Webex Meetings gets overhauled as a PWA for Chromebooks

Webex Meetings on Chromebook
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What you need to know

  • A new Webex Meetings PWA is now available on the Play Store. 
  • The app has been redesigned with Chromebooks in mind.
  • Users will be able to quickly join meetings without needing to open a browser. 

Even though much of the world is heading back to the office, there are still plenty of people still working from home. This means that we still need reliable video call clients, and Webex is finally launching a new version of its Webex Meetings app. 

Instead of just pushing a minor update, the new Webex Meetings application has been redesigned as a PWA (progressive web app). This was done as Webex designed the app specifically with the best Chromebooks and Chrome OS devices in mind. Gone are the days when you need to find the link, open it in Chrome, and then wait for the prompt to switch over to the Webex app on your Chromebook.

Webex users can have engaging meetings on the most reliable platform for video conferencing backed by sophisticated web technologies. With Webex Meetings PWA on Chrome OS, customers can have the best of both worlds—the simplicity of web-based technology and the robustness of local applications.

Now, it's more akin to what you find when joining video calls in Google Meet, as your meeting will be just a click away from the Webex Meetings dashboard. This announcement comes as part of a new collaboration between Google and Webex, providing a better experience than what was previously possible.

The app is available to download for free on Chromebooks and other Chrome OS devices. All you need to do is fire up the Play Store, search for Webex Meetings, and get started. Or, you can hit the link in the box below. 


Webex Meetings

You can finally join or create meetings in Webex with this new and improved PWA. It's been designed in conjunction with Google and will work similarly to Google Meet.

Download From: Google Play Store

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