BlackBerry's Android App Player not all it's cracked up to be?

A big question we've had since RIM first announced that the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet would be able to run some Android applications was "Why?" Another question has been "Would a developer really want to?"

We're getting a little insight into that courtesy of pals at CrackBerry. The tl;dr version:

This seems to be a short term solution for a long term problem. For years RIM rested on their laurels doing very little to woo new developers or even keep their existing ones happy and it finally caught up with them and the Android solution seems to be more about getting some quick positive publicity rather than solving the real problem.

Sounds about right to us. Check out the whole piece at the link below.

Read: To build or to port? A developer's thoughts about

the Android App Player on BlackBerry

  • It's RIM BlackBerry doesn't surprise me. BlackBerry who? RIM what?
  • Its sad when the mighty fall. They were such dominant players for a while.
  • I was thinking maybe Windows 7 apps might come to blackberry since they recently made arrangements together. That wouldn't seem like a great idea either.
  • RIM's QNX based PlayBook OS is far superior to any Android based tablets. I own both a Galaxy Tab 10.1 and PlayBook.. PlayBook's OS is just mush smoother, the UI is great, swipe gesture based UI.. compare to Honeycom which is all over the place. There actually alot of games coming out for the PlayBook even some games that Android market doesn't have. The OS doesn't lag at all.. I'm using the 2.0 Beta version loaded some Android apps.. it just runs smooth. No lag esp for a beta. The browser is the best in the market, flash works great far better than on any Android phone or my Galaxy Tab. We'll see I'm really looking forward to the offical 2.0 update. No complains here PlayBook rocks. It has its native apps and android apps. Best of both world with real multi tasking.
  • i almost got defensive about this post , then i had to think . your right.
    the thing that hurts the playbook , is the hardware, and lack of apps.
    we all seen this happen to web os . i really thought that was a nice os also.
  • ^^ Spoken like a Canadian...a French Canadian...
  • Why exactly are you guys so against the Playbook? Just because it's from RIM? It's that kind of annoying fanboyism that makes this site hard to read sometimes. Shouldn't you guys be happy that Android is running on yet another platform? As a developer, I think it's great that RIM is starting to provide an easy way for us to make more profit and easily reach a new audience without having to change any code. Personally, I have the Xoom, an iPad 1 and the Playbook, and I think all three are great. You guys are seriously underestimating the power of QNX. It's a great OS and it very well may bring RIM back from the dead. Check out this video of the Playbook flawlessly running Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich like they're fart apps:
  • Because it's not actually Android running on another platform.
  • That's because they are fart apps. Its not the OS. they are launchers. It is still pretty cool that the playbook can do that though
  • Google should intervene. Tell them to give BBM in return for this app stealing. :| Seriously, why doesn't BlackBerry realize already that the company cannot make good products but their strength lies in their services?
  • Here's the thing, by supporting another platform, RIM really isn't encouraging developers to develop for their platform. What they're doing is giving developers an excuse NOT to develop for Blackberry. People aren't going to flock to the Playbook just because they play Android apps too. It makes me wonder what RIM really was planning when they started this.
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