Best answer: The Amazon Cloud Cam works amazingly well as a connected baby monitor. With its low price, two-way talk features and cloud storage, you'll be able to keep an eye on your little one no matter where you are.

Amazon: Amazon Cloud Cam ($119)

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While many smart baby monitors are just, well, monitors, the Amazon Cintegrationives you a variety of features while still staying around the $100 mark. Right out of the box you'll get two-way talk, full 1080p HD, intelligent alerts, night vision, and Alexa integration. You can easily add more Cloud Cams to other rooms in your home as well, letting you have peace of mind over more than just your baby.

A cool feature of the Cloud Cam over other baby monitors is that if you're a Fire TV user, you can simply ask Alexa: Show me the nursery (or whatever you've named your camera) and the live view will play on your TV or connected device — so you won't just be limited to a phone or tablet view.

Using Cloud Cam as a baby monitor

Once you've got your Cloud Cam up and running, you don't need to do much beyond that to use it as a baby monitor. Find your location — either placing it down or mounting it on a wall — plug it in and you're good to go. You'll probably want to tweak a few settings to get the camera working well for you, so here are a few things to check out in the Cloud Cam settings:

  • Notifications - Turn this on or off depending on whether you want to receive alerts on your device for motion (or people if you have a cloud subscription)
  • Schedule - Here you can set a schedule for your Cloud Cam to automatically turn on or off
  • Motion Sensitivity - This allows you to change how sensitive alerts for motion will be. Choose either High, Medium, Low, or Disabled.
  • Alexa Notifications - Choose if you want to have your Alexa-enabled device alert you for motion or people notifications.
  • Night Vision - Since you're using the Cloud Cam as a baby monitor, you'll most likely want to enable night vision so you have a clear picture in low or no light.

With everything that Cloud Cam has to offer — at a sweet spot of a price — you'll be hard pressed to find something better to help keep an eye on your little ones. The bonus here over a standard baby monitor is that in a few years when you don't need it to watch the baby anymore, you can move the Cloud Cam to a more suitable place for home monitoring and get even more bang for your buck.

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Amazon Cloud Cam

Great for watching security and peace of mind,

The Amazon Cloud Cam not only makes for a great, inexpensive security camera but also a great, inexpensive baby monitor. With live viewing, two-walk talk, notifications, and cloud storage, it's hard to find a better combination of brains and brawn at this price point.

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