The future of Isis as a nationwide mobile payment system just got a little more unsure as one of the four payment providers, Capital One, has dropped out of its early trial stages. According to reports, Capital One has dropped out of the Isis mobile payment trials, which are current ongoing in Salt Late City, UT and Austin, TX. The payment processor apparently has collected the data it needs to make a decision on the service, and that decision is to no longer participate at this time.

In the end its not all that surprising that a payment provider would leave the trials, despite support from Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile on the carrier side. After taking drastically longer than expected to get the infrastructure up and running in just two trial cities, the NFC-based mobile payment system just hasn't gained the traction some had hoped. Competing services like Google Wallet haven't really held onto any meaningful mobile payment market share, and niche services like Square and PayPal are still working out their own models.

Only three financial institutions — American Express, Chase and BarkleyCard — remain on-board with the service at this time, with trials expected to end and push nationwide by the end of 2013. Capital One is seemingly keeping the door open to the possibility of returning to the Isis payment system in the future, but right at this moment Isis is down to just three oprators.

Source: GigaOM