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4 years ago

Eyes-on with official Galaxy Camera accessories


Shortly after the official Galaxy Camera announcement in August we got our first look at some "prototype" Galaxy Camera accessories at Samsung's IFA booth. At the time, the manufacturer was clear that not everything behind the display case would see the light of day; these were just concept designs created to show what could be possible with Samsung's smart camera.

Fast forward to CES 2013, where Samsung had its full range of real, finalized Galaxy Camera accessories on show. Some of the more fanciful stuff has disappeared, giving way to -- amongst other things -- a couple of standardized leather case designs, including a "premium pouch" with a shoulder strap. Also on display on the show floor were official battery packs, charging stands and screen protectors, as well as AllShare Cast dongle for wirelessly connecting the camera to a TV. Finally, there was a redesigned wrist strap on show in each of the four Galaxy Camera color options.

Unfortunately there was very little info on when and where these accessories will go on sale; Samsung reps on the show floor offered a rather vague release window of H1 2013. So while you wait, you can check out more photos of Samsung's Galaxy Camera accessories after the break.

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4 years ago

Three UK pushing out Android 4.1.2 update to Samsung Galaxy S3


The update train for the Samsung Galaxy S3 continues to roll, and next up to push out Android 4.1.2 to the S3 is Three UK. Some users are reporting that they received the update this past Sunday, but Three has officially confirmed that they are indeed pushing out 4.1.2. 

With the update also comes Samsung's 'premium suite' that includes a range of new Touchwiz features, including multi-window. Three says that the update is available to download now via Kies, but an OTA is also rolling out. If you've managed to snag it for yourselves, be sure to share your experiences with us in the comments below or head on into our Samsung Galaxy S3 forums. 

Source: Three UK

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4 years ago

Pantech Perception possibly leaked for Verizon, packs Qualcomm S4 and 720p screen


It looks like AT&T isn't the only one getting a mid-range device from Pantech this quarter, as the Perception has apparently leaked out sporting big red's logo. Not a lot of details came with, but it's rumored to have a 720p LCD and a Qualcomm S4 under the hood. If this matches what we're about to see from the Pantech Discover, we expect a decent camera and low price point as well.

Not much ore we can say here, other than it's that time of year again. Expect to see as many leaks and rumors as you can handle during this year's Q1 trade show rush.

Source: Unwired View

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4 years ago

This is why you never want to break your smartphone screen


We look at a lot of teardown videos and hear stories about screen replacements, but Youtube user LE55ONS has thirty minutes and ten seconds worth of reasons that you never want it to happen. Watch the grueling video of an entire screen replacement after the break, then go buy a case so this is never you.

Thanks for showing me this, Eric. I think.

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4 years ago

Mobile Nations 2013 CES Experience Day 3: CES + BlackBerry CEO = 1 Amazing Day!


After a night of good times, good friends and a few (maybe more) good drinks, today was the BIG day… CES baby! Our crew was raring to get down to the Las Vegas Convention Center, and even though a few had later starts than others… all made it down to the LVCC to check out the goodness (and craziness) that is CES.

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4 years ago

Samsung announces the 8-core Exynos 5 Octa mobile processor


Not to be outdone by NVIDIA's Tegra 4 announcement, or Qualcomm's Snapdragon 800 news, Samsung has announced the Exynos 5 Octa. It's an octa-core CPU that was designed with low power mobile devices in mind and uses ARM's big.LITTLE processing.

What that means, is that there are two groups of four cores that can run at any given time. When performance is needed, four Cortex A15 cores can handle the heavy lifting, and when doing more common tasks, you have four Cortex A7 cores to take care of things.

Because it's using this strategy, this chip is more suitable form small form factor devices like phones. Samsung says this tech will allow the chip to use up to 70-percent less power than a traditional quad-core A15 SoC, or even a dual core Exynos 5 like the one seen in the Nexus 10.

