Android Central @ CES

During theCES 2014 announcement of the new Tegra K1 processor, NVIDIA showed a full console title, Trine 2, running perfectly fine in a mobile form factor. We wanted to check this out for ourselves, and sure enough it didn’t disappoint. Though our demo guy has some trouble with platformers, the graphics quality speaks for itself.

The biggest point NVIDIA made to us here was pointing to previous efforts to port console games to Android. In short, they take forever because the rendering engines are so different between platforms; just look at how long it took for the GTA games to find their way over to Android compared to when the original games first released.  

NVIDIA has bent the definition of a processor core just a little bit to benefit the marketability of the new K1 architecture, but that doesn’t change the end result: gamers get console-quality titles on their mobile devices, and developers can publish cross-platform faster than ever — assuming manufacturers are eager enough to include Tegra K1 in their devices, that is.  

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