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4 years ago

Verizon announces their own tablet - the Ellipsis 7 will debut Nov. 7 for $250


Want a 7-inch LTE tablet on Verizon? You could get the Nexus 7, and fight with Verizon to try and get it activated, or you could wait until Thursday and pick up the new Verizon brand Ellipsis 7 — Big Red's very own HD Android tablet.

The Press release is short on specs, but we do know the Ellipsis 7 comes with Google Play installed, has a front facing camera, an HD screen, and is fully Verizon Wireless LTE compliant. At $250 off contract, it's also cheaper than the LTE Nexus 7 and the LTE Kindle Fire HDX 7. In addition, Verizon will give you $100 off the price if you are signing up for a new contract.

The Ellipsis 7 is listed as the first product in the Elipsis line. I've a feeling we'll be seeing more. 

Source: Verizon

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4 years ago

How to unlock the Nexus 5 bootloader


It's easier to unlock your Nexus 5 bootloader than it is to decide if you want to do it

If you're receiving your shiny new Nexus 5 in the near future, you'll want to think about unlocking the boot loader. It's a bigger undertaking than the folks on the Internet make it out to be, and doing it later is a huge pain in the kiester, so it's worth talking about. 

First things first. Since it's a Nexus device, it was designed to be easily unlocked. There is no extra encryption layer, no signing your life and warranty away at the website of the people who made your phone, and no software hacks to try to bust your way around things. You only need the SDK and be able to use the command line — which are things you need to know about before you ever decide to unlock your phone anyway.

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4 years ago

HTC One Mini now available on Rogers


Today sees the launch of the HTC One Mini on Canada's Rogers network. Starting today the One Mini can be yours for C$99.99 on a two-year plan, or C$399.99 on a month-to-month deal.

As the name suggests, the One Mini is a smaller version of the HTC One with cut-down internal hardware. It's got a 4.3-inch 720p display, a Snapdragon 400 CPU and 1GB of RAM, coupled with 16GB of internal storage. Around the back is the same "Ultrapixel" sensor found on the HTC One, only without optical image stabilization. Software-wise, it's HTC Sense 5 and Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean running the show.

When we reviewed the international HTC One Mini over the summer we found it to be one of the best small form factor Android phones out there. For more details, check it out at the link below.

More: HTC One Mini review

Source: Rogers; via: MobileSyrup

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4 years ago

Gaze inside the torn-open Nexus 5


The folks at iFixit are doing their thing again, this time with the Nexus 5. Not that most of us will ever venture down this road, but apparently much of the phone is easy to get to and swap out. Except for the front panel and display.

Source: iFixit

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4 years ago

HTC One Android 4.3 + Sense 5.5 update lands in the UK


After a limited European rollout two weeks ago, UK devices are now getting the latest update

HTC UK has announced that HTC One devices in the UK should begin receiving their update to Android 4.3 and HTC Sense 5.5 from today. The update brings the HTC flagship up to software version 3.62.401.1, including updated video highlights and gallery app, new features in BlinkFeed (including the option to turn it off entirely) in addition to the newer version of Google's OS. The UK rollout follows a limited launch on some European devices a couple of weeks back.

What's next? Well, HTC's already hard at work getting Android 4.4 KitKat updates ready.

We've got the changelog for today's 4.3 update after the break.

Source: @HTC_UK

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4 years ago

HTC forecasts tough times continuing into Q4, reflects on Q3 'progress'


HTC's finalized Q3 earnings report confirms what we already knew from the unaudited report a few weeks back — the Taiwanese manufacturer had a pretty dire quarter, leading to an operating loss of just over $100 million, the first in the company's history.

Posting a quarterly revenue of NT$47 billion, with a gross margin of 20.4% and an operating margin of -7.4%, net loss was reported at NT$3 billion, earnings per share after tax were -NT$3.58.

