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3 years ago

Candy Crush Saga coming to the Amazon Appstore and new Kindle Fire HDX


Hitting select countries today, worldwide launch on October 17

One of the world's most popular time-wasters, Candy Crush Saga, has made its way to the Amazon Appstore. Releasing today (October 15) for select countries, the title will be available everywhere starting October 17.

Besides the myriad of Android phone and tablets with the Amazon Appstore installed — which will all have access to Candy Crush Saga — the game will also be made available for all Kindle Fire tablets including the new Kindle Fire HDX line. 

The game is free, and should be identical to it's Google Play and iOS counterparts. If you're looking to get a little tasty with your Kindle Fire, look for it in the Appstore. The full press release is after the break.

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3 years ago

O2 and HTC partner to give away 18ct gold HTC One


O2 HTC One customers who buy between Oct. 17 and 20 will be eligible to win

Remember that 18 carat gold-plated HTC One produced to celebrate the 18th MOBO awards — of which there are just five in existence? Well, HTC UK has partnered with British carrier O2 to give the £2,750-value handset away to one lucky customer. In a post on its official promotional site, HTC reveals that the blinged-out smartphone will be given away to one lucky customer who buys the HTC One from O2 between Oct. 17 and Oct. 20. One of the remaining four will be given away to the winner of the MOBO for best newcomer on Oct. 19.

As we saw during our time with the gold HTC One at a recent event in London, this is a really, really gold HTC One. But we suppose at least the winner will have their other HTC One for situations that demand a less lustrous smartphone.

More: Hands-on with the real gold HTC One

Source: HTC

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3 years ago

Take the Talk Mobile Carriers survey for a chance to win a $100 Best Buy Gift Card!


With Mobile You, the final week of Talk Mobile 2013 done, it's time for another survey, because we just love quantifiable data here. These surveys have helped us learn more about you and how you use your devices, as well as giving us the data to build awesome infographics for gaming and keyboards. Bringing together everything we from across all of Talk Mobile, Mobile You week was just full of awesome - from how to pick your device, what's best for you, what they can do for you, and how we truly make these devices our own.

So here is the Mobile You week survey - it's only a few dozen questions so it shouldn't take too long. Plus they're all multiple choice questions, and being a survey there's no "right" answer (so we better not catch you cheating off your neighbor). And because we love you, completing the survey will enter you for a chance to win a $100 Best Buy gift card. Bribery, incentive, cash-for-data, call it what you want, it's potentially gadget money you didn't have before, so that's cool, right?

Click here to take the Talk Mobile - Mobile You Survey!

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3 years ago

T-Mobile to replace grandfathered plans with new Simple Choice plans at comparable prices


Grandfathered plan holders can cancel service with no penalty until February 2014

Following a long line of sweeping changes related to Simple Choice plans, T-Mobile is ready to start reducing the number of legacy plans it has on its network. According to reports from users and now an official statement from T-Mobile, we know that the carrier is ready to start replacing grandfathered plans that are no longer offered with more modern Simple Choice plans very soon. All T-Mobile customers, no matter how old their plan is, will be "forced" onto a new Simple Choice offering in the coming months.

But these long-standing customers won't just be given the current crop of Simple Choice options, they will instead be given a choice from dozens of new, unadvertised no-contract plans. Indications are that T-Mobile is ready to mix-and-match features in any way possible to keep you happy. Single line unlimited plans will start at just $20 (over the current $50), and T-Mobile expects most people to get the same or better features at a comparable price to their current plan.

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3 years ago

All-new Angry Birds Go! kart racing game coming Dec. 11


Your favorite Angry Birds characters, now on wheels

It's no secret that Rovio has a line of hits on its hands with the Angry Birds franchise, and the latest installment in the series is a downhill racing game. Any Birds Go! is not unlike kart racing games of the past like Mario Kart, with side-by-side racing taking you through difficult obstacles, collecting coins and taking out opponents along the way.

Rovio is also telling us up front that the game will be free-to-play, with several game modes and features included from the start. But we know there will be some kind of catch here, and can expect things such as kart customizations and unlocks to be managed through in-app purchases.

Ready to play? Rovio says that the game will be hitting Android (as well as other platforms) on December 11th.

Source: Rovio

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3 years ago

HTC One Max and HTC Sense 5.5 video walkthrough


The HTC One Max is upon us, with a UK arrival imminent, and Sprint and Verizon launches scheduled for the holidays. We've also published our full review of the Max, with the detailed rundown of what's going on with HTC's 5.9-inch monster phone. Today we're bringing you a video walkthrough of the HTC One Max, showing the phone's hardware in detail, as well as the new software tricks in HTC Sense 5.5. Check it out above, then hit up the rest of our One Max coverage, linked below.

