1900MHz.

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4 years ago

Turn any website into a marble maze with the latest Chrome Experiment


Google's new World Wide Maze Chrome Experiment shows you the web like never before

Got a computer and an Android device? If so, you're fully equipped to have a bit of fun with Google's latest Chrome Experiment — the World Wide Maze. Google's Chrome team is celebrating their fifth birthday, and nobody knows how to have fun quite like Google. Want to have a go at it?

Get Chrome installed on your phone (use the link above), then fire up the Chrome browser on your computer and click this link.

Once there, follow the instructions and you can whittle away the hours rolling your marble through a 3D "conversion" of any website into a maze. Protip: AndroidCentral.com is hard.

You'll have shades of Teeter (remember Teeter?) but you'll have a lot of fun.

Source: +Sundar Pichai

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4 years ago

Latest Facebook beta (finally) lets you edit posts, comments


Facebook's beta app for Android has gotten an update today — and it's one we've been waiting for for quite some time. You can now edit your posts and comments. 


Here's the full changelog:

  • Use icons in status updates to express what you’re feeling or doing
  • Edit your posts and comments, and tap to see all your changes
  • See upcoming events at a glance on your favorite Pages
  • Create and share new photo albums from your phone

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4 years ago

BBC iPlayer now lets you download shows for offline viewing


Downloads only available over Wifi, expire 7 days after watching

The latest version of BBC's iPlayer app for Android has finally caught up to its iOS counterpart, and now offers content downloads for offline viewing. Building on its expanded device support in the last update, the iPlayer app will now let you download complete shows in either standard or high-definition, provided you're on a device with Ice Cream Sandwich or above.

Once downloaded, shows will be stored on your device for 30 days, but will expire just 7 days after the first time they are played. The download feature is only available while connected to Wifi and the changelog indicates that it will only initially be supported on certain devices, but that the list will be expanding quickly. Grab a download of the BBC iPlayer app from the Play Store link above.

Thanks, Paul!

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4 years ago

In pictures: The purple Sony Xperia Z1


The Sony Xperia Z1 comes in not only standard white and black versions, but also purple — a color that's become a staple for Sony smartphones over the past year. Like its monochrome siblings, the purple Sony Xperia Z1 features a glass-backed construction with a metal central band. And while the extra splash of color is easy to miss from the front, the back and sides of the phone take on a new, vivid appearance in purple.

Check past the break for more shots of the purple Sony Xperia Z1 from IFA 2013.

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4 years ago

Download the Android Central Pebble watch face!


If you've got a Pebble smartwatch, you're probably already known as a stylish, discerning person. We know how you feel. And to that end, our own Jerry Hildenbrand — both stylish, discerning and one hell of a dancer — has whipped up an Android Central-branded Pebble watch face, featuring our beloved mascot, Lloyd!

Installing is a simple endeavor.

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4 years ago

Xiaomi announces Mi3 with Tegra 4 processor, 1080p display


Phone designed in conjunction with NVIDIA and offers a great value for your money

Xiaomi may be on many people's minds with its recent acquisition of Hugo Barra from Google, but the Chinese handset manufacturer took the stage today to announce its latest high-end handset, the Mi3. Wrapped up in a nice-looking aluminum-magnesium body that is available in a variety of colors, the Mi3 is claiming to be the world's first handset to go on sale with NVIDIA's latest processor on-board (regardless of what ZTE may say).

The Mi3 is powered by a 1.8GHz Tegra 4 processor, along with 2GB of RAM, a 5-inch 1080p IPS display (441 ppi), up to 64GB of storage and a 13MP (a Sony Exmor RS unit) camera. Clocking in at just 8.1mm thick, the Mi3 has a 3050mAh battery on board, and together with the power-saving technology of the Tegra 4 Xiaomi is claiming all-day battery life. On the software side, you'll find Xiaomi's highly customized MIUI experience.

As is the case with all other Xiaomi phones, the Mi3 will be going on sale directly from the manufacturer in the Chinese market. While this particular Tegra 4 LTE model is China-specific and doesn't seem to support any US 3G or LTE frequencies, Xiaomi has also announced a Snapdragon 800 version of the Mi3 which supports common US and European radio bands with HSPA+ 42.

Amazingly, the fully unlocked and unsubsidized price for the Mi3 is just $327 (1999 yuan) — an absolutely great deal considering the complete package here.

Source: NVIDIA; Xiaomi (Chinese)

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4 years ago

Samsung posts its own extensive Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear tutorial video


No part of these devices is left untouched in a new promo video

Some of us may be feeling a bit of "Galaxy" overload after the crazy flurry of announcements yesterday, but Samsung is moving right along today by posting an extensive video walkthrough of its latest big devices — the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear. The 18-minute long video, which you can see above, thoroughly covers pretty much every new function that can be found in the new Galaxy Note, along with a good portion of explanation about how the Galaxy Gear fits into the mix.

The most interesting portion relating to the Galaxy Gear is a walkthrough of the "Gear Manager" app, which is the portal for customizing and setting up the device when paired to your phone. If you're interested in just the Gear angle you can skip ahead about 12 minutes, but the entire video is quite informative.

Read: Galaxy Note 3 hands-onHands-on with the Galaxy Gear

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4 years ago

PayPal redesigns entire app, revamps in-store payments


New interface that looks great and makes it easier to manage all functions of your account

While the previous version of the app wasn't exactly hard on the eyes, PayPal is completely revamping its interface and adding new functionality in its latest update. First and foremost is an entirely new design that is simpler and better fits in with the latest Android design looks — we're now seeing full use of the action bar and left edge slide-in menu. The entire app makes use of a nice blue, white and grey color palette and seems to perform extremely well.

Underneath all of the clean new design is a reimagined PayPal experience, making it simpler to use the app for shopping, managing your account or transferring money. The new app makes it easy to find retailers that accept PayPal as a payment method and help you choose your payment methods and even order or pay in advance at certain retailers.

It's now even easier to manage your payment methods from the "Wallet" menu, check your recent transactions or transfer funds to and from other people as well. If you're a big PayPal user, this is going to make your day — you can grab the update from the Play Store link at the top of this post.

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