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T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear now available


Samsung's latest Galaxy devices arrive in the U.S.

T-Mobile subscribers are the first in the U.S. to be able to get their hands on Samsung's latest Android products, the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear. The Note 3 can be had for $29.50 per month with no down payment for qualifying customers, or $21 per month with a down payment of $199.99. If you want to buy T-Mo's Note 3 outright, the full retail price is $708. The carrier is offering the Note 3 in "jet black" and "classic white" colors.

Meanwhile, the smartwatch accessory sells for $299.99 and is available in "wild orange," "jet black" and "oatmeal beige". (Curiously, T-Mobile's site also lists the Gear as being compatible with its Galaxy S4, which as far as we're aware isn't the case yet.)

The next stops for the Note 3 and Gear are AT&T and Sprint this Friday, Oct. 4. Verizon follows next week, with pre-orders due to ship by Oct. 10.

For more on the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear, check out our reviews, linked below. If you're picking up a Galaxy Note 3 (or Gear) today, hit the comments and let us know how you're getting on.

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Source: T-Mobile (Note 3), T-Mobile (Gear)

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4 years ago

How to shrink the Galaxy Note 3's display into a tiny window


Can't reach across the Galaxy Note 3's enormous screen? Samsung's got a software trick to help you out

We may live in a world of 6.3 to 6.4-inch smartphones, but the Samsung Galaxy Note 3's 5.7-incher is still pretty big. And getting around it using only your thumb can be a challenge. Samsung has always offered "one-handed mode" software tricks on the Note series — for example, letting you shrink and rearrange the keyboard, dialer, and other areas for easier thumbing.

On the Galaxy Note 3, though, it's taken this to an all-new level. The new "Use for all screens" option, found under "Settings > Controls > One-handed operation," lets you shrink the entire display in to a moveable, resizable window a fraction of the screen's true size. Crazy!

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4 years ago

Vertu launches $6600 leather-backed Android phone


Second Android device from the luxury manufacturer

If the Galaxy Note 3's faux-leather back just isn't leathery enough for you, the Vertu's got you covered with its second high-priced Android phone, the Constellation. The luxury electronics company has today unveiled the device, which packs a dual-core Snapdragon S4 CPU, Android 4.2 and a calf leather and titanium body. The leather extends around the body of the handset, and unlike the $10,000 Vertu Ti, the $6,630 Constellation is more traditionally smartphone-shaped.

On the front is an unremarkable 4.3-inch 720p display behind strengthened sapphire glass, which Vertu says can withstand the impact of a 200-gram steel ball being dropped from one meter. The Constellation also gains a higher-specced camera than Vertu's earlier offering, with a 13-megapixel unit being included. 32 and 64GB storage options are available, but according to Engadget there's still no LTE support. To compensate, Vertu plans offer each customer unlimited global Wifi through a partnership with iPass.

The Vertu Constellation will be available from selected Vertu boutiques from next month. If you want to arrange a private viewing (yes, that's actually a thing) you can do so through the manufacturer's website.

Source: Vertu, Engadget

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4 years ago

Hulu Plus gets Chromecast support


Google's Chromecast streaming dongle now supports Hulu Plus, the company has announced on its official blog. The TV streaming service's mobile apps will be updated on Google Play and the iOS App Store today with a new "Cast" button, similar to other Chromecast-supported apps.

Until now Chromecast owners have been able to stream Hulu content through Chrome's tab cast feature, however official Android and iOS app support should make things a lot easier from now on. Hit the Google Play button on the left to grab the latest version of the app.

Source: Google Blog

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4 years ago

AT&T LTE launches or expands in thirteen new markets


Well past 400 nationwide markets, AT&T keeps expanding its LTE network

It's that time of the week where AT&T announces the grouping of markets that have recently received new or improved LTE service. This time around we have eleven new markets and two improved ones, in which folks using LTE-capable handsets should see faster, more reliable speeds:

New markets:


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4 years ago

Cheating at Android benchmarks isn't new


Should we hate the player? Or hate the game? Both, probably.

With today's shocking revelation that it's possible to cheat Android benchmark apps, it's worth a quick reminder that we've always been able to manipulate Android benchmarks. And, frankly, it shouldn't come as any surprise that manufacturers do everything they can to score as high as possible.

I quite fondly recall sitting in a Hell's Kitchen bar in 2011 2010, just hours after the launch event for the original Samsung Galaxy S. I had a brand new Motorola Droid X in my pocket — announced just a week prior — and (now former) Samsung engineers asking to see how it benchmarked. Not knowing better at the time, I happily obliged. 

Here's the thing: We have only ourselves to blame for this nonsense.

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4 years ago

BLU Life View hands-on video and impressions


A whole lot of phone for a price that won't break the bank

Of all the Android handset manufacturers out there, BLU may be one of the least known among the general public. But this Florida-based company is making a few waves as a manufacturer of cost-sensitive unlocked phones that pack a good number of specs into an attractive case. The BLU Life View is one of its latest handsets, and it takes aim at the larger set of phones out on the market today.

Marketed directly at the Samsung Galaxy Mega (5.8), the Life View is a rather large 5.7-inch device with a good-looking screen, a quad-core processor and 1GB of RAM under the hood and a pair of high-resolution cameras to boot. Best of all, it retails for $299 unlocked directly from BLU. Hang with us after the break to see our impressions of the latest budget-friendly handset.