Despite this, HTC CEO Peter Chou reflected on "strong progress" made in Q3 in a statement with today's release. The report highlighted the quarter's many product launches, including the Verizon HTC One, HTC One Mini, One Max, Desires 601 and 300, and yes, even the Hello Kitty Butterfly S. The quarter also saw HTC launch a new marketing campaign in partnership with Robert Downey Jr., which it credits for a 12 percent increase in advertising awareness and a 15 percent boost in brand awareness. Meanwhile the partnership with Beats Audio came to an end, with HTC selling its remaining stake in the company for $415 million. HTC's latest phone, the One Max, was launched last month without any Beats software or branding.

The company's Q4 forecast points to hard times continuing to the end of 2013, with revenue between NT$40-45 billion, gross profit margins of 20% +/-1% and EPS (earnings per share) of NT$0.1 to NT$1.7. The forecast raises the prospect of a second quarter of losses should HTC miss its targets by even a small amount.

More: Stock Talk: HTC's Q3 loss isn't good, but neither is it unexpected

Source: HTC Investor Relations, The Verge

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4 years ago

Chrome Beta includes simpler tab switcher for low-memory phones


KitKat's low-memory focus extends to Chrome's latest beta release

Behind all the visual changes and feature additions, Android 4.4 KitKat is all about optimizing the way Android uses memory, including a new API for handling devices with as little as 512MB of RAM. And it seems this focus has extended to Google's Chrome browser too — Googler François Beaufort points out on Google+ that the latest Chrome Beta includes an alternative tab-switcher for low-RAM phones. As you'll see above, it consists of just a text description and icon, as opposed to a full-page preview.

Beaufort says the new layout is designed to be simpler and is specifically targeted at "low memory KitKat devices." In the current Chrome 31 beta it can be enabled by navigating to chrome://flags/#accessibility-tab-switcher and flipping the switch manually. The idea, presumably, is that when entry-level KitKat phones begin shipping this new tab-switcher will automatically replace the traditional card-based layout, while leaving the standard interface in place on beefier phones like the Nexus 5.

Source: +François Beaufort

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4 years ago

EE to trial LTE-Advanced in London from December


Carrier boasts 300Mbps speeds for businesses in London's Tech City area

Always looking to cement its lead over rival providers, UK LTE network operator EE has announced that it's partnered with Huawei to bring data speeds of up to 300Mbps to London's Tech City, as part of its LTE-Advanced trials. The scheme will kick off in December in conjunction with businesses in Tech City, an area of East London home to many high-tech organizations. Customers won't be able to get these faster data speeds directly on devices until mid-2014 though, instead the trial will begin using Huawei Cat. 6 Wifi hotspots, which will provide access over an 802.11 ac connection.

To achieve such high speeds EE says it's paired 20MHz of 1800MHz spectrum with a further 20MHz of 2.6GHz obtained through the recent 4G spectrum auction. The EE 300Mbps trial is due to be extended to other parts of London in 2014 — naturally, you'll need an as yet unreleased Cat. 6 mobile device to take advantage of the faster network when it's available.

Source: EE

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4 years ago

Google's Helpouts is now official, experts standing by


System now live for those seeking help, still invite-only for experts

Google is making its aptly-named help service Helpouts official today, giving you access to experts in different areas via Google Hangouts. The basic premise of Helpouts is to work as a middleman for connecting those who need knowledge with those who have it on a certain topic, and letting those people learn from one another. The help can be about anything — music lessons, yoga tips, baking advice, you name it — and can be either free or paid.

We now know you can seek help from trusted brands as well as individuals, and that you'll have the full range of tools available to you through Hangouts normally. That means you can work on documents with your helper, share your screen, record the session and much more. Google is limiting the categories currently offering help, but seems to have a decent number of experts ready to go at this time.

Heading to the Helpouts page, you can simply type into an "I need help with..." search box and see results of people ready to help you. There are experts working for free, on a flat "per Helpout" or per minute rate available now, in genres from cooking to fashion and home & garden. If you're ready to give it a try, hit the second source link below.

