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3 years ago

Samsung Galaxy S5 could use 'side touch' camera button


Touch-sensitive area of chassis might work as a shutter button, new camera modes also reported

In the run up to next Monday's Galaxy S5 launch event in Barcelona, a few more details about the upcoming Samsung flagship are starting to trickle out online. Today Samsung fansite SamMobile, which has previously unveiled portions of the GS5's software, says it's gotten hold of some details about the handset's camera capabilities. Echoing earlier rumors, the blog says the GS5 will feature a 16-megapixel camera, as well as 4K recording at 30 frames per second and 1080p at 60fps.

But more interestingly, there's a claim that the Galaxy S5 will feature a new technology called "side touch." A touch-sensitive on the lower right side of the case will work like a capacitive shutter key, though its use will apparently be limited to certain camera modes. The "side touch" feature could give users a more natural way to take photos, and it's also possible that Samsung might choose to use this touch-sensitive area in other apps outside of the camera experience.

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3 years ago

New Samsung ads skewer iPhone and iPad


Samsung has something of a mixed track record when it comes to commercials — ranging from the cool and nostalgic to the surreal and just kinda creepy — but the company shows strong form with its latest TV spots for the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1. Poking fun at arch-rival Apple's iPhone and iPad, Samsung actually does a decent job of showcasing both devices' strengths over the iOS-based competition — "two things on screen at once, versus up to one thing on screen at once."

Check out the Tab Pro spot above — a riff on this iPad "pencil" ad, by the way — and head past the break for the second ad, featuring LeBron James on a Galaxy Note 3.

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3 years ago

HTC M8 leaks out in full render form, looks like an HTC One


Dual cameras seen again, metal appears to extend round the sides

Just 24 hours removed from the announcement of its launch event, we're seeing a full leaked render of the HTC M8 courtesy of @evleaks. If you're thinking it looks a little familiar, then you're absolutely right. Oh, and this particular one is in gold, if you like that sort of thing.

Taking a closer look at what we're seeing, there is a lot that's familiar. Boomsound speakers out front and the same overall design language as the current HTC One. There's nothing wrong with that, since the HTC One is a pretty darn handsome thing. The dual rear cameras we've seen in previous leaks are present and correct, as is a dual-tone LED flash. What lacks still is any actual solid purpose for those dual cameras.

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3 years ago

The best Muzei live wallpaper extensions


Freshen up your home screen with these add-ons for Muzei

Roman Nurik's Muzei live wallpaper brings a new piece of fine art to your home screen every day. But that's only the beginning — Muzei is also infinitely expandable through its extension system, allowing developers to bring content from all kinds of sources to the app. We've been digging through the Google Play Store in recent days — as well as looking at readers' suggestions — and we've come up with a list of some of the best out there.

Check past the break to take a look!

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3 years ago

Microsoft OneDrive goes live, adds Dropbox like way to get free space


Android app gets camera backups in the process

A quick heads up for anyone using Microsoft's brand of cloud storage, that today sees the big switch over to OneDrive. The Android app has been updated to reflect the new name and add camera backups, and you can now earn free space in a Dropbox style fashion by referring folks to boost your own GBs.

The big name change came about following legal action involving UK TV broadcaster BSkyB, and so Microsoft has been forced to remove the reference to sky from it's cloud locker. There's a bunch of other stuff included in the big changeover that affects folks on other platforms, and our buddies over at Windows Phone Central have the handle on what's going down.

Source: Microsoft

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3 years ago

Galaxy Note 3 update to fix third-party accessory support rolling out now, starting in Poland


Update also addresses issues with writing to external SD cards introduced in the previous update

Following up on an odd bug in the Galaxy Note 3 KitKat update that broke compatibility with some third-party accessories, a new update to address the problem has started rolling out just a few weeks after Samsung claimed it was working on a fix. As is usually the case, things are kicking off in Europe on the quad-core Exynos version (N9005) of the handset, specificially those sold in Poland and Russia. Users in those countries are seeing build number XXUENB3 pulled down to their phones with a normal OTA update.

On top of a fix for third-party accessories, the update also reportedly fixes issues with writing to external SD cards that was introduced in the update as well. Folks here in the U.S. with Qualcomm-based Galaxy Note 3 variants from carriers will likely have to wait a little while for the update to pass testing and jump through the proper hoops, but we wouldn't expect it to take too long.

Source: SamMobile

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3 years ago

US Cellular Galaxy Note 3 also gets KitKat Feb. 19, says these docs


Another staggered rollout begins February 19 for KitKat on the US Cellular Note 3

The US Cellular Galaxy S4 won't be the only Samsung phone on USCC getting a KitKat update tomorrow. These docs say that the carrier's Galaxy Note 3 also has the new hotness coming.

Like the Galaxy S4 update, it's a stanged rollout that is expected to be 100 percent complete in 10 days. Also like the S4, the preloaded apps Daily Perks and MobiTiles are getting pulled out of the operating system, but will be available for download from Google Play.

To make sure you're ready, you need to be on the latest stock firmware, have a Google account and be able to connect to Samsung's FOTA (Firmware Over The Air) update server. If you have any issues, starting tomorrow (Feb. 19) you can visit a USCC location and they'll get you updated with that magic file.

