First Serenity Caldwell, then MrMobile, and now Modern Dad. At this point I think it's safe to say the Bose QC35 wireless noise-canceling headphones have reached a trifecta here.

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I've been using Bose buds on planes for years. I've burned through two sets of the QC20 earbuds. They're great, too. But I wanted something wireless. And I wanted something more comfortable for those REALLY long flights.

The QC35 fit that bill. They're wireless with Bluetooth for use with your phone. They've got a cable and airplane adapter for when you want to use them for in-flight movies. And I've yet to kill the battery at an inopportune time. (20 hours is more than enough to get me from one end of the world to another.)

There's a companion Android app that you might be tempted to skip — but don't. Bose is using this to push firmware updates. They take a few minutes — like, 20 — to download and apply. But it's great to see a product like this get some fairly regular upkeep.

The only real negative I have here is that my ears can get a little sweaty after a couple hours inside the cans. Is that the headphones' fault, or poor design of the user? Pick your poison.

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