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Chrome Beta for Android brings a lot of cool features for users like you and me, but it also has a handy one baked in for the folks who build the Internet.  Chrome developer relations engineer Boris Smus gives us a look at the debugger in action in the video above, and while I'm no web developer, I can see a lot of potential here.  

After a bit of setup, including the Android SDK, you can have a live view of a mobile site on your phone while you use the built-in tools for Chrome on your computer to edit and develop.  As you hover over an element in the document inspector on your desktop, it's highlighted on the phone itself.  You can manipulate those elements using the same tools you would use for the desktop.  This is a pretty big deal, as watching changes take effect as you're making them is pretty hard to beat.  In the past, developers would have had to make changes, save them, and host the html files on a local server to view from their smartphone.  Taking most of the process out of the equation saves time, which leaves developers free to use that saved time to make great stuff for folks like us to see on the Internet.  Cory Streater, our resident web developer, forums guru, and all-around awesome guy wraps it all up in a single sentence:

I can dynamically change CSS and see changes real time. Same thing I've been doing on the desktop.

There you have it.  Creating great mobile content with the same ease as one would have on the desktop means a better mobile web for all of us.

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