The gorgeous HP Chromebase all-in-one is on sale for Prime Day

HP Chromebase
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For the ultimate in simplicity it's hard to beat an all-in-one PC. It's also hard to beat Chrome OS when it comes to that "just works" factor where you won't ever have to find the right setting to just do your thing. When you combine the two it can be fantastic.

HP Chromebase 21.5 all-in-one desktop:$610$541 at Amazon

HP Chromebase 21.5 all-in-one desktop:  $610 $541 at Amazon

HP's Chromebase is one of the most reliable and secure desktop computers you can buy today. It also looks great while doing it. This is the perfect family PC for every living room.

The HP Chromebase is an all-in-one that's built around a 21.5-inch touchscreen monitor on a rotating stand that houses a full-range set of speakers. Add in a Chrome-specific keyboard and a wireless mouse, and you're looking at spending as much or more if you buy everything separately.

It's not a gaming powerhouse or a workstation for engineers, but it isn't meant to be. It is a perfect family PC that does everything the web has to offer as good or better than any other computer you can buy. Autocad? No. Facebook, online shopping, web browsing, school work? Yes. 

Chromebooks and Chromeboxes are the best when it comes to two things: ease of use, and security. That's why they are always so popular during events like Amazon Prime Day. You can save some money and get one of the nicest models around with this Chromebase from HP.

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