A dark first-person puzzle game just emerged in the Google Play Store called Hellraid: The Escape. It ties in with an upcoming console game, though the mobile iteration is decidedly less hack-and-slashy. It's going for $2.99, and has no in-app purchases or ads.

Players have to work their way through the labyrinthine underworld to escape an eternity of torment. Mind-bending defenses will confound your jailbreak, and even once you get through a door, there are frightening demons on the loose whose sole purpose in existence is to make sure you don't go anywhere. Hellraid: The Escape enjoys top-notch graphics and a wide variety of puzzle types to work your way through.

Hellraid is a dark delve that will test your wits. Be sure to check out the console game too - it's shaping up to be pretty sweet. Anybody going to pick this up?