We may not have received the Galaxy S4 news everyone was wanting, but this may be even better. Expect to see this chip make it's way into tablets, Chromebooks, and phones this year. 

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4 years ago

ZTE makes Grand S official, enters the 5 inch, 1080p space initially only in China


As with so many of the devices announced at CES this week, the ZTE Grand S has leaked all over the place in the run up to the show. Nevertheless, today ZTE has made the device officially official, and they're bringing their 'A' game to the table with it. 

Like fellow devices from Sony, and Huawei, the Grand S packs a 5 inch, 1080p display. They're billing it as the "worlds thinnest smartphone" -- although, they're not the first to make that statement this week. It is thin though, make no mistake, coming in at just 6.9mm. Underneath the Grand S is powered by a 1.7GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro, backed up by 2GB of RAM and 16GB of on board storage. On the software side, the Grand S runs Jelly Bean, has camera wise there's a hefty 13MP shooter on the rear, and a 2MP front facing camera. And, of course, 1080p video recording. The Grand S is also LTE compatible, which bodes well should we see it any western markets. 

And, speaking of availability, at present only ZTE's native China is slated to see the Grand S, with a release due sometime in Q1. The full press release can be found after the break.

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4 years ago

Panasonic unveils the 7" JT-B1 Toughpad


Panasonic has expanded their Toughpad line with the introduction of the 7-inch JT-B1, bringing military grade construction and toughness in a new smaller form factor. Like the 10-inch predecessor (which is still available), the JT-B1 is designed to meet MIL-STD-810G durability certifications and IP-65  specifications for ingress protection. In simple terms, that means the thing is tough -- hence the name Toughpad.

Like the popular Toughbook line of laptops, the JT-B1 is built for folks who need a tablet that won;t be destroyed by the environment it is working in. Users in fields such as construction, first responders, warehouse and industrial work, and utility companies need a mobile solution that won't fall apart. Toughpads are built to take the abuse. Panasonic lists the Toughpad JT-B1's key features.

  • Operating System: Android 4.0
  • Processor: TI OMAP4460 1.5GHz Dual core
  • Memory: 16GB ROM, 1GB RAM, micro SDHC
  • Rugged: MIL-STD-810G, 5’ drop, IP65, 14° to 122°F (operational temp range)
  • Display: 7”, daylight viewable, 500nit, WSVGA (1024 x 600)
  • Camera: Front: 1.3Mp fixed focus, Rear: 13.0Mp auto focus w/ LED light
  • Battery: 8.0 hours - Large 5,720mAh battery (user-replaceable)
  • Dimensions: 8.7”x 5.1” x 0.7”
  • Weight: 1.2lbs
  • Wireless: Bluetooth V4.0, 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi, optional embedded 4G LTE + 3G
  • I/O: Micro USB

The JT-B1 isn't going to be the lightest or prettiest tablet available, and at $1,199 (available in February) it's certainly not the cheapest. It's also not going to be something most of us will pick up for casual use. Based on the specs it looks like it will excel in it's intended use case, and Panasonic hopes for 80-percent market penetration with the Toughpad line. Hit the break for the full press release and a short product video.

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4 years ago

Acer Iconia B1-A71 to cost from €119, to go on sale in Europe, Middle East and Africa


The Acer Iconia B1-A71 -- rolls right of the tongue, doesn't it -- is the manufacturer's latest Android tablet offering with a distinctly budget target market. While the hardware specs are pretty low end compared to some of the latest and greatest, it does at least bring Android 4.1 Jelly Bean for a reasonable price. 

When the device leaked pre-CES, we were expecting the B1-A71 to be aimed at the more emerging tablet markets, and one pre-show leak from Bulgaria seemed to back this up. The official word from Acer is that the tablet will be launched in Europe, the Middle East and Africa from mid-January. The price? Starting at €119 (£97/$155.) On the conversion rates alone, it prices still £60 and $45 less than the Google Nexus 7, and for many the extra money is more than worth the notable step up in hardware.

