Most of us are relaxing on a fine summer Saturday, doing a lot of nothing and enjoying the weekend. You might have plans to catch a ball game or head out on the lake or catching a movie with friends and family. Weekends are cool like that.

Some of us, though, are hunkered down somewhere dry dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

I spent the morning looking online at the damage (after donating to the Red Cross Hurricane fund) mesmerized like half of the nation, but I admit I also feel a little worried or afraid. Like many who live in the southeast, I have my own hurricane story and it ends with me packing everything I could carry and moving 1,500 miles away to never have to deal with one again.

If you're dealing with the storm, know that at least one guy is worried for ya. Stay safe, and check in when you can.

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In drier news, the Note 8 is finally here and it's exactly what we all imagined it would be. The mixed reaction was a given, it's very reminiscent of the Galaxy S8+. A few subtle differences are there, and anyone who shells out the money should end up with a fine piece of equipment. The Note stopped being outside the normal a few years back, and after the way the Note 7 burst onto the scene last year, Samsung played it smart and safer this go 'round.

Some will hate it, some will love it. It's the same every time.

Take the space below to talk about the Note 8 or Hurricane Harvey or whatever. There are no rules about the subject. Just make sure you enjoy yourself!