It's the best day of the week of all the days of the week once again. Saturday is the first day of the weekend that's not the last day. Time to relax, at least a little bit. And if you're working through the weekend, hopefully your days off are just as great as a Saturday.

Use this down time to get ready for the Galaxy Note 8. That's what we're doing, but everything we're doing right about now is getting ready for the Note 8. Because it's coming in just a month.

This Note is going to be a tad different from the past releases. It's either the best Note ever or the worst, depending on what you're looking for. Samsung has to play things a little safe this time and I don't expect anything crazy or innovative is going to debut here. Why? Because of the Note 7.

That damn Bixby button though.

Look, Samsung doesn't have to prove to me (or most of us) that they can build a perfect phone. One that works exactly as advertised, with no surprises. But they still have to do it. And I think the Note 8 will be that "perfect" phone that is exactly what they wanted it to be when it lands on a shelf at the Verizon store. They are going to nail it.

Half of us want a bigger version of the S8 with small upgrades like more memory and dual-cameras. The other half wants to see something completely new because Samsung is pretty good at completely new. I think the second half may be a little disappointed this year. But look at it this way — a "perfect" Note 8 means they have a ton of money and time to make a crazy-idea find it's way into the Note 9.

So take a minute and talk about it. Or talk about something else if you're not into the Note 8. Comments are wide open for anything and nothing is off-topic (but please care about each other just a little bit).