Google's parent company Alphabet Inc. has decided to sell Boston Dynamics, which it bought back in 2013, to technology holdings group SoftBank for an undisclosed amount. Boston Dynamics frequently makes the rounds on social media (and regular media) whenever it puts out videos of their adorable dog-like robots... or of their engineers kicking said dog-like robots to prove they can balance.

See robot run

It's hard to tell if Alphabet won or lost in this deal as Google X never disclosed how much it bought the company for back in 2013, and the details of its selling Boston Dynamics are equally slim, but the company was a passion project for Andy Rubin, and was overseen by him until he left Google.

We've heard tell of Alphabet looking to sell Boston Dynamics before, and it seems that it found a buyer in SoftBank, whose CEO Masayoshi Son said, "Smart robotics are going to be a key driver of the next stage of the Information Revolution, and Marc and his team at Boston Dynamics are the clear technology leaders in advanced dynamic robots. I am thrilled to welcome them to the SoftBank family and look forward to supporting them as they continue to advance the field of robotics and explore applications that can help make life easier, safer and more fulfilling."

I only have one small request for Boston Dynamics and its new owners: please stop kicking the potentially life-ending robots.