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Boost Mobile Samsung Galaxy Prevail leak shows $179 price tag

If you've been hanging around our rumored devices forum (and if you haven't, you really should be), the name Samsung Galaxy Prevail should be familiar. And now with a leaked slide deck, we've got more info to work with before Tuesday's event with Samsung and Boost Mobile in New York City. (We'll be there live, by the way.)

So it looks like what we'll have is a 3.2-inch Android 2.2 phone running on Sprint's CDMA network, with 2MP camera, which is kind of a shame given that it's 2011. The usual sundries are there as well (Bluetooth, GPS, etc.), and it looks like we get a look at the pricing -- suggested at $179 before taxes and what not.

So we'll get real first look Tuesday night, we reckon. [Engadget]

  • SMH
  • I thought only Motorola produced IDEN devices. Are you sure this is not a CDMA device, of which Boost has carried a few?
  • Moto is not the only company producing iDen phones. Remember the bb8359i I think it was. Either way this may or may not be an iDen phone. I know boost has a couple more iDen phone dropping before they shut down that network.(2014) And coming someone in Q4 we should see more of an integration of ptt in sprints cdma network.
  • was an 8350i and even that phone was way better than this.
  • Bummer I was looking forward to this new phone iden would kill it why won't these prepay people get 1 high end phone? I'll gladly pay 500 for a higher end phone that has everything and do everything a smartphone should. stop selling us crap TOYS with 2 year old tech in them. if the specs in this phone are somewhat accurate it blows nothing out of the water its just am ordinary dumb phone. sorry for the rant its frustrating.
  • Sprint owns both Boost and Virgin Mobile. They make more money off postpaid (contract) than they do prepaid. They probably feel it's in their best interest to keep their premium phones locked to contracts and offer only older technology to prepaid customers. To be fair I think AT&T and Verizon's prepaids are the same way.
  • 2mp is more than enough when you consider where cell phone photos usually land. Even a third of a megapixel is sufficient for that stuff. Quality -not quantity- rules here.
  • I doubt this is an iden device, that wouldn't make sense. They are migrating customers off of that network.
  • I certainly hope not because its a big step backwards.
  • its not iden; its cdma. they are phasing the iden phones out and wont make too more of them. there it no ppt on this phone. here is the bottom of the picture that was cut off in AC's post: it clearly says the phone is CDMA. here is the top part of the pic in the post:
  • If the processor is 800 mhz, then maybe ill consider...........maybe
  • Updated - thanks for the additional information!
  • no problem! =]
  • prolly a dumb question but think it will have wifi?
  • Hopefully its not the same crappy 2 YR old processor found in the Transform/Intercept/Moment. If it gets a Hummingbird then ill be buying this.
  • eh a hummingbird I think is aiming a bit high but who knows ;)
  • eh a hummingbird I think is aiming a bit high but who knows ;) has anyone confirmed 2.2 or 2.1 yet?
  • I'd like to be able to tether it.
  • I have a myTouch 4G in a 2G area. Been looking at Boost, and others, for a much more cost effective alternative. Nice to see an Android phone will soon to be available. Hope CM7 is ported quickly to this. This might be my ticket.
  • keep in mind Virgin is having serious data problems right now search it up.
  • looks like virgin Canada got the new phone might not even make it here.
  • wifi?