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Clear outs two new Android 4G handsets -- one HTC, one Samsung

Here's something I thought a few of you out there in Android Central land just might be a little bit interested in. Clear has posted exception first quarter results for 2010! Oh, and by the way, the company expects to see two new Android 4G handsets on its 4G WiMax network by the end of the year. The company says a device is on the way from Samsung as well as from HTC. Both phones will be 3G/4G with WiFi support. They're keeping their lips sealed, for now, about the details, but I wouldn't be surprised to see the Evo 4G on Sprint as the offering from HTC. There's plenty of info at the source link, for the dull accounting types among us. [BusinessWire]

  • Actually, Engadget and other sites are reporting that Clear explicitly stated that the HTC phone they referred to is NOT the EVO (although they mentioned the EVO too) and will instead be an HTC phone with Clear branding (I assume on Sprint's network but not really sure what their plan is). Engadget was also speculating the HTC phone could be WinPho 7 and not Android. Also, I think the Samsung device might end up being an Android tablet (I think they stated in the press release something about a Samsung "device" and an HTC "phone"). Should be an interesting year for 4G.
  • I read those too so you know it's not the EVO that Clear is referring to. What I'm wonderng though is it going to be Sprint phones or is it just Clear? Like, will this phones be in a Sprint store or not?
  • It may not be called the Evo, but I would be surprised if it's not the same, or nearly the same, phone with a different name. I don't doubt there will be WiMax tablets, but I'll be very surprised if they're talking about anything other than 2 phones (handsets) with this announcement.
  • Hell yes. Good comment thread time. We have to report the news, and don't get to speculate crazily in the blog posts, so we love it in the comments :) Agreed 100% about HTC and WP7. They GOTTA make a WP7 4G "superphone". I want to get my filthy paws on the HTC HD4G :) Sammy I dunno. They seem to want in on the phone specs war in a big way.
  • When my AT&T contract is up next June, I'm going to take a real hard look at Sprint. Glad they started focusing on what matters. Data. And I can sell my Nexus for a decent amount I'm sure, so I'll be set.
  • Hey I helped pay for that Bar-B-Que why didn't they send me any!
  • I wasn't thrilled to read that their rollout plans for Washington,DC say "core area." There are far more people living and working in DC's suburbs than down town, and if they don't include the 'burbs in the rollout that's going to make the Evo a lot less attractive. It's mind boggling that Harrisburg, PA will may get better 4G coverage than the nation's capital. What are Sprint and ClearWire thinking?