Bluetooth 4.2 will make your connected devices smarter, faster, and more secure

The Bluetooth Special Interests Group has shared with the world what Bluetooth 4.2 will bring to connected devices. According to details published by the group, consumers can look forward to improvements with regards to privacy, battery conservation and speed.

With hardware supporting Bluetooth 4.2, it will be possible to connect directly to the Internet through IPv6/6LoWPAN (without a go-between), negating the requirement to have specific access points or hubs configured to gain access to multiple devices. But that's not all, data can be transferred up to 2.5x faster with a substantial packet capacity increase.

As well as the new wireless capabilities, improvements made to battery consumption will be warmly received by consumers. Unfortunately for those interested, the specifications section of the website fails to shed light on how incremental battery life improvements will be with Bluetooth 4.2.

We'll be sure to keep you all updated with latest technology supporting this latest version of Bluetooth, but we will likely have to wait for 2015 before we begin to see manufacturers implement support. Current-gen devices that feature Bluetooth 4.1 will be able to make the switch to Bluetooth 4.2 via a firmware update, which is also down to the manufacturers.

Source: Bluetooth SIG

Rich Edmonds