4 years ago

Google Calendar app updated with custom color labels and new date and time pickers


Google's Calendar app update makes those important dates easier to add and keep track of

Google has updated the "stock" Android Calendar app in Google Play this afternoon, bringing two minor, but very relevant changes. We'll start with the one most users will instantly appreciate -- setting a custom color for a calendar or event. If you subscribe to multiple shared calendars, or have several of your own, you know just how this will help. You can take the calendar your boss shares with you, and make the event labels a certain color so they stand out, or make your calendar one color and you significant other's a different color. In addition, you can mark any single calendar event with it's own custom color to help keep track of important events. 

The other change is equally as important, and it shows Google is really pushing forward with the new app design language they've been showing us as of late. The new time and date picker windows look better, but also have more functionality built in. You can set up recurring events easier, and even select the time zone right from the add event window.

You can grab the update from the Google Play link above.

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4 years ago

Google releases 'Admin' app for managing enterprise, education and government accounts


Super administrators can now control every aspect of their user's accounts from a phone

Google released its latest in-house app today, Google Admin, targeted at administrators of Google Apps accounts in business, education, government and other applications. Although it may not apply to the largest number of people on the consumer side, having a central management app for Google Apps administrators is a big deal. With a single app, super administrators for an organization can now add users, manage logins and passwords, manage groups, contact support and so much more. These are some advanced features, but ones that can be easily done while on the go if necessary. And if you're managing dozens or even hundreds of users, you'll want any tool that can help make managing accounts an easier prospect.

Currently the app will work with Google Apps for Business, Education, Government, Google Coordinate and Chromebooks -- pretty much any basic deployment of Apps you may have today. As you would expect, the app reminds you several times over that administrators should apply a strong PIN or passcode for your device's lock screen -- although it doesn't actually require one to run the app. Google Apps super admins can grab a download of the app at the source link above and give it a try.

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4 years ago

SwiftKey hits version 4.1.1 with important bug fixes


A few important fixes just a couple short weeks after a big 4.1 release

Shortly after releasing version 4.1 of its keyboard that brought new themes and improvements, the bump to 4.1.1 today brings a few important fixes. First up, those of you with Samsung devices using the stock email app will now have proper text input, without a cursor that jumps around in the paragraph you're typing. Also an important fix, the keyboard will no longer have an unusable "execute" button while typing in the new Google Hangouts app. Additionally, two crashes related to personalization features and using the "Pitch" theme on older Android 2.1 devices have been fixed.

There's no doubt many of you out there are using SwiftKey daily on your devices, so head to the Play Store and grab your update for these important fixes.

More: SwiftKey Blog

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4 years ago

Here's another chance to get an App.net free account - we've got 300 to give away!


A free App.net account is a great way to test the services and feature that ADN has to offer

The last time we gave away some free App.net invites they went almost as quickly as tickets to Google I/O. Even when the great folks at ADN doubled the number we had to pass around, they still disappeared in minutes. People are curious, and we're back to help satisfy that curiosity with 300 more App.net invites.

These are for free accounts, which are a great way to try out the many services ADN offers. Services like the awesome messaging, or the cloud storage and of course the Twitter-like microblogging platform. There's a lot to ADN and we're happy to work with the folks there to bring people and the services together so they can decide if they want to go all-in with a paid account.

iIf you're looking for an invite, here's where you need to pay attention. Hit the link below and sign up. It's first-come first-served, and they're going to go quickly.


By using an invitation, you'll automatically follow Android Central, but you can promptly unfollow us if you want to. This is a great way to make sure you have some content in your stream. 

Speaking of which, you'll probably want a good way to keep up with news and what's going on from the folks you follow from your Android device. There are a few nice ones out in the wild, but Robin for App.net stands head and shoulders above the crowd. It's got multi-language support, post filters, spam protection, multiple account support and everything else you would want or need from a client, and looks beautiful while doing it. It costs $2.99, but it's well worth it.

Grab your invite, grab your client from Google Play, and we'll see you there!

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4 years ago

Amazon announces 'Login with Amazon' platform for apps, games and websites


App developers and website owners now have a simple way to authenticate users with their existing Amazon account

Amazon announced today that it is joining the single sign-on game with a new service called "Login with Amazon" that will let users sign into other sites with their existing Amazon credentials. Similarly to the service offered by Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others, Amazon is extending the functionality to app developers and website owners to integrate on their products and make it easier for users to authenticate without making a new login and password for that specific property. Users can choose what parts of their account to share with each authenticated app or site, and can quickly get started with a new service without any extra hassle.

