Happy Halloween!

This weekend will bring a lot of fun to a lot of people because almost everyone loves Halloween. The kids get to dress up like pirates or princesses or whatever, the older kids get together and do lord knows what, and adults will find plenty of parties and events filled with good times. Putting on a costume and being silly is something we should do more than once each year.

Of course, we have to be responsible. Don't let kids trick or treat without a flashlight or a Glo-stick, check their bags for unwrapped candy (and steal all the mini peanut butter cups for yourself), watch the roads while you're driving and don't drink too much or slam a couple hits of X and get behind the wheel. You've heard the drill a thousand times, but for real, be careful just in case someone else isn't.

And while you're having fun and staying safe, be sure to snap a ton of pics! If you have a Note 8 or a Pixel 2 or another phone that can do it, take some great portrait-mode selfies, or use your G6 or V30 to take some great ultrawide shots or any of the other great Android phones with bumping cameras will make for some quality photos. Then upload them to Google Photos and drop the link in the comments so we all can check them out! It's always cool to see what costumes people can come up with.

This year I'm going as the ghostly image of a navigation bar because that's scary af ... 🥁 ba dum tssss

Y'all have fun and be sure to let everyone know what you've got going on this weekend and don't forget those pics!