Capital One Wallet

Capital One has updated the bank's official Android app to support NFC payments. This means users will be able to make contactless payments without having to fire up Android Pay, using only the Capital One Wallet.

The latest update to the official Capital One app also adds receipt capture for credit cards, as well as crash fixes for those who may have experienced issues attempting to use the app. Though the highlight is NFC functionality, which will save customers time by not having to add their credit cards to third-party apps. Capital One describes it as:

Capital One will use NFC enabled Android phones to transmit a secure payment token to the point of sale. These are accepted anywhere contactless payments are accepted. Any user with an Android phone using an operating system v4.4 (Kit Kat) or higher and with NFC, can now use the Capital One Wallet app to pay for goods and services directly at the point of sale. This includes almost all new Android smartphones offered today.

Besides payments, the app also lets customers manage spending, including real-time notifications for transactions, instant rewards redemption and easy access to account balance and transaction history. If you're one who prefers to rely on official banking apps, but wish to make use of NFC, this may well be the update for you.