Moto X Style colors

Motorola's going all out with Moto Maker again for the new Moto X Style, offering a colorful range of grippy rubber silicone backs and a few selections of wood and leather.

The natural materials aren't anything new for Motorola — they offered wood backs on the first Moto X and leather for last year's but for the Style they're bringing a bit more texture across the board. The walnut has a bit more of a grip to it while the cherry and bamboo are slicker and closer to previous editions. The leather, which was an easily-marred semi-gloss finish last year now has a cross-hatched Saffiano leather that will wear much more gracefully. Both the wood and leather backs will run an extra $25 over the base $399 for the Moto X Style.

Notably, the standard backs aren't a soft-touch plastic anymore; they've been swapped out for a diagonally-striped silicone panel that adds a considerable amount of grip. The silicone backs come at no extra cost and in a wide range of colors, from including bright lime greens and teals to staid grays, white, and black.

Check them all out in the gallery below.

Moto X Style (Pure Edition)


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