As is the case with the other single sign-on providers, it's in Amazon's best interest to have as many people signed in and ready to shop at any given point. So as you would expect, Login with Amazon is available to developers at no charge, and according to Amazon is extremely easy to implement. Based on early trials with its subsidiaries Zappos and Woot, Amazon saw a high amount of engagement with the new Amazon sign-on compared to other social logins. Will you be more willing to use Amazon as a sign-on at a new app or website than another service such as Google+? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Amazon

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4 years ago

Twitter for Android adds expandable notifications, picture attachment previews


The official Android Twitter client today got an update that offers a few new features, bringing it even more in line with some of the better third-party apps out there.

On the composition side, you'll now see your avatar and Twitter handle, which gives you a better idea how your tweet will look to everyone else. If you've got more than one account set up, you can tap your avatar to switch which account you're sending from. (That's a feature I've required forever.) You'll now also see a large preview of any attached pictures, and that attachment mechanism has been revamped, too. Good stuff all around

Also, you can now remove your location from individual tweets, you can expand notifications to see more than one interaction, and there have been a few other visual tweaks as well.

All in all, a good update. Now how about a dark theme, Twitter?

Source: Twitter blog

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4 years ago

Gmail for Android, web to get tabbed inboxes to reduce clutter


Google has been working to reduce the clutter in our inboxes for some time and has just announced a sizeable update to Gmail, both on the web and on mobile, to further combat the problem.  The update brings tabbed inboxes to your Gmail that automatically divide the mail you receive into categories.

The default categories are:

  • Primary (this is the email you want to receive from friends and family)
  • Social (updates you receive from social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+)
  • Promotions (Offers from sites like Groupon or LivingSocial)
  • Updates (Receipts from places like Google Play and Amazon)

The new Gmail will support up to five tabs, and they are of course customizable. Google understands that not all of us will want every category that it has selected, so we can choose which ones to ignore. You can move messages between tabs to tell Google to place any mail from that sender into a certain tab from now on. You can also star messages, which will tell Google that is is an important message that should appear in the Primary tab.

The update will also be sent out to Gmail for Android "within the next few weeks". The new Android app will support the tabs by placing tham in a left sidebar which you can swipe to in order to choose which inbox to view.

The new update looks nice and any way I can get to my important email faster I am all for. What do you all think of the upcoming update?

Source: Gmail Blog

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4 years ago

Major update now pushing to the Verizon Galaxy S3


Multiwindow, Best Shot added along with scores of other fixes, features

Hold onto your hats, folks. The Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 is getting ready for a pretty major software update. The biggest bullet points probably are the addition of multiscreen and multiwindow, which let you run apps side-by-side. You'll also get some new camera functionality, including the ability to choose from five burst shots to get the "Best Shot."

That's just the tip of the iceberg for the update that has just started pushing out. Read on for the full rundown.

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4 years ago

Samsung Galaxy Exhibit available today on T-Mobile for $19.99 down


T-Mobile this morning announced that the Samsung Galaxy Exhibit is now available online and in select stores. The decidedly entry-level device runs $19 down with 24 monthly payments of $9, or $235 outright.  For your trouble you get Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean, a 5-megapixel camera, a 4-inch WVGA display, and a mere 1,500 mAh battery.

If you're looking for your first smartphone, chances are you'll get steered toward this. which essentially is a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini. Just know you're starting at the low end, and work your way up from there.

More: T-Mobile

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4 years ago

EE launches 30-day 4G SIM-only plans


Starting at £23 for 500MB, going up to £63 for 20GB

EE, currently the UK's only 4G LTE network operator, has launched its first 30-day, 4G SIM-only plans. The plans allow Brits to sample EE's LTE network without committing to a hefty year-long contract, and are divided up by data allowance in the same way as the carrier's 12-month plans. All plans come with unlimited calls and texts, as well as tethering access, with allowances starting at £23 per month for 500MB and going up to £63 for 20GB. Each of the 30-days plans will cost you £2 per month more than the 12-month equivalent, so here's how things shape up --

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4 years ago

Come hang with us at the Talk Mobile 2013 launch party in NYC!



We have maxed out our RSVP limit for today. Please come back to the site tomorrow at 12 Noon ET and we will be releasing a second wave of tickets. They're going fast, so if you missed out today be there tomorrow at 12 Noon ET. Can't wait to see you in NYC!

On June 6, we're all getting together for punch and pie — and Talk Mobile!

Any good uber-hyped editorial event has to have a kick-ass launch party, right? And to that end, we're throwing a little shindig on June 6 in New York City to celebrate the launch of Talk Mobile 2013. 

And you're invited!

We'll have punch and pie (meaning free food and an open bar, meaning this one's 21-and-up) and all your favorite Mobile Nations editors on hand next week, plus DJ Mia Moretti doing her thing, and special guests John P and Cali Lewis from GeekBeat.TV, whom you'll see all throughout Talk Mobile 2013.

Want to come? All you have to do is RSVP here: http://talkmobile2013.eventbrite.com/

Win a trip to the party!

