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Chromecast support is coming to Vimeo... eventually

Video service Vimeo announced that it remains committed to adding Chromecast support to its app. Company CTO Andrew Pile said in an interview that Chromecast support will be coming in the future, but he did not give a timeline on when that would happen.

Gigaom reported that Vimeo is still trying to figure out which platforms will get Chromecast support first at this time:

"It's gonna come, we just don't know when," said Vimeo CTO Andrew Pile during an interview Friday. Pile added that Chromecast support has been frequently requested, but that Vimeo is still trying to figure out how to slot it into its development roadmap, and which platforms to target first.

Of course, we'd argue that Android should probably be the first place where Vimeo implements Chromecast support. But we could be biased.

Source: Gigaom

  • Their app needs some serious work; with that in mind plus this recent remark, it looks like they couldn't give two shits about Android. Posted via Android Central App
  • That's long overdue, especially with their paid VOD platform. It's crazy that they let us buy stuff, but don't give us some decent options to watch it on the big TV.
  • Suuuuure. I'll believe it when I see it. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I hate the vimeo app. It feels like I belongs in 2010, not 2014. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Mo zedEl what don't you like about it? I think listing specifics would help the developers and others improve.
  • Now if only my Chromecast app would recognize my Nexus Player.
  • Crazy!!! I've been having this app on my appleTV like 2 years ago. Get it together vimeo. Posted via the Android Central App