Ugly ass phone?

So it's starting to look like the idea of an LG built Nexus device is true. Of course, nothing is ever final until it's final, but all the evidence points towards us seeing one in the near future. New Nexus -- awesome, right?

You would think so. But across the Intertubes, I'm seeing something that's got me scratching my head. People are mad -- not just figuratively, but really upset -- because they didn't want anyone except their favorite phone manufacturer to make the next Google reference device. It's a bit ridiculous, because not one of the people complaining has used or even seen the supposed LG Nexus.

On the Internet, people who swear allegiance to a company or brand are labeled as fanboys. It's a good, descriptive term. When you don't consider how anyone else but company X can do anything better, you're a fanboy. It's always a load of laughs to make fun of the fanboys, especially when it comes to smartphones. Words like Fandroids and iSheep make for some legendary blog comment threads.

It's all getting a bit ridiculous. These companies that feed on consumer loyalty worship don't deserve any of it. Google, Samsung, HTC, Apple, Microsoft and the rest need us more than we need them, and buying into the mindset that nothing is better than a <insert device of the month> here is bullshit. Corporations need to work to earn our money, instead of us lining up to throw it at them. The people behind those fancy desks don't know you, nor do they care about anything more than how many dollars they can get from you. That's how a successful business works, no matter who is running it.

Bring on the LG Nexus I say. In fact, I don't care who makes it, as long as it keeps furthering innovation in software and brings new features to the table. The next Nexus could be made by Casio, come with a battery in a bag and weigh five pounds, and to me it would still be better than most other phones I see on the shelves at the AT&T or Verizon store. You might think differently, and that's OK -- as long as you're thinking.