If you're not in NYC, we have a contest happening right now where you and a guest can win a trip for two to NYC to attend the event. All you have to do is jump over to talkmobile2013.com and enter your e-mail address to sign up for updates. (If you're already registered, you're already entered to win.) That's it. We need to get the winner booked this weekend, so the deadline for the contest is this Friday night at midnight PDT.

Thanks, and we'll see you in NYC next week!

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4 years ago

Presenting Talk Mobile 2013!


Come June 3, we're changing the smartphone conversation

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. Mobile Nations is proud to present Talk Mobile 2013! Yes, the almighty #tm13 finally gets a name. And a few faces. And, more important, a voice. Several voices, in fact. Actually, millions of voices. Our voices. Your voices. We're going to do this together.

Talk Mobile has been a long time coming, and for good reason. Just watch the trailer above, and we'll reconvene in 57 seconds.

Born out of the old Smartphone Round Robin, in which we'd borrow each other's smartphones for a spell and write about our experiences, Talk Mobile expands on the principle that there's so much more beyond any one phone or tablet -- or beyond any one platform, for that matter. And so for the next several months, we're going to change the conversation a bit. (Don't worry, all your usual Android Central news and reviews will keep on coming alongside Talk Mobile.) You'll be hearing from Android Central. And from the folks at CrackBerry, iMore and WPCentral. You'll be hearing from our peers, our colleagues and other industry experts. 

And, yes. We'll be hearing from you. Come next week -- June 3, actually -- when we roll out the first of the weekly discussions, you'll be as much a part of the conversation as we are. We've built a new commenting system for Talk Mobile that will span all of our sites and promote and recognize the best comments, so your voice will be heard not just on Android Central, but across the network.

So stay tuned. Next week, it begins. And we're kicking things off with a launch party in New York City, open to the public, on June 6. Be sure to swing by TalkMobile2013.com to sign up, as we're giving away one trip to the Big Apple to hang with us for the night. (If you've already signed up, you're good to go.) And be sure to follow @TalkMobile on Twitter. And we've got a fancy press release if that's your thing.

Let's get the conversation started.

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4 years ago

LG Optimus L5 down to £69.95 on PAYG upgrade


Carphone Warehouse offering entry-level ICS phone at reduced price until June 6

British retailer Carphone Warehouse sends word that it's temporarily lowered the price of the LG Optimus L5 to a little under £70 on Pay As You Go upgrade. That means upgrading PAYG customers can walk into a CPW store, hand over £69.95 (plus a credit top-up, usually around £10), and leave with a fully functional -- if not particularly speccy -- Android smartphone.

The L5 is just over a year old, having made its debut at Mobile World Congress 2012. It's packing an 800MHz CPU, 512MB of RAM, a HVGA (320x480) display, 5MP camera and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. So it's nothing like the crazy hardware we're enjoying at the high end of the Android spectrum, but it's hard to imagine getting any more phone for your money at this price point.

Carphone Warehouse's promotion for the Optimus L5 runs until June 6.

Source: Carphone Warehouse

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4 years ago

Kernel source now available for Verizon Galaxy S4, Galaxy Tab 3, Galaxy Mega devices


Code for VZW GS4, Tab 3, Mega 5.8 Duos and Mega 6.3 added to Samsung Open Source Repository

As required under the open-source rules, Samsung has published the Linux kernel source code for a slew of new, high-profile Galaxy devices, including the Verizon Galaxy S4. Alongside Big Red's GS4, Samsung Open Source Repository also saw kernel source code for the Galaxy Tab 3 7.0, Galaxy Mega 5.8 Duos (dual-SIM) and Galaxy Mega 6.3.

As always, the code itself won't be of any use to regular smartphone owners, even those who hack their phones and install custom ROMs. However it should help custom firmware-makers come up with better ROMs for these devices. If that's you, you can grab the fresh batch of Samsung code at the source links below.

Source: Samsung (VZW GS4, Tab 3, Mega 5.8, Mega 6.3); via: AndroidPolice

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4 years ago

Galaxy Note 8.0 drops by the FCC with AT&T LTE support


Could Samsung's 8-inch, stylus-centric tablet be headed to AT&T?

After last month's Wifi-only launch, it looks like the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 could be making its way to AT&T in the near future. An LTE-capable version of the device carrying the product number SGH-I467 has just passed by the FCC for certification, and it's packing support for LTE bands II, IV, V and XVII. That means it's got all the parts necessary to function on AT&T's 4G LTE network in the U.S.

The Note 8 is essentially an 8-inch tablet composed of Galaxy Note 2 innards. You've got a 1.6GHz quad-core Exynos chip doing the number-crunching, backed up by 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, a 1280x800 display resolution and TouchWiz'd Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. Naturally, the Note 8's FCC appearance precedes any announcement from AT&T, but when it arrives we hope the pricing will be a bit more reasonable than that of the $400 Wifi-only version.

Source: FCC; via: Engadget

More: Galaxy Note 8 review

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