Brazil app content rating

Brazil does (at least) a few things better than us here in the U.S. Beaches for one (and I say that as a Gulf Coast native, albeit one for more casual nudity and fewer beer bellies), soccer for another (though we're getting better on that front) — and now Android app ratings. Google today announced that Brazil gets is own "Brazil-specific rating" when it comes to apps in Google Play.

Developers don't actually have to do anything — these new ratings will live side-by-side with the existing ratings. They just make a little more sense.

Brazil app content rating system

Here's the deal, as announced in the Google Play developer console:

To help ensure compliance with local regulations, Google Play now includes a Brazil-specific rating on your apps' detail pages. Brazil-specific ratings are automatically created using your apps' existing content ratings on your Developer Console and are displayed for users in Brazil.

An L rating means everything is sunshine and rainbows. A 10 (and this means not recommended for children younger than 10) equals low maturity and may contain violence, criminal acts and legal drugs. The next-highest rating is 14, which equals medium maturity, and the Brazilian ratings top out at 16.

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It's actually an interesting look at how recommended ages stand up next to supposed levels of maturity — and Google's support documentation links to the legalese behind it all (PDF).

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