The OnePlus 3 is now on sale from Amazon India for ₹27,999. OnePlus and Amazon have rolled out several launch day offers for the handset, including a free 12-month accidental damage protection plan, which is handled by Servify. However, it looks like you'll have to manually activate the plan, or stand the risk of losing out on free service should the phone get damaged.

OnePlus 3

As noted by Servify (via Android Beat), you need to install the OnePlus Care app from the Play Store, and register your OnePlus 3. You'll have to sign in by providing your mobile number, and authenticate using a OTP.

Once your phone is registered, head into the My Devices tab from the slide-out menu on the left, click on your OnePlus 3, and select the Add bill/document option.

OnePlus 3 manually activate 12-month accidental damage cover

After selecting the option, use your phone's camera to take an image of your retail invoice, or head to Amazon to download a copy of the invoice from the My Orders page on the website. Should the aforementioned option not work, you can get in touch with Servify by emailing them at

An important point to consider is that you'll have to perform the aforementioned steps within 7 days of receiving the OnePlus 3, or within ten days of purchase to be eligible for the free 12-month accidental damage protection.

OnePlus 3T and OnePlus 3


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