But, this tablet isn't necessarily for us, or for anyone who wants a Nexus 7. Some of the markets that will be receiving this tablet don't have the Nexus 7 for sale, or if they do, it's at a high premium. The marketing for this tablet is also aimed at first-time buyers, and children. And ultimately, if it helps get more Android into more hands, for not much money, it can't be all bad, right?

Source: Acer

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4 years ago

Sony Xperia Z reportedly hitting three Australian carriers in March


Some great news arrives for our friends down under who may be gazing enviously at Sony's new 5 inch Xperia Z. According to a report from Gizmodo Australia, Vodafone and Optus are likely picking up the 1080p smartphone. The information comes from the gentleman in the driving seat at Sony Mobile Oceania, so it should hopefully stack up. 

This follows a confirmation to carry the device by Telstra, where a product registration page is now open. As in the UK, the Xperia Z is expected to launch in Australia in March. Thinking of picking one up? Be sure to let us know in the comments below, and don't forget to check out our hands on with the Xperia Z from CES 2013.

Source: Gizmodo Australia via Ausdroid

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4 years ago

Chameleon Launcher for phones finally shown off on video


Chameleon Launcher garnered quite a bit of attention when it first launched for tablets. Its widget centric UI may not be for everyone, but it's different, and makes great use of tablet screen real estate. There has been talk of a phone version coming to market, and the developers, Teknision, have recruited for private alpha testers of the product. But, how well will it work on a phone? 

Some of the curiosity is laid to rest, as on the official developer blog the first video footage of Chameleon for phones is shown off. It looks pretty interesting, and might surprise some as to how well it transitions to the smaller screen. They show it running on the Galaxy Note 2 and the Nexus 4, and highlight features such as the scrollable app tray, and folders. 

To get to the phones, you need to skip ahead in the video to 1:52. Before that though, Teknision shows off some new features surrounding folders on the tablet version. 

As we mentioned, Chameleon for phones is in a private alpha testing stage at present, but Teknision hopes to release a public beta to their Kickstarter supporters of the app soon. Additionally, the developers are present at CES 2013 in Las Vegas this week, showing off the product in person.

Source: Teknision

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4 years ago

Lenovo K900 hands-on


Lenovo introduced its latest flagship smartphone tonight here at CES in Las Vegas, and it looks like it will live up to the hype: the K900 manages to pack a 5.5-inch, 1080P IPS display atop a strikingly-slim 6.9mm body weighing in at a mere 162 grams. The K900 is powered by Intel's brand new Clover Trail+  2GHz Atom processor along with 2GB of RAM -- coupled with Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean out of the box, this is set to become one of the most powerful smartphones on the market today.

The goodies don't end there -- the K900’s 13 MP camera should be atop any shutterbug's wishlist, boasting a Sony Exmor BSI sensor and a F1.8 lens for remarkable low-light performance. The front-facer isn't too shabby, either, sporting a super-wide angle lens.

The first thing you’ll notice about the K900 is its industrial design, with exposed screws, sharp corners, and both a gun metal black and two-tone silver finish -- this is more of a tool than a toy. It’s a huge device, no doubt, but it feels great in the hand, more akin to the Droid DNA than the Note 2 thanks to its more tall, less wide shape. And at 400 PPI, the display practically jumps off of the phone and slaps you in the face. Simply stunning.

Here’s the bad news: unfortunately, Lenovo has no plans to bring the K900 to North America, making this limited-market device the best smartphone American’s can’t buy. The K900 will head to China, India, Russia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam in the coming months for an undisclosed price. Our hands-on video and gallery are after the break.

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4 years ago

Eyes-on with the Polaroid iM1836 Android-powered camera


Long-rumored and variously leaked, Polaroid's Android-powered iM1836 interchangeable-lens camera was on show public for the first time at CES 2013. Unfortunately, none of Polaroid's prototype iM1836 units were working, but we were able to get acquainted with the device's physical hardware, which coming form the beastly Galaxy Camera seems positively diminutive.

