HTC 10 colors

The newly announced HTC 10 launches in the UK in early May, and there are three major color options to choose from. (Sadly the badass "camellia red" is Japan-only for now.) On British shores, your choices are:

  • Glacial Silver: A silver back with a white front.
  • Topaz Gold: A gold back with a white front.
  • Carbon Gray: A dark grey back with a black front.

(The Glacial Silver variant you may have seen in photos with a black front is exclusive to North America.)

That's a pretty straightforward selection. However as usual, various network operators and retailers have laid claim to different color options.

HTC 10 gold HTC 10 gray HTC 10 silver

Carphone Warehouse

The country's biggest independent retailer has the HTC 10 in all three colors including gold, which it's claimed as an exclusive. To sweeten the deal, the retailer is offering £50 cashback on the HTC 10 when you take out a new contract or upgrade.

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Notwithstanding Carphone's exclusivity deal, HTC's own online store also has all three HTC 10 colors — gold, silver and gray — available for purchase unlocked and SIM-free.

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Although EE isn't yet listing the HTC 10, a press release from the operator confirms that it'll stock the carbon gray version of the phone.

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Three has now opened up pre-orders for the HTC 10, with the silver version of the phone available on plans starting at £38 per month and £49 upfront. That gets you 1GB of data and unlimited calls and texts. For unlimited data, it's £57 per month with the same upfront fee.

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Amazon has the HTC 10 in glacial silver and carbon gray, available to buy SIM-free and unlocked.

Carphone's online-only arm also has the HTC 10 in glacial silver and carbon gray, available to buy on contract with EE, in addition to SIM-free and unlocked.


Vodafone UK has confirmed{.nofollow} that it has no plans to range the HTC 10.

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O2 is saying it has nothing to announce on the HTC 10 at present, and is directing customers to its "coming soon" page.

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Are you picking up an HTC 10? Let us know which color you're going for down in the comments!

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