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5 years ago

AT&T Optimus G available Nov. 2 for $199; preorders start tomorrow


AT&T's LG Optimus G will be available Nov. 2 for $199 on contract. Pre-orders start tomorrow. 

And, well, that's about it. We've got the carrier's version of the Optimus G in our hot little hands, and it's pretty faithful to the worldwide version, though as we noted in our side-by-side with the Sprint iteration, some software and hardware features have been tweaked.

Source: AT&T

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5 years ago

Motorola DROID RAZR HD review [Rogers]


The Motorola Droid RAZR HD is coming to Verizon soon, but we’ve got our hands on the Canadian version to put through the paces. This is the first major iteration on the reborn RAZR from last year. Updates such as the RAZR i, the RAZR MAXX and the RAZR m have kept the brand fresh, but the Droid RAZR HD kicks things up a notch with a larger, higher-resolution display. At first blush, the Droid RAZR HD feels exceptionally well-built, but it comes at the cost of a non-removable battery and a rather steep pricetag (at least if you're buying in the U.S.). Is it worth the trade-off?

Let's give this one the ol' Canadian what-for.

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5 years ago

PowerSkin Battery Case for the Samsung Galaxy S3


Ah, the combination case and external battery. It's the white whale of Android smartphones. Unlike our iPhone-carrying friends, who have the likes of Mophie to serve their needs, we've been left searching for the perfect way to protect and charge our phones. 

For the Samsung Galaxy S3, we've already taken a look at the Droidax Power Pack. While it has a respectable 2300 mAh battery tucked into that shell, a design flaw made it tough to recommend.

Now we've got the PowerSkin Battery Case for the Galaxy S3. Will this one make the grade? Read on to find out.

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5 years ago

Modern Combat 4 gameplay video shown in first dev diary


Gameloft's upcoming military shooter game for Android, Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, was announced a few weeks ago, and today we're getting a nice look at what to expect. The graphics are great, with particular emphasis made by the devs on ragdoll physics and the some new vehicle animations. It sounds like the movement system is getting a bit of an update too, which should keep fumbling with jump and duck keys to a minimum. 

The video also shows a behind-the-scenes look at motion capture for the cinematic hand-to-hand combat sequences, as well as a hint from the game's writer that we'll be able to play as both the hero and the villain in the campaign. Of course, there's still a certain amount of "homage" paid to PC and console games like Modern Warfare and Battlefield 3. The submachinegun-toting flying drones at 1:40 in the video below will be familiar to many gamers. Modern Combat 4 will be released "this fall", but before then we'll learn a bit more about multiplayer in the next dev diary. You can also learn more from the official website.

Any big Modern Combat 3 fans out there? Is Modern Combat 4 shaping up to be significantly better, or is it just more of the same? Do mobile games really have a shot of competing with console and PC games when it comes to AAA-style shooters like this? 

Source: @Gameloft

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5 years ago

Dubious Sony 'Nexus X' photos appear online


Update: Sources tell Android Central that these images are not of a genuine Nexus device.

The photo above is one of a pair of pictures doing the rounds this morning, claiming to show a future Sony-built Nexus phone. The images appeared on Picasa today, tagged as "Nexus X" and "Xperia Nexus." EXIF information shows the photos were taken on a Galaxy Nexus on Oct. 13 and 14. The front face shows no branding whatsoever, while Google and Sony logos adorn the rear. Along the side can be seen three gold pogo pins and a microUSB port.

Eagle-eyed readers will notice a few anomalies with the image above, and the photo of the front face, which we've included after the break. First up is the odd bulge around the back of the device, and the strangely faded Sony logo. There's also some odd artefacting throughout the photo, particularly around the USB port and the Google logo up top -- hallmarks of possible Photoshopping. Then there's the fact that the front face shows a home screen where the Google Play Store icon is not labeled, and there's no persistent search bar up top. If you ask us, there's definitely something fishy going on here.

And then there's the fact that we're pretty sure the LG Nexus 4 is what's next from Google, and that Googlers are currently testing that model rather than any Sony creation.

In any case, let's suspend disbelief for a few minutes and entertain the idea that this is genuine. If so, we'd guess it's either an abandoned prototype or some future Sony phone in a dummy case. Certainly, the exterior doesn't match any Sony phone we're familiar with, though it does share a few design traits with the Xperia S and Xperia Ion. We know from briefings with Sony and other manufacturers that they often produce numerous prototype designs for future hardware, so it's possible that's what we're dealing with here. We also wouldn't read too much into the fact that it's running vanilla Android, as manufacturers must use this as a starting point when building their own UIs.

