Blink Indoor 1 vs. Blink XT 1: Which video cam should you buy?

It's clear that Blink took the best features from the Indoor 1 and brought them to the XT 1, while making things even better. The XT 1 camera sports a 1080p camera, is weatherproof with a IP65 rating, and includes Infrared Night Vision.

Better specs

1080p video quality
IP65 weatherproof rating
Night vision
Use indoor or outdoor
LED only included to let you know when it's on
No two-way audio capabilities

The Blink Indoor 1 is a fine way to get integrated in the Blink ecosystem, especially at its $100 price point. However, you will only be limited to using these indoors, and there is no built-in night vision included. Plus, the 720p camera resolution may not be the best choice in case of an emergency.

Getting started

Amazon Alexa and IFTTT integration available
Visible white LED
Camera limited to 720p
No infrared night vision
No two-way audio capabilities
Limited to indoor usage

The Blink Indoor 1 camera system is great for someone who wants to keep an eye on a specific room or area of the home. The Blink XT 1 system is for those who want to be able to put these cameras wherever they want, while also having a better camera resolution.

Incremental but major improvements

At first glance, you wouldn't think that there would be too many differences between the standard Blink Indoor 1 and the XT 1. It's not until you start diving deeper that you begin to see the differences really make themselves known.

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Header Cell - Column 0 Blink Indoor 1Blink XT 1
Field of view110°110°
Power2 AA Batteries2 AA Batteries
Two-way audioNoNo
Motion detectionYesYes
Night visionNoYes
LED lightsYesNo
Battery life2 years2 years

Starting off with the similarities between the Indoor 1 and XT 1, there are quite a few. These include the same field of view (110°), battery life (2 years), Wi-Fi capabilities (2.4GHz only), and motion detection. Additionally, since Blink is now owned by Amazon, both security cameras sport Alexa integration for the complete smart home experience. But the XT 1 starts to prove its worth in many of the key specifications needed for a good security video camera.

While the Indoor 1 sports a video resolution of 720p, the XT 1 bumps things up all the way to 1080p, providing a much clearer image, regardless of the situation. This combined with the impressive field of view makes for a great option for those who don't want a situation where the subject may be blurry when the motion detector activates.

Keeping with the camera for a moment, the XT 1 includes a feature that is not available on the Indoor 1, and it's a pretty crucial one - Night Vision. The XT 1 features an "Infrared Light Emitter" making it possible to easily identify people or objects when viewing the camera at night. On the other hand, while you can still look through the Indoor 1 camera at night, you won't really be able to make anything out.

Keeping with the camera for a moment, the XT 1 includes a feature that is not available on the Indoor 1, and it's a pretty crucial one - Night Vision.

Another big benefit of the XT 1 is the weatherproof rating, which comes in at IP65, which means it's fully protected from dust and can stand water jets (i.e. strong rains). This makes it possible to use the newer Blink camera as either an outdoor or indoor security camera. The Indoor 1 is limited to only being used inside, which can be problematic if you want to create a full security system.

At just $30 more, the XT 1 is the better overall camera, and the included benefits won't end up breaking the bank when compared to the Indoor 1. If you just need a basic security camera then the Indoor 1 will perform admirably, but we recommend spending a few extra bucks and getting the superior Blink XT 1.

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