More: HTC One Max review; One Max specs; One Max availability

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3 years ago

Kindle Fire HDX 7-inch torn down, exposing tablet parts within


Amazon's latest and greatest scores pretty poorly for reparability 

While we're well aware by now of what specs lie within the new 7-inch Amazon Kindle Fire HDX, for the hardware nerds among us actually seeing those parts brings a warm sense of satisfaction. The folks at iFixit have done their thing, taken apart the new tablet and scored it for its repairability. And that's where things go sour for the HDX. 

The Snapdragon 800 chip, the 2GB of RAM and all those other goodies are all there for the world to see, but the problems, at least if you break something, lie within the construction. The battery is well glued in beneath an almost impossible to replace motherboard, which immediately spells disaster for wannabe fixers. 

Positive points are few, but iFixit does note that the volume buttons, microphone and headphone jack are all individual pieces, meaning replacements of these is much easier than on previous models. But, all in all it's a low scoring outing for the Kindle Fire HDX, receiving a 3/10 for reparability. The worst score of any Kindle device to date. 

To see more glorious internal shots and details on the repairing nightmare, be sure to visit the source link below. 

Source: iFixit

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3 years ago

ASUS Transformer Pad TF701T goes on sale in the UK on October 21


ASUS' latest tablet/laptop hybrid comes packing the specs, yours for £429.99

Initially announced back at IFA 2013 in Berlin, UK availability has finally been confirmed for the latest in the ASUS Transformer Pad line of devices. The catchily named TF701T comes with the now traditional keyboard dock included, and will go on sale in the UK via Amazon and eBuyer on October 21 for £429.99. 

While the name may not capture the imagination, this latest Transformer Pad comes packing in the specs department. Some recent tablet offerings from ASUS have been lacking a little in the display department, but all that goes away with the TF701T. It houses a 2560x1600 resolution 10.1-inch IPS display that looks pretty darn nice. Underneath, NVIDIA's latest Tegra 4 chip pushes everything along backed up by 2GB of RAM. On-board storage is a respectible 32GB and the package also has both micro and full size SD card slots. A USB 3.0 port, HDMI out capable of driving a 4K display and a 5MP/1.2MP rear and front camera combination completes most of the important specs. 

Of course, as with previous Transformer devices from ASUS, the dock also houses extra battery power for the ensemble. A 31Wh battery in the tablet and a 16Wh in the dock combines for a claimed 13 hour and 4 hour split on battery life, so around 17 hours claimed when used together. 

More: Hands on with the ASUS Transformer Pad TF701T

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3 years ago

Verizon's HTC One Max seems to be missing something


No Verizon logo on its HTC One Max? Could this be? We wouldn't put any money on it. Especially because — and we'll spoil this here and show you again after the break — what Verizon's got on its website is different than what HTC's showing us.

Anyhoo. It's coming to Verizon — we just don't know when or for how much. (Read whatever you want into that Nov. 1 date on the home screen there.)

More: Verizon; HTC One Max forums

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3 years ago

Sony announces U.S. availability of Xperia Z1 and Z Ultra


Smartwatch 2 also seeing a Stateside launch alongside Sony's latest high-end handsets

Literally days after Sony CEO Kaz Hirai seemingly poured water on a Sony breakout in the U.S, today we're treated to the news of three new device launches. The Xperia Z1, Xperia Z Ultra and the Smartwatch 2 will all be available to purchase in the United States. 

The Xperia Z Ultra is available from today at Sony's online store at $649.99 for the HSPA+ version and $679.99 for LTE. For that you're getting a monstrous 6.4-inch 1080p Triluminos display, a 2.2GHz Snapdragon 800, 2GB of RAM, an 8MP rear camera and Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. Internal storage is a slim 16GB, expandable via microSD card, and it will be available in black, white and purple. 

The Xperia Z1 is available in HSPA+ form only at a price of $669.99. Arguably Sony's finest Android handset to date, one of the marquee features of the recently launched Z1 is that 20.7MP Sony G-Lens camera on the rear. Round the front you're looking at a 5-inch 1080p Triluminos display, with a 2.2GHz Snapdragon 800 and 2GB of RAM underneath with 16GB of on-board, and expandable storage. It's also waterproof, if that's important to you. Both the Z1 and the Z Ultra are available now from Sony's U.S. online store, select Sony brick-and-mortar stores and selected online retailers. 

The Sony Smartwatch 2 is the follow up to the original Smartwatch, and can be paired with Android devices running Ice Cream Sandwich and above. It promises 3-4 days battery life, easy setup via NFC and an 'Android like' user interface. Our early hands-ons with the Smartwatch 2 find it lacking a little when compared to something like the Samsung Galaxy Gear, but it also costs much less. The Smartwatch 2 can be had via the same channels as the two phones, and can be yours for $199.95. 

