Another week is in the can and that means it's time to relax, enjoy yourself and get together with friends.

It's certainly been another week of charged emotions and stressful happenings, but it's good for everyone to put aside the things add to the tension and drama once in a while. Here is a good place to do just that. You can talk about Android or phones in general, or you can just talk about anything. The only requirement is to be cool to one another.

I had a busy week (and will have the same next week) while I remodel my office. After seven years of sitting right in front of the air conditioning vent, I finally had enough and am shifting things so my feet are a little warmer. 🐾

That means moving A/V equipment and shelves and guitar stands and desks and all sorts of things that are either heavy or screwed to a wall. Once everything is shifted 90-degrees to the AC vent, I get to break down and move a 6-foot long aquarium. Ugh. But not having to wear wool socks in August will be worth it!

What kind of fun and/or trouble are you getting into this weekend? Talk about it in the comments below!