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NBA star Chris Bosh gives his app ideas for the Nexus One

Chris Bosh is a wonderful basketball player for the Toronto Raptors. He's also really into gadgets and rather tech savvy so in this pseudo commercial, he gives some of his amazing app ideas for the Nexus One. We think if Google can tap into half of these crazy ideas that Chris has, they could be on to something ridiculously awesome. In the mean time, we can just enjoy the fact that a personable NBA superstar decided to make a goofy video about a phone many of you guys use.

It sure seems like Android and NBA superstars are like peanut butter and jelly, doesn't it? Hit the jump for the full video!

Thanks, Alex!

  • Wow that huge pimple bugged me the whole way through!!
    Thought he was popping it with his mind control deal.
  • I thought that was a really cute video....who knows, maybe if we call Google, they will ignore us too about fully integrating Exchange to include
  • Wish the video would work...
  • Loved the mind control bit. ROFL -SR-
  • I have no idea who this guy is but yeah, that was a funny video. Mind control for your phone? No thanks, it could be made to work the other way... Phil.
  • Man, Nexus One is really in fashion right now. So many people are switching from iPhone to Nexus One or Droid. I'm liking the trend :)
  • CB just earned some respect from me, you gotta appreciate the future stud of the new york knicks promoting android. next year when bosh is on the knicks, im foreseeing some billboards in nyc for android with bosh being the cover guy
  • his first idea for a app is to get that big ass pimple off his forehead. WHOA !
  • The app on questionable calls would be ridiculously awesome! You'd either have to get the NBA's consent to use video clips, or just reference the game, date, which quarter, time left on clock, [referee making the call], [the players involved], and what the questionable call was (sounds like a lot, but with a good interface, it'd be a very easy app to work with.) Maybe I'll work on that app as my Java Class final project...
  • How about an app hide that pimple! okay that was mean... but all in all it was a cute video! Seems like these NBA star really digging Android phones (charles barkely, phil jackson with the my touch)
  • Check this out.