You'll find links to the Sony Store at the source below, and be sure to check out our extensive review and hands on coverage with the Xperia Z1 and Z Ultra. 

More: Sony Xperia Z1 review | Sony Xperia Z Ultra hands-on


Source: Sony

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3 years ago

LG G Pad 8.3 UK and Irish availability detailed


£260 price, launching 'in the run up to Christmas'

LG has announced its launch UK and Ireland plans for the new G Pad 8.3, which will see the Korean manufacturer bringing its latest tablet to the British Isles in time for the holidays. A post on LG's official UK blog also reveals that the tablet will sell for £260 through a partnership with retail distributor Micro-P. In Ireland it'll be sold exclusively through Harvey Norman from the end of October, and LG says it plans to launch the tablet in 30 more markets by the end of the year.

The G Pad is LG's first entry into the tablet market for more than two years, featuring an 8.3-inch 1080p IPS display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor and Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, topped off with LG's own software sprinkles. It'll compete with the cheaper 7-inch Nexus 7, but LG will be hoping the G Pad's larger display, faster CPU and colorful software will set it apart from Google's tablet.

For more on the device, check out our hands-on preview from IFA 2013, linked below.

More: Hands-on with the LG G Pad 8.3

Source: LG UK

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3 years ago

Argos launches £99 Android tablet


'MyTablet' will arrive in stores tomorrow

Following Tesco's Hudl launch a few weeks back, another major British retail name has announced its own-brand, low-cost Android tablet. The Argos "MyTablet" will arrive in stores from tomorrow, Oct. 16, priced at just £99.99. While it undercuts the Tesco Hudl on price, it also doesn't quite match up to it in terms of specs. There's a 7-inch, 1024x600-resolution display, a dual-core 1.6GHz processor with 8GB of storage and microSD support. And you also get front and rear cameras — 2MP and 0.3MP shooters respectively.

On the software side, the device runs a near-stock Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean-based OS, with BBC iPlayer, Angry Birds and e-reader software pre-loaded.

via BBC News

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3 years ago

BBM for Android coming 'in days' says BlackBerry CMO


With millions waiting, BlackBerry is poised to try their luck in Google Play once again

If you're still waiting for BBM on Android, you might see it soon. According to BlackBerry CMO Frank Boulben, the software should be available for both Android and iOS "in days." He also added that the company is confident that it fixed all the issues surrounding the un-launching last month.

For those who are still interested, we hope the hard work paid off and this time, the launch goes as planned, on-time, and with a lot less drama that we saw three weeks ago

Source: Reuters; Via: CrackBerry

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3 years ago

ESPN finally updates their College Football app to include the newest phones


Still no Nexus 7 support, but the HTC One and Galaxy S4 now work with this essential football fan app

ESPN has done a great job developing their college Football app for Android. The only problem was that it has not been compatible with the latest and greatest phones available, like the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4. We featured it in our essential football apps post this year because it's a great app, but wondered why it was taking ESPN so long to add compatibility. It has now finally been updated to support the newest phones. 

We're not sure why it took so long, but we're glad they finally did before we got too far into the college football season. The photo above shows the app working on the HTC One and since they specifically mentioned "newer" devices, we're assuming the Galaxy S4 is also included. If you have a new device and it still does not work for you, please sing out in the comments. It still does not work on the Nexus 7, which is a bummer, but maybe they will add that soon too. 

So if you have been anxiously waiting for your new Android phones to support this app, hit up the link provided. 

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3 years ago

Changes for SMS apps coming in KitKat - could this mean they are coming to Hangouts?


Text messaging apps stand to get a whole lot better — and, yes, likely will include Google's own Hangouts app

The Android Developers blog wants the people developing third-party SMS apps to get ready for some big changes to come with KitKat.

The short version is that you can now "officially" make an application the default for sending and receiving SMS and MMS messages, as opposed to the old way of using hidden (not public) APIs and intents. That sort of coding works, but it's subject to change at any time and break all the apps that use it. The new method allows the system to receive and send messages, then use system defaults to decide where to display it. Developers should be sure to give the blog post a read, as the concept and new requirements are laid out nicely.

Now, what does that mean for us? Everyone wants the Hangouts app to send and receive SMS messages. The first step needed for that to happen is to make receiving a message (and sending one) a system function that can be handled by any default application. That's what Google is doing here. With this new method and API set in place, your Android phone doesn't need to ship with a "dedicated" SMS app, and you're free to download one that does things the way you like — or use the bundled Hangouts app.

Of course, there are other reasons they may be doing this. Getting rid of a dedicated Google Voice application (that is in sore need of a revamp) is one of them. Or maybe they all really like using Handcent. We should know more very soon.

Source: Android Developers Blog

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