With Google's release of cloud printing on the Android platform, many developers have been wondering how to implement the offerings into their applications as well. Sadly, they've been finding a road block when it comes to being allowed access to this service.

Firefox Mobile now has an app that allows for cloud printing. Designed as a restartless app (meaning you can install it and it not require a browser restart) Firefox Mobile users just simply have to add the extension in Firefox Mobile and you're all set.

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As noted by developer Mark Finkle, because Google never made the API available, a lot of back ground script work had to be done in order to get things working correctly. With that noted, Mark has welcomed everyone to try it out and report back on how it is working for them. You can hit the source link for the full details and how to get started with cloud printing on Firefox Mobile. [Cloud Printer add-on, Stark Raving Finkle]

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