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4 years ago

Google developers explain Wallet's new direction and the tools that power it


There's more to the new Google Wallet than a pretty app

Google Wallet started as a simple (but not very well adopted) NFC based tap-to-pay system, but it has turned into a app that really plans to hold everything your physical wallet can. We're not convinced that it will be successful, but of course we're plenty interested in just how it progresses.

We've see the transformation of the Android app itself, but what about developers interested in working with Wallet? GDL (Google Developers Live) aims to explain the features and methods to work with them to developers and interested parties alike with their Wallet Objects video.

Check it out after the break.

Source: +Google Wallet

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4 years ago

Android 4.3 build leaks for Samsung Galaxy S4


New features, but with very few noticeable UI changes

Right on the heels of the Galaxy Note 3 launching with Android 4.3 on board, a prerelease build of Android 4.3 for the Galaxy S4 has leaked out. The folks over at SamMobile have released a test build of the upcoming firmware for willing users to take a look at, and they claim that it is relatively stable. The biggest updates included here are new software features that we find on the Galaxy Note 3, along with lots of under-the-hood fixes and improvements.

The build is made for the unlocked European model (GT-I9505) of the handset, and the site claims that it is ready to be loaded on your own phone for testing if you are willing to deal with some issues. As with any other prerelease or test firmware there's always a chance that you could run into issues, so be sure to do your research and flash with caution.

More: Samsung Galaxy S4 Forums

Source: SamMobile

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4 years ago

Chrome for Android getting updated with new gesture support


The Chrome stable channel for Android has a new update brewing, with a short new feature list. According to Google, the update will enable new gestures.

  • Swipe horizontally across the top toolbar to quickly switch tabs.
  • Drag vertically down from the toolbar to enter into the tab switcher view.
  • Drag down from the menu to open the menu and select the item you want without having to lift your finger.

We saw these gestures hit the beta channel last month and they seem to work well.

Users should expect to see the new update shortly, thanks to Google's new rolling release strategy. 

Source: Google Chrome blog

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4 years ago

LG G2 now available on Three UK


£399.99 on PAYG or £49 and up on contract

Data-friendly UK network Three has announced its launch of the LG G2, the Korean company's latest high-end smartphone with buttons on the back. Three is offering the G2 for £49 up-front on 24-month contracts starting at £29 per month. Alternative if you're after a Three-branded G2 without a monthly commitment, the carrier's selling it for £399.99 on Pay As You Go.

The device is available online and from Three stores today. For more info on the LG G2, check out our reviews of the U.S. versions.

Source: Three

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4 years ago

Samsung Galaxy Gear initial review


Samsung's first smartwatch is expensive and lacking in some areas, but it also has plenty of potential

I'm trying real hard to like the Samsung Galaxy Gear. Having worn the Pebble smartwatch for a couple months now, I'm all for the idea of a smart device on my wrist. And the Galaxy Gear is undeniably better looking, more powerful and more feature-rich than the plastic darling of Kickstarter.

This thing even takes pictures, for Pete's sake.

Then why do I find myself already slipping it back off my wrist and reaching for the Pebble?

We've had the Samsung Galaxy Gear in hand for a few days now. A full review is forthcoming — we want to give the Gear the proper review it deserves — and there's quite a bit to get into, even with it being a pretty simple accessory to operate. For now, though, some initial thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy Gear.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 - 2014 Edition review


A better screen and new S Pen features make the Galaxy Note 10.1 - 2014 Edition a great premium tablet

it's time for Samsung's yearly refresh of the popular Note series, and this go-around we're going to take a good look at the big boy of the bunch — The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 - 2014 Edition. Which we're going to call the Note 10.1 for the rest of this review.

We first saw the Note 10.1 back in Berlin at IFA 2013, and we were impressed with the thinness, the responsiveness and above all the beautiful 2560 x 1600 screen. This automatically addressed our biggest complaint about it's predecessor, namely it's 1200 x 800 resolution. Through all the rage on the Internet about LCD versus AMOLED, everyone can agree that Samsung is capable of building wonderful displays. We knew this was going to be one we wanted to look at. We like it when a product puts us all into full-on Android-nerd mode. And now is our chance.

You'll have your chance soon, because the Note 10.1 will be available starting October 10, in two Wifi-only models. You'll pay $550 for the 16GB version, and $600 for the 32GB version. That's a lot of money for anything. Hit the break and decide if it's worth it.

More: Galaxy Note 10.1 - 2014 Edition forums

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4 years ago

Samsung Galaxy Gear unboxing


Don't call this a Samsung Galaxy Gear unboxing. You know how we feel about unboxings around here. Instead, consider this a video wherein we take a look at the retail box for the Galaxy Gear, open it, remove the contents, and go about our merry way — all on video.

No, instead, consider this a ... fine. It's a Samsung Galaxy Gear unboxing. Enjoy!

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4 years ago

Samsung Galaxy Gear camera — sample shots


The Samsung Galaxy Gear goes a step further than just about every other smartwatch we've seen in that it also has a 1.9-megapixel camera tucked into its band. It's capable of shooting still pictures at 1392-by-1392 or 1280-by-960, and video at 640-by-640 or 1280-by-720.

By no means will this replace your smartphone camera, but it is a little fun. Let's take a look at some example shots.

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