Hey hey! Another week is done and we're all closer to _________ (fill in the blank there with retirement, graduation, or whatever). Hopefully, you had a good one.

We did because we get to live through yet another OnePlus launch and the internet fun-times that always go with them. It seems like a great phone. A great phone that may be too expensive, or cheat at benchmarks, or tell fibs about camera specs or whatever. You know, that regular OnePlus drama. Don't think that people in OnePlus' marketing department aren't loving seeing the words OnePlus 5 in every online discussion about Android ...

On top of that circus, we get to play with Bixby. Sort of, at least in a preview kinda way. Which is better than a not-at-all kind of way. Oh, and yeah, English or Korean only. ¡Lo siento!

It seems decent. Good with the on-device stuff and a start on the broader finding information from the internet stuff. Makes sense, right? Samsung is all about their hardware and getting Bixby to work with it had to be their first priority. The rest will come.

Photo credit Dan Perry, CC BY 2.0.

I'm excited this weekend, because right now while you're reading I'm on my way for a week's R&R in Captiva, Florida. A week's worth of swimming with manatees, collecting seashells, exciting nightlife in nearby Ft. Myers, or just sitting on my butt in a cabana sipping fruity drinks with tiny umbrellas in them. Probably the latter.

Seriously, it will be a great week spent with family and minus stress. There's even a new little one to see, and that gets me excited. I hail from the area, and it's always nice to go back. Especially in the winter, but June is good, too.

What are y'all up to this weekend? Talk about it, or anything else in the comments down below.