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Canadians can now sign up to use Samsung Pay with CIBC cards

Samsung and CIBC are teaming up to offer Samsung Pay to Canadians with "select" CIBC credit cards, as we previously reported.

Now, Samsung Canada has put up a landing page allowing users to sign up to receive an email to receive a link to download Samsung Pay on a compatible Galaxy device. Seems fairly convoluted, but there we go.

Says Samsung, (via SamMobile):

As a valued customer, we are excited to present you with early access to Samsung Pay. Samsung has partnered with CIBC so that our customers can make payments using a Samsung Galaxy device with select CIBC credit cards. Samsung Pay works with the latest Samsung Galaxy devices almost anywhere you can tap or swipe your card3, so you can enjoy all the convenience you need on one Samsung device.

There are a couple caveats: CIBC users can only sign up Visa cards at this point, so MasterCard fans are out of luck; and there is no compatibility with US Dollar or prepaid Visa cards.

Still interested? Already signed up? Let us know in the comments!

Daniel Bader was a former Android Central Editor-in-Chief and Executive Editor for iMore and Windows Central. 

  • So only CIBC customers... Makes perfect sense. Guess another 6 months for other banks?
  • TD already had their own mobile pay app for ages, so it would be redundant for them to adopt this early. Same with others. Not sure you'll everyone get on board with the same platform, or at least not soon.
  • Good for you if you have only TD bank cards and like their app. The point of Samsung pay and Android Pay is to replace the average person's wallet, which often includes card from more than one bank and that can be used on more than a handful of phones with specific sim cards and bank specific apps
  • Far more convenient as well. Access even from lock screen if you choose with a quick swipe.
  • @Daniel you should probably take the "3" footnote out of the Samsung quote. Got very confused trying to figure out what a "card3" is...
  • I'm pretty happy that I have a both a MasterCard from the National Bank and a Visa Card from CIBC, now I just registered Samsung Pay in my S7E! =D