In any case, we'd suggest you don't get too excited about what we're seeing here. It's not impossible that we might see a Sony Nexus at some point in the future, but if we do, we're pretty sure it won't look anything like this.

Check past the break for the second, equally suspicious photo in this set.

Source: Picasa

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5 years ago

32GB Nexus 7 tipped for imminent launch in the UK


A version of Google's Nexus 7 tablet with 32GB of storage could launch as early as this week in the UK, according to reports. UK tech site ITProPortal says it's heard via retail sources that the 32GB Nexus 7 will appear in a Christmas gift guide for catalog chain Argos, priced at £199.99. The site reports that the 32GB version will replace the 16GB model at this price point, and that the 8GB model will continue to be sold at its current £159 price.

A 32GB Nexus 7 has been rumored for the past several weeks, and in one case it seems 32GB model was even shipped to one Japanese buyer in place of a 16GB unit. If the rumors are accurate, the additional storage would address one major complaint leveled against the ASUS-made Nexus tablet -- on the 8GB model, just under 6GB is actually available for use.

It's entirely possible that Argos could be jumping the gun with a 32GB Nexus 7 in its upcoming catalog. But with more Nexus announcements likely to be made later this month, we wouldn't be surprised to see an upgraded Nexus 7 sooner rather than later.

Source: ITProPortal

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5 years ago

Microsoft's Xbox Music coming to Android ... 'eventually'


With the Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 launch just around the corner, Microsoft is once again making a big push into the world of digital music with its new Xbox Music service. Launching across Windows 8 PCs and tablets, Windows Phone 8 handsets and Xbox 360, Xbox Music won't be limited to Microsoft's own platforms, though, as the company has today confirmed that it'll "eventually" be heading to Android and iOS, too

In addition to the standard music streaming service, Xbox Music will reportedly comprise a digital download service, a cloud music storage offering and an iTunes Match-like service for importing tracks from CDs or other sources.

But in order to access the service on these other platforms, though, you'll need a $10-per-month subscription, as the free, ad-supported Xbox Music experience will only be available on Windows 8 PCs. With regards to Android, Xbox Music will compete with Google Play Music, a service that's well established in the U.S., but unavailable internationally. If Microsoft can offer wide availability in enough countries, it'd could have the chance convert Android users over to Xbox Music before Google has the chance to launch its own service.

Source: Microsoft; via:WPCentraliMore

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5 years ago

Samsung once again pushing out Jelly Bean update for Galaxy S3


Samsung has once again started rolling out the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update for its flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S3. The update first landed in Poland a few weeks back, before being sent out to Korean S3 owners last week. However, the new firmware version has yet to see a widespread roll-out.

Today it seems the company’s ready to move ahead with Jelly Bean on the international Galaxy S3, as a new Jelly Bean-based firmware, version XXDLIH, has started pushing out to S3 owners in Sweden.

As we reported a couple of months back, the Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update includes many new features, aside from the standard Android 4.1 features like Google Now and “Project Butter.” Anyone pulling down the new Jelly Bean-based ROM will also get new TouchWiz features, including Blocking Mode for managing notifications, an alternate home screen setup called Easy Mode, and certain Galaxy Note 2 features, such as Smart Rotation.

If you’ve got Jelly Bean up and running on your Galaxy S3, hit the comments and let us know how you’re getting on.

Source: SamMobile

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5 years ago

Softbank plans 70 percent acquisition of Sprint worth $20.1 billion


It's real early in the morning for a press conference, but that's not the real story here. In Japan, Sprint and Softbank are holding a joint press conference confirming what we've previously heard. The Japanese carrier is to acquire a 70 percent stake in Sprint, worth a whopping $20.1 billion. 

The acquisition will be made up of $12.1 billion worth of existing shares to be purchased, and a further $8 billion in newly issued shares. The move also has LTE intentions in its core. The press conference continues, but you can find the full information in the press release after the break. 

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5 years ago

LG releases Jelly Bean update schedule for some devices


LG has just released some information showing which devices will be getting updates -- and when those updates can be expected. Of course, a global press release like this doesn't do a whole lot for those of us not in Korea. But we're not gonna look this gift horse in the mouth.