Source: Google; Helpouts

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4 years ago

Soak test updates hitting new Droids starting tomorrow


What specifically the update contains is still unknown at this point

We had more than a hunch it was coming, and now we have confirmation that those participating in the soak test for Verizon's latest Droids (Mini, Ultra and Maxx) are receiving an update starting tomorrow. Now what exactly you'll get if you're part of the program is unknown — our best guess is probably the same camera update that Moto X users received recently, but you never know with these sorts of black box updates.

Any update is probably welcomed though, and chances are it'll be something you'll actually want. If you didn't get in on the soak test this time around, rest assured that the updates usually push out to everyone quickly after the soak test, provided no extreme bugs are found.

More: Droid Maxx Forums | Droid Ultra Forums

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4 years ago

From the floor of the Samsung Developers Conference


One final video out of the Samsung Developers Conference — and it might well be the most important of the bunch. Day 2 of the event saw the exhibitor floor open up, with products from Samsung, partners and basically anyone who had anything awesome to show off was on hand. 

Six minutes of video barely starts to scratch the surface. We had consumer products. Enterprise. An eight-rotor drone copter that I'm pretty sure followed us around the rest of the afternoon.

Check it out — and we'll see you next year!

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4 years ago

Screen recording is easy with KitKat and the Android SDK


The new API 19 SDK tools include an easy way to record what happens on your Android's screen

Ever wanted to record exactly what's happening on your Android screen? Anyone who writes about Android for a living sure does, and now that KitKat is in the wild we see it will be easy to do with the latest version of Android.

You'll need the SDK installed, which is a little barrier for some, but there are plenty of folks in the forums to help make that happen for any computer, be it Windows, Mac or Linux.

That's also where you'll find Phil's mini How-To on screen recording, complete with examples. If you have you Nexus 5 already, or have put some flavor of KitKat on your current phone, jump in and give it a look. It's easier than you think!

How to use screen recording in Android 4.4 KitKat

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4 years ago

Escape from office drudgery with Android board game Mr. Ludo


Nobody looks forward to the end of the work day more than Mr. Ludo

If you played board games as a kid, chances are you played Ludo, which also goes by Sorry!, Parcheesi, and other names. Now UK developer called Yo Ambulante has created a new Android version called Mr. Ludo. This particular take still offers the time-honored and simple gameplay that many of us know and love, but dresses it up with a charming office-based theme and both local and online multiplayer for up to four players. Oh, and it's free to play.

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4 years ago

Tumblr app now shows GIFs in the dashboard, properly rotates to landscape


What good is Tumblr without proper GIF support? Now it's here

An update is hitting today for the Tumblr app that brings a couple of much-welcomed features, GIFs in the dashboard and full landscape support. What's Tumblr without GIFs? Now you can view posts with GIFs, and the images will automatically start playing and looping as you scroll to them in your dashboard.

You can also now experience those GIFs and all other kinds of content in landscape, which works on phones but Tumblr says looks especially good on tablets. Additionally, you can also create and share photosets in the apps, as well as double tap images to zoom in and out.

You can grab the latest version of the Tumblr app from the Play Store link above.

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4 years ago

KitKat Quick Start Guide available free in Google Play Books


For folks who need to know, and for those who can never read enough about KitKat

In case you're looking for more information about Android 4.4, or to use it's more delicious name, KitKat, Google has you covered. The official Android 4.4 Quick Start Guide (53 pages) is available free from Google Play. You'll need to have Google Play Books installed to read it, so if you're using an older phone you'll need to grab that from the Play store first.

A quick glance shows sections about home screen setup, using Google Now, notifications, the new Tap and Pay system, and just about everything else someone new to Android or Kit Kat would want to know. This should be a good read to get started, and if you still need a little help — no worries, we all do sometimes — the forums is the place to get it.

Via: +Cassidy James

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