Candy Crush Saga

If Candy Crush is bleeding you dry, fear not - these tips can help you out 

Admit it: You're playing Candy Crush Saga. Or you know somebody who does. The Bejeweled clone has become a big of hit on iOS as well as Android, amassing more than 50 million total downloads on Google Play, with an average rating of 4.4 on some 1.2 million reviews.

Like the app or not, you can't deny those numbers.

And so Candy Crush has quickly become the latest and greatest timesuck, not to mention a money pit thanks to some devilishly good in-app purchases to get you through those tricky levels. Fortunately, our pals at are damned wizards when it comes to Candy Crush Saga, offering up a number of tips and tricks that can keep the frustration at a minimum.

They include:

  1. Look for the patterns
  2. Start at the bottom
  3. Pay attention to the stripes
  4. Work for the combos
  5. Get the jelly off the edge as soon as you can
  6. What are the other threats?
  7. +5 candy gives you more time
  8. Make a plan
  9. Be a chocolate connoisseur​
  10. Fast forward in time for extra lives

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