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Google's Chrome to Phone feature comes out of the shadows

Google held a small event today to highlight some improved features in Android. One of these features was the Chrome-to-Phone extension/application. We brought you one of the first public demos of it way back in May and have been using it since it was first announced as a part of Android 2.2. 

Chrome-to-Phone is a nifty application that allows you to send data from your browser directly to your mobile phone. It was developed by a Google engineer with his 20 percent time (where employees are on the clock but free to work on whatever they want). Check out his demo-video after the break.

It is available for 2.2 (Froyo) and higher only and is now available in the Market as well as in the Chrome Extensions Gallery (check our links after the video) [Google Mobile Blog]

 Chome extension

  • God I love google
  • I started using it when they announced it earlier today and I must say it's VERY useful and quite cool!
  • I can install the extension on chrome but when I click on it nothing happens. :-(
  • You do have the apk installed on your phone too right? I had no problems after installing the extension and the apk.
  • Clicking on extension in Chrome does not even give me option to configure it with my account information.
  • Right click -> options.
  • That sadly did not help me either. However, updating Google Chrome to the newest version did!
  • I have a Nexus One and have NEVER been able to get this application to work correctly. Links generally never arrive on my phone after sending them via Chrome, and if they do show up, it's hours after I sent them. I'd love to know how everyone else gets it to work. I just downloaded the version from the market and sent two links to my phone and neither has shown up. edit: they just showed up both at the same time, 17 minutes after I sent them. For me this delay makes the app worthless.
  • I have the latest version of Chrome and I downloaded the extension and the app. so far I've sent about 8 pages to my phone and they were instant (I clicked the button, looked down at my phone and it was already navigating to them). So it's perfect so far for me. Maybe try uninstalling the app and extension and trying again to make sure everything is up-to-date?
  • Yeah I've tried that. I deleted both on my device and my computer and reinstalled, and still the same behavior. The only thing I can think of is that it might be some app I've got installed that is interfering with it, but I have like 90 apps installed and I'm not up for deleting them all and trying to figure out which one it is. Thanks for the ideas tho. :)
  • On my EVO I would get a beep from my phone when I downloaded something from Chrome, but it would never navigate to the items, and I could never find them by searching. Uninstalled both from Chrome and EVO. I don't have patience for apps that work sometimes for some, but need tweaking by others.
  • Seems cool. Now just give me 2.2 on my Incredible so I can start utilizing it!
  • all the cool shit coming out today from google is only for froyo....i hate sprint and htc for not wanting to update the hero. I want that new voice search app!!!!!!!!!
  • Ive had this since they announced it at the I/O Conference. It is such a great utility. Its come in handy quite a bit when it comes to phone numbers, navigation, and web pages. Its great that they included being able to copy text as well in this version.
  • Aaaaaaaaand once again, not in my country. I'm noticing a pattern here. No paid apps, no Nav, no new Voice Actions and now no Chrome To Phone. Gahh.
  • America - F**K YEAH!
  • Love this, but need froyo - I want froyo on my X!
  • so nothing for the moment/hero users. im not surprised, but extremely disappointed and angry. well, ill just hang around sdx and wait for the workaround...
  • Is this one different from the other one I found before? The chrome extension icon I have the arrow is green but otherwise looks the same. Is the only difference the fact that the app is in the market proper?
  • I believe there are some differences. If I remember correctly, the old version did not allow you to copy text from a webpage and send it to your phone. Also, there are some new notifications on the phone extension. When you copy text, you receive a notification that text was copied to your clipboard as well as what that text is. The GUI during setup of the new version is enhanced as well.
  • Just had quite the ordeal trying to get this one installed. Wasn't sure if it was a network issue or what. But after I uninstalled the previous chrome-to-phone I stopped getting 'Unsigned packet' errors in the market and was able to get this going.
  • Yeah, you cannot have the old version and the new version installed on your phone at the same time. You must uninstall the old version first.
  • If you don't do the Chrome thing there's an extension for Firefox great (Fox to Phone)
  • Works great on my Dinc with froyo , works from chrome and fire fox like a charm. Love sending maps to my phone..
  • Love to see this for ie8 users
  • I thought they announced this a couple weeks ago? That's when I installed it (from the market) and I'm using it in firefox with the "send to phone" extension.
  • I'm being told I can't install it on my Evo because I don't have 2.2 installed. However, I do have 2.2 installed. Fail!
  • Works great on my EVO with 2.2 Froyo. I downloaded the .apk from Google's development page and installed it using 'Installer' app to sideload apk files. Next installed the Chrome extension on my browser. Followed instructions along the way and got it to work in no time.
    When you say I'm being told, are you saying there is an error message or you read that somewhere.
  • This is a fantastic feature. Been using it for a while and works with Firefox too. As others have mentioned, uninstall old version before installing the new one or the installation fails.
  • For some reason when i search for chrome to phone in the extensions gallery it doesn't show up.....and when i tried links that i found on the internet i get a google error. I have tried switching chrome versions (i now have the latest beta) and restarted my pc and still nothing....any ideas?
  • I found it in the Chrome extensions gallery but am unable to find it in the Android Market...
  • Working like a charm on my evo. I'm using firefox and I get the notifications in an instant.
  • This is awesome. I've been using it since the day froyo was released for my nexus one. It's so simple but so powerful.