Thanks, Anon!

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3 years ago

TuneIn Radio Pro update lets you record to SD card, improves car mode design


No more running out of room on your internal storage for your favorite radio station cache

TuneIn Radio Pro is receiving an update today with a few fixes and new bits of functionality. First up is the ability to record radio stations (already a pro feature) to an external SD card — something folks with limited internal storage devices will enjoy. Car mode has also received a quick design refresh, although it still isn't much to look at — it just gets the job done.

The update has also corrected alarm volumes and fixed problems with opening links shared to you, as well as reduced the size of the Google Play buttons for buying music in the app. You can grab a download of the latest TuneIn Radio Pro — or buy for $3.99 — at the Play Store link at the top of this post.

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3 years ago

Light Flow update supports Sony SmartWatch 2, LG G2 power button LED


Text message handling with DashClock, Pebble and Hangouts also improved

One of the most popular notification, vibration and LED control apps, Light Flow, has just been updated to improve compatibility across multiple devices and apps. The biggest of the bunch will be Sony SmartWatch 2 support, along with the notification LED on the back of the LG G2 and Sony phones that came with an "illumination bar" down at the bottom.

The update also improves text message handling when you have DashClock installed or a Pebble connected when running Android 4.3, as well as genreal fixes for SMS and Hangouts. These updates are all included in the free version of Light Flow, which you can download from the Play Store link above.

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3 years ago

BBM for Android now compatible with Gingerbread


Thank you so much blackberry team. I was waiting this app. Its really great user friendly and smooth.

Via: CrackBerry

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3 years ago

Samsung's updated Galaxy Gear rumored to run Tizen


Refreshed Gear said to be shown off at MWC later this month

According to confidential sources cited by USA Today, Samsung will show us a refreshed Galaxy Gear smartwatch, and it won't be running Android.

The sources, who want to remain nameless, say that the Tizen powered Gear will be presented at Mobile World Congress later this month in Spain. Here's where Android fans will get riled up, but this is actually something I've been expecting. Android is a rich operating system that works well with intricate mobile devices. The fact that it has a full application framework out of the box makes it especially attractive to both manufacturers as well as consumers, and the explosive ride to the top of the market share shows us exactly that. Android is perfect for your smartphone.

But maybe not your watch.

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3 years ago

Smartwatch Fans Podcast 02 - Give me all the watches!


With special guest host Phil Nickinson!

Our newest site here at Mobile Nations, Smartwatch Fans, has a podcast of their own — and the second episode has just wrapped up recording. Adam Zeis is joined by our very own Phil Nickinson as well as Kevin Michaluk for talk about all things smartwatches, including Pebble Steel, the Pebble appstore, Kreyos, iWatch and much more.

You can catch the whole podcast video above, or check out the dedicated feeds on the Smartwatch Fans page below.

Via: Smartwatch Fans

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3 years ago

Can fast updates and free screen replacements boost a slumping HTC?


HTC's 'Advantage' is peace of mind for both nerds and normals — but is it enough?

HTC this morning announced its “Advantage” program for American HTC One customers, a series of promises targeting some of the main pain points of Android smartphone ownership. Timely updates for the One, One Mini and One Max — and presumably whatever comes next. A free screen replacement if you smash your display within six months of purchase. And free cloud storage through Google Drive, which it was already offering on some devices. (Previously HTC had teamed up with Dropbox.)

It’s a package of services that sees HTC, amid declining revenues, looking beyond hardware and software to differentiate itself from the competition at large. In particular, it could give the smaller smartphone maker an opportunity to outmaneuver bigger manufacturers, particularly the dominant Samsung.

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3 years ago

VH1 app now available for Android


Watch your favorite VH1 shows right on your Android, and exclusive content is coming, too

VH1 has released their app for Android this afternoon, finally bringing the popular iOS program to hundreds of millions more eyeballs.

The app will play your favorite shows from the VH1 network, like Basketball Wives and Couples Therapy, as well as content like musician interviews and mash-ups from the VH1 blog. There's even some music tucked in there with VH1 Divas and the upcoming summer music festivals.

In addition, VH1 says there will be exclusive content for the Android app, like the re-release of VH1’s original movie CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story, as well as a full episode preview of the next episode for Basketball Wives: LA after its season 3 premiere tonight.

The app requires Android 4.0 or higher, and you can grab it for free from the Google Play link above.

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3 years ago

ZTE Boost Max review: A big phone with a smaller monthly bill


One of the most expensive phones on Boost has a huge screen and solid build quality, but comes up short in the wrong places.

Being a Sprint MVNO, options for bringing devices to Boost Mobile is inherently limited. You're basically stuck with approved older Sprint devices that can be unlocked and moved over, and Boost's own lineup of phones. Knowing its target market of budget-minded prepaid buyers, Boost does its best to strike deals with manufacturers to get a wide range of devices on the shelves and keep the off-contract price low.

Coming in with a 5.7-inch display and an off-contract price of $299, the Boost Max is the prepaid carrier's first (physically) huge phone that's set to put a dent in your pocket, but not your wallet. At this price without a contract you won't get barn-burning internals or the best camera prowess available, but if you're hungry for a larger screen and are set on keeping the monthly payments low, you now have an appealing choice.

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