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4 years ago

Facebook Beta update brings animated stickers, music on lock screen for Home


Beta track continues to get quick and useful updates

The beta track for the Facebook app has been updated today with a few useful features, showing once again that it intends on iterating quickly with its beta fixes. This update brings one new feature to the Messenger function, and that is animated stickers for some of the categories — Pusheen, Beast and Anooki are listed — which has been the case on iOS devices for some time now, but stickers don't seem to be animating properly for us at the moment. A new feature for those using Facebook Home is the ability to control music playback on the lock screen.

Also included is a fix for a bug that caused album covers to show rather than a specific photo you tapped, as well as a bug that crashed the app when viewing photos in full screen mode. Naturally, various bug fixes and speed improvements were made as well.

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4 years ago

Sony lens camera manual leaks, shows off specs


Attachments to carry their own shutter button, storage and tripod mount

The leaks of an upcoming Sony "lens" camera are coming along, and today we have a look at a leaked manual for the expected accessory. The manuals show off more information on both lenses (QX100 and QX10), showing off their manual controls and features. Each lens will have its own power button, microphone, small display for status information, a status LED, tripod mount, zoom lever and its own shutter button. The larger QX100 will also have a physical ring control.

Just as was revealed before, SonyAlphaRumors expects the QX100 to have the same sensor as Sony's latest RX100 MII, an the QX10 will have a smaller 1/2.3-inch sensor found in the Sony WX150. We're also expecting to see these crazy camera attachments announced in early September, so we don't have long to wait before we can see them in all their glory.

Source: SonyAlphaRumors

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4 years ago

Toshiba Excite Pro review


A Tegra 4 powerhouse, sure, but don't get too excited about the Excite Pro

Finally, a readily available Tegra 4-powered Android tablet — the Toshiba Excite Pro — is up for sale in the United States. Complete with a super high-res (2560x1600; 299 ppi) display, premium sound system and Android Jelly Bean, this is one worth taking a close look at if you're in the market for a 10-inch tablet.

Toshiba's been at the Android tablet game for a while, and their track record is a mixed bag. They get a lot right, especially in the looks and style department, but we've just not seen a must-have tablet from the Japanese electronic giant. They aim to change this with the Excite Pro, but is there anything there to get excited about?

That's the question we aim to answer, as I've been using this one for a bit and have a few things to say. Head past the break to find out more.

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4 years ago

Press adds offline image caching, settings redesign


Caching saves on data, new settings get you in and out quickly

One of our favorite RSS readers on Android, Press, has just made some significant improvements in its latest update in terms of interface and features. The biggest feature inclusion is likely offline image caching, which will download article images when syncing so that you're not pulling them down every time you open an article. It's great for low connectivity or low data cap situations when you still want to get your news. By default images aren't cached, but you can turn it on, restrict it to just Wifi and limit or clear the cache at any time.

Helping you manage these new cache options is an entirely redesigned settings menu, which breaks up settings into separate categories. Now you won't have to scroll through an annoying long list to get to that one setting you need to change.

There are also a new settings for changing the look and feel of the app, with the ability to show just titles in the articles list or on the widget, and a few new options for readability and accessibility. Press also says that there are performance, sync and bug fixes — although we were hard pressed to find any hiccups before.

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4 years ago

Your daily Talk Mobile hangout is here!


We're back! Your daily installment of Talk Mobile 2013 is live -- today we're talking about the future of cloud computing -- and we're gonna hang out and chat about it for a bit.

Come join us!

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4 years ago

Clearing the fog: The future of cloud computing - Talk Mobile


There are many visions for the future of computing, and by-and-large they all involve some form of distributed storage and processing. Sure, our computers, tablets, and smartphones will continue to evolve and become more powerful, but so too will cloud services and the internet infrastructure that connects it all.

Whether we're looking at connected headset displays, constantly-syncing smartphones, or present-anywhere virtual machines, the cloud is going to play a significant role in computing in the years ahead.

4 years ago

Verizon HTC One to come with Android 4.2.2


Latest firmware from HTC will ship on Verizon's version

Good news for anyone planning on picking up the HTC One on Verizon when it finally launches next Thursday. VZW spokesperson Albert Aydin has confirmed on Twitter that Verizon HTC One will ship with Android 4.2.2-based firmware. That means Big Red's HTC One will benefit from new OS features like Daydreams and lock screen widgets, as well as the latest software enhancements from HTC, including Instagram feeds in BlinkFeed, more video highlight themes and the option to turn off the horrible on-screen menu bar.

Aydin also confirmed that Verizon will be getting the 32GB version of the phone in silver — so no word on higher storage capacities or alternate colors just yet.

While European and Asian HTC One handsets were updated to Android 4.2 last month, the U.S. versions of the phone remain on 4.1.2. For a quick tour of what's new in the latest HTC One firmware, check out our hands-on feature, linked below.

More: What's new in Android 4.2 for the HTC One

Source: @VZWalbert

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4 years ago

AT&T's Moto X available Aug. 23


AT&T this morning announced that its Moto X will be available Aug. 23. The 16-gigabyte version will cost $199 on contract, and the 32GB model will be $50 more.

If you're looking to customize your Moto X, this will be the one you want, as AT&T currently has an exclusive on Moto Maker and its numerous permutations of colors for the Moto X. We recently took Moto Maker for a spin and found it to be a quick and easy way to design a custom Moto X.

Those of you who pre-registered through AT&T will get first dibs on the Moto Maker experience starting Aug. 19, and you'll also get your phone before the general public, AT&T says. (Those lucky few will be chosen at random.)