The iM1836 is constructed of glossy plastic, and the build quality isn't the best out there. But on the other hand, you're getting smartphone functionality on a camera at the $350 price point.

It's packing an 18.1 sensor, although because the demo units were nonfunctional, we were unable to test its photographic capabilities. Consulting the spec sheet, it appears the iM1836 will also include an HDMI type b port, "HD" video recording, panoramic pictures and ISO up to 3200 and a pop-up flash. Storage is provided through a microSD slot. The kit lens is a 10-30mm f/3.0-5.6 attachment, and Polaroid tells us an adapter will allow it to work with other micro four-thirds lenses.

On the Android side, Polaroid promises Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Various capacitive buttons along the side of the 3.5-inch tilting screen take care of software controls. And unfortunately, that's all we can say about the software. The lack of working demo units means there isn't much we can say about this device until we get finalized units in our hands. Nevertheless, it's the first Android-powered camera with interchangeable lenses, and that's an important milestone if nothing else.

More photos after the break.

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4 years ago

Mitts on with the almighty Android oven


Forget Tegra 4 and its its 72 GPUs. Forget NVIDIA's Project Shield handheld gaming console. Hell, forget Sony's beautiful 4K televisions and its also-impressive new Xperia Z smarpthone. No, this is what everyone's buzzing about here at CES in beautiful Las Vegas, where dreams are made, fortunes are won and lost.

The Android oven.

Yes. It's an oven. That you cook food in. And it's running Android. Not for the heat, mind you. That's silly. It's a relatively normal (if stylish) convection oven, just like mom uses to make your banana bread. (I've had your mom's banana bread, and it's great.) Only, yeah. This one's got an Android brain inside it that, well, runs Android. It'll run Android apps, yeah, but the real purpose for all this is that it'll walk you through the cooking process, and send you alerts when it's time to baste the turkey. That's pretty much what connected devices have done for the past year, but this one's making all the noise this week here in Vegas. So there.

We've got some video after the break for you Android-oven-loving fans out there. Namaste.

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4 years ago

T-Mobile talks LTE, MLB, Voice HD, and more at CES keynote


Tonight at their CES 2013 keynote, T-Mobile had a lot to say about their future, tossing out all sorts of announcements covering things from LTE to baseball. Nothing absolutely shocking, but it's nice to see even the smallest of the big four has plans for the future. 

They talked LTE a little bit, noting that they planned to have 100 Million folks covered by the middle of this year, 200 Million by the end of the year, and the rollout would start in Vegas in just a few weeks. Plan for the Galaxy S3 (Galaxy S III) to act as the first official LTE device, with more coming. In addition to enabling LTE, they are working on what they call HD Voice, which is an improved voice network providing much clearer calls than we're used to from mobile devices. The HTC One S and Samsung Galaxy S3 are two of the devices named that will take advantage of the new feature. Finally, they finished talking network updates and rollouts by announcing an expanded high speed 4G (of the HSPA variety) in Denver, Virginia Beach, Los Angeles, and San Diego. 

To take advantage of all this, T-Mobile is extending their unlimited, not-throttled 4G plan to include no contract post paid customers. This will start tomorrow (January 9). Tablets and laptops can now take advantage of what is being called 4G connect, where qualifying devices will receive 200MB of free service per month, for two full years. We've seen Google and Verizon offer something similar with the Chromebook program, and this will require a purchase from T-Mobile.

To wrap things up, the also announced that T-Mobile is now the official wireless partner of Major League Baseball. T-Mobile will provide an on-field communications service that rides on the back of their nationwide 4G service. They feel that this will modernize the traditional game of baseball.

It sounds like there are big things planned for T-Mobile customers, and we're excited to see things play out.

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