The $69 media streamer that's now faster, handles 4K video and has a bulit-in ethernet port can now be yours ... well, at least in a couple weeks. Sales are now live on the Google Store and Best Buy, with orders arriving as early as November 7 depending on the shipping method.

Chromecast Ultra

The Google Store is offering free shipping for a bit of a delayed arrival, and charging up to $16 for priority shipping to get it as early as November 7. Best Buy on the other hand is offering free shipping but still quoting that November 7 date for arrival, so it may be the better choice if you want it quick and want to save a few dollars at the same time. Walmart also has a Chromecast Ultra listing live, but isn't offering shipments until November 10.

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If you don't have a need for the 4K capabilities of the Chromecast Ultra, just a reminder that you can still buy the last-gen Chromecast that's still very capable. Google has it on sale for its usual $35 price, but you can also buy it from a whole host of other retailers, including Best Buy and Newegg.

If you don't know which model you need, we have a great explainer talking about the differences between last year's Chromecast and thew new Chromecast Ultra.



Chromecast Ultra

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