And if you order a custom-designed Moto X, you'll get Moto's new "Skip" NFC unlocking tool free, for a limited time.

Source: Press release

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4 years ago

Verizon's HTC One hits stores Aug. 22 for $199 on contract


It may be late, but it'll run Android 4.2.2 out of the box

Verizon Wireless just dropped word via Twitter that its HTC One finally will be available Aug. 22, for $199 on contract. Better late than never we suppose, but the release comes some five months or so after every other U.S. operator. And, more important, it comes smack in the middle of a couple other major releases — namely the revamped Motorola Droid line and the Moto X. We don't have street dates for those just yet, but they can't be too far off.

Update: A bit of good news here from Verizon spokesman Albert Aydin. Big Red's HTC One will run Android 4.2.2 at launch — no other U.S. carrier can claim that update yet — and you'll be able to get it in a 32-gigabyte flavor.

More discussion: Verizon HTC One forums

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4 years ago

Customize your Moto X: A Moto Maker Preview


We walk you through customizing your Moto X with the new Moto Maker website

Never mind the specs. Never mind the software. Your Moto X is a beautiful butterfly, unique in the world. Rather, it will be, once you get done designing it.

That's where Moto Maker — eventually live at — comes in. 

We caught a very brief glimpse of it at Motorola's launch event in New York City a couple weeks ago. Now, we've gotten a better look at how you'll be able to add some color to your Moto X, with a preview of Moto Maker. 

The good news is that everything's pretty self-explanatory, and as easy as can be. You pick your colors for the back, front and accents on the phone, add an inscription on the back, and a custom message on the boot screen (or don't, if that's not your thing), choose some accessories if you want, and you'll have your one-of-a-kind phone within four days.

Motorola hooked us up with a preview code for Moto Maker. We'll walk you through it.

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4 years ago

Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch again rumored for IFA


Samsung wearable again rumored to debut at Unpacked in Berlin on September 4

Following reports out of Korea about a Samsung smartwatch known as the Galaxy Gear heading to IFA next month, Bloomberg has today chimed in with their own report. Their sources have informed them that it is called the Galaxy Gear, and that we will indeed be seeing it debut at Samsung Unpacked in Berlin on September 4. 

The report goes on to share more details, that again back up earlier reports, suggesting the Galaxy Gear will be able to make phone calls, surf the web and handle emails, all running on Android. After last year's surprise arrival of the Galaxy Camera at Unpacked, we wouldn't be at all shocked to see Samsung pull something else out besides the expected Galaxy Note 3. Whatever happens, we'll be live from Berlin next month to bring you everything that goes down. 

Source: Bloomberg

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4 years ago

Motorola Skip will be free (at first) for custom Moto X owners


After a little bit of a false start yesterday, Motorola has officially announced Skip, its thumb-sized NFC clip that'll let you unlock your Moto X quickly and easily. Tap your phone to it, and it unlocks. (Of course, your thumb can do that, too, and not cost $20.)

But along with each skip purchase you'll get three "Skip dots," which Motorola says will create a "Trusted Zone" for your Moto X, allowing it to stay unlocked while it's within range. So put one in your car, and you won't have to unlock the phone, for instance.

If you snag a custom Moto X through Moto Maker, you'll get a free Skip (and the Skip Dots, we presume) with your phone. For now, you can have it in any color you want, so long as it's gray. More colors care coming this fall.

Source: Motorola

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4 years ago

Three UK reaffirms 4G price promise, says Q4 launch on target


Seamless 4G rollout for customers with compatible devices

As Vodafone and O2 prepare to offer 4G services at a premium, rival network Three has restated its plans to roll out LTE connectivity as standard for existing customers. In a statement given to UK blog Coolsmartphone, the operator said it was on-track to begin switching on 4G during Q4, at no extra cost to users, and without requiring a new SIM.

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4 years ago

Asphalt 8: Airborne launching August 22


Dev offering the chance to win pre-launch download codes for Nexus 7-optimized racer

First unveiled at Google's Nexus 7 and Android 4.3 event in San Francisco a few weeks back, Gameloft's Asphalt 8: Airborne was due to be released back on Aug. 8. Obviously that didn't happen, however there's now a new release date on the cards — next Thursday, Aug 22.

But if you can't wait that long, Gameloft is giving away a pre-launch code to one lucky winner, who'll be able to play the game before anyone else. To enter, you'll need to subscribe to the developer's YouTube channel and fill out the form on its website.

Asphalt 8 is one of the new Android titles optimized for OpenGL ES 3.0, the new 3D graphics standard included in Android 4.3. The title promises 180 events, 47 licensed cars and social integration, including  Facebook support.

Source: +Gameloft; Gameloft blog

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4 years ago

Motorola has a snazzy desktop dock for the Moto X, too


Another Moto X accessory goes on sale before the device itself.

Motorola is going another step in the direction of having a full accessory lineup for the Moto X at launch now with the new Griffin "PowerDock" for the device. There are very few frills here, and what we see from the two product shots included in the listing are a basic base with a Micro USB plug to charge the phone and a cradle in the back to hold it up at a steep angle. Around the back you can see another Micro USB input for the power adapter into the wall, just as we'd expect.

This dock is prominently displayed as being made by Griffin, just like the car dock, so we have to assume that we may see an even broader lineup of Moto X-specific Griffin accessories in the pipeline. Remember the phone isn't even on sale yet, so we applaud Motorola for having accessories ready to go out of the gate — we certainly can't say the same for Nexus accessories over the years.

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