First off, the Optimus LTE II will be receiving Jelly Bean starting in November, bringing UI improvements and LG apps. (Basically bringing it more toward the full out-of-box experience of the Optimus G.) The Optimus Vu and Optimus Vu II in Korea will get Jelly Bean starting in Q1 2013, with similar improvements including improved touch response. From what we can decipher in the translation of the release (sorry, working to confirm this -- someone help out in the comments if you'd like), it seems as though the Optimus G models should start receiving an update to Jelly Bean in December as well.

Based on this particular release, we're not sure about the Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean update plans for any other LG devices. That's par for the course, as U.S. carriers handle the release schedules themselves, for the most part.

Source: LG

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5 years ago

Classic Sega title Crazy Taxi will be coming to Android


Anyone remember Crazy Taxi? The classic Dreamcast and arcade title was loved by many, and will continue to live on in mobile form. Our iOS loving friends have recently seen the title launch in the Apple App Store, but fear not, we haven't been forgotten. 

Over on their official blog, Sega has confirmed that Crazy Taxi will also be launching soon on Android. As ever, soon could be any number of days, weeks, or even months, but the important fact remains the same. Mad driving and collecting fares will soon be possible on our Android devices. And, that makes us happy. To whet your appetite a little more, be sure to check out the launch trailer -- albeit for the iOS version -- after the break. 

Source: Sega via Pocket Gamer

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5 years ago

Softbank said to be buying 70 percent stake in Sprint


Well, that didn't take long. After both sides of the proposed deal confirmed talks, sources from the deal reportedly have confirmed to Business Insider that Japanese carrier Softbank will purchase a 70 percent stake of Sprint. CNBC reports the deal will be officially announced on Monday.

The deal in total will cost Softbank a whopping $20 billion -- $8 billion in shares directly from Sprint, and a $12 billion offer to buy shares from the public. The deal is expected to close officially with a statement from Softbank on Monday, and will not require a shareholder vote because of the deal's structure.

So what does this mean for the mobile industry? Only time will tell. All reports are that any Softbank investment in Sprint is a bit of a gamble, so it really is yet to be seen what the plan is after the deal closes.

Source: Business Insider; CNBC

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5 years ago

Merging with MetroPCS is T-Mobile's best chance [opinion]


The U.S. wireless industry

Let’s be honest, the U.S. wireless industry is a tough market to break into, even for so-called “established” brands. Dozens of carriers have come and gone over the last decade, all falling to the giant duopoly that is Verizon and AT&T. With over 210 million subscribers between the two, it’s an almost insurmountable number for any single entity to overcome.

Although you could consider T-Mobile part of “the big four” carriers in the U.S., it’s hard to argue that they’re on the same scale as the top two. With just 34 million subscribers, T-Mobile is seen more of a target for buyouts and acquisitions than a viable challenger. In the eyes of most people, T-Mobile isn’t even a viable carrier option.

Whether you want to personally use T-Mobile or not, you should really want T-Mobile to stick around. With Sprint’s buyout by Softbank all but confirmed, T-Mobile is the so-called “last line of defense” before we see competition all but completely disappear from the U.S. wireless industry. Read on to see why MetroPCS is T-Mobile's best chance.

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5 years ago

All 700 Orange and T-Mobile shops to be re-branded as EE by the end of the month


It's interesting times at the moment in the UK for EE (formerly Everything Everywhere), who own both Orange and T-Mobile UK. We have mentioned in various posts about the company rolling out their new 4G LTE service in the UK at the end of October, the first network to do so in Great Britain.

Today EE have announced that all 700 of the Orange and T-Mobile stores will be re-branded as EE by the end of the month to coincide with the 4G roll out. The news arrives along with some special EE staff training that is happening at the NEC in Birmingham where 12,000 internal staff and 3000 partners will learn about the new brand.

I popped into my local EE store earlier today and although they have the new EE sign above the shop the internals are still very much Everything Everywhere. But, that will change over the next few weeks so I suppose I had better plan another visit soon.

As well as EE having the new 4G service as a huge selling tool I am pretty sure that they are the only retail chain in the UK where every phone on display actually works. Using dummy ones is a total waste of time in my opinion so kudos to them for that.

Keep your eyes peeled for more EE news soon including price plans and data tariffs, but if you spot anything we don't, please send us a tweet or sound of in the comments.

Source: mobilenewscwp

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