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Bixby 2.0 gains a developer SDK, available on additional devices, and sounds more natural

Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (Image credit: Android Central)

Last week, a report surfaced with the claim that Samsung would be announcing a brand new version of Bixby on October 18 at its Samsung Developer Conference. October 18 is upon us, and wouldn't you believe it, we've got some Bixby news to talk about.

Samsung used its developer conference to formally announce Bixby 2.0, and while the core Bixby experience will remain the same for those using the assistant on the Galaxy S8, Note 8, etc., there are some big under-the-hood changes that aim to make Bixby even smarter and more powerful than it currently is.

The first big update has to do with the fact that Samsung is opening up the Bixby SDK to third parties. Samsung will be using a private beta program to initially release the SDK to select developers, and over time, the company's hope is to allow anyone to create new skills and services for its AI.

Per Samsung's Vice President and Head of Service Intelligence of Mobile Communications, Eui-Suk Chung:

We know Samsung cannot deliver on this paradigm shift by ourselves - it can only happen if we all, across all industries, work together, in partnership. With Bixby 2.0, the doors will be wide open for developers to choose and model how users interact with Bixby in their services across all application domains e.g., sports, food, entertainment, or travel – the opportunities are truly endless.

This is easily the biggest change to Bixby, but that's not all that Samsung announced. Bixby 2.0 will bring the assistant to other connected devices (including refrigerators, TVs, speakers, etc.) and use improved language capabilities to sound more natural and perform more complex tasks. With this update, Samsung says that Bixby will be able to "really get to know and understand not only who you are, but who members of your family are, and tailor its response and actions appropriately."

Bixby didn't have the smoothest launch here in the States, and while it will probably take some time for the changes in 2.0 to have a noticeable impact on most people's day-to-day use, we're still excited to see Samsung double-down on the platform. Bixby has a lot of room to grow, but what we're seeing here is encouraging.

Samsung Bixby: Everything you need to know!

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  • Samsung isn't making Bixby open source. They're just opening up an SDK so developers can integrate their apps with it.
  • ^^^ This. Open source is a completely different thing.
  • Sorry for the miswording there – updated the title. Thanks!
  • I'll be happy when I can program my Bixby button to open Cortana.
  • LMAO Cortana still exist?
  • Looking forward to the update.
  • So are they making it available for the S7/S7 edge? I mean, if they're going to deploy it to all these other devices, like refrigerators, the least they can do is release it for these phones, which are perfectly capable devices. Anything that will replace S-voice is a refreshing change. In truth, they ought to replace S-voice on every single device that will support Bixby. Get rid of that piece of junk.
  • "Yes! Can't wait for Bixby 2.0! This changes everything!" - No one...ever
  • Yes! Can't wait for Bixby 2.0! This changes everything!!!!!
  • "Yes! Can't wait for Bixby 2.0! This changes everything!"
  • I use the current Bixby almost daily so yes I too cannot wait for the update
  • No release date, though?
  • Very cool. I already love using Bixby for all system stuff. I'm looking forward to the update.
  • Bixby, Great!!!!
    Continue to work with it an so call teach it, it will be just as good as Google's AI.
    It's going to take some time but, I'm so glad they decided to stay with it and mage it better for everyone.
  • Well maybe I'll undisable Bigsby now and while Samsung has at it maybe they'll update our phones from 7.0 to something released in the last year! Actually too late I already ordered a pixel.
  • I was there with you, but over time the next big Android os update. Just don't give me that Tingly sensationany any more. But guess I am starting to get to that age, Where I want to say you kids get off my lawn.........
  • Good news
    For all consumer's Competition with Google, Siri, even Cortana. Will make all developers, want to one up the others AI. Win win for every one. Granted Bixby not there. But over time it will Improve
  • Bixby isn't made to compete with these. Bixby is more of a personal assistant and it works well for that.
  • And Bixby can rap.
    Bixby got bars
    Lol Yes, Bixby is designed for each individuals personal use. Teach it well and it will graduate into a value added tool.
    Or just disable it. 😎
  • If you don't think Samsung does not want to Improve to be at the same level or better than Google then you're delusional. In regards of Bixby
  • Been using bixby exclusively. An I'm impressed so far . Frist off it is not a Google now replacement . It's designed to intergrate with your s8 note 8 an that's where it's starting to shine . It can only get better from here
  • Exactly!! I wish people would understand this!
  • And we get the best of both worlds. Making these devices even better than the competition.
  • Just wait until I can use the Dark side of the force to get Bixby to do my bidding.
    Join me and Bixby and we'll rule the
  • Its kinda late to the kinda too late. Siri is King(or Queen) with iOS. Google Assistant is so great there is no reason to try anything else. Alexa pretty much has a lock on the home smartbox scene. Cortana who? Bixby? Come on...gtfoh...
  • Siri? Lmao... must be sarcasm
  • Oh, do you know of another Virtual Assistant tightly integrated into iOS that has been developed and used for the last 5 years? Please, do tell....
  • Yes........ Google Now. I can think of a ton of things that bixby can do that Siri can't touch
  • I can tell you've never used Bixby. Nor Google Assistant. Thanks for the troll.
  • did you even attempt to teach it or did you just decide it isn't worth anything
  • Glad their improving, I really like Bixby and quick commands are a godsend!
  • Just wish it would come to the Samsung Gear S3! S voice is just unusable.
  • Absolutely!
  • i'm eagerly awaiting the Gear S4 (with Bixby)!
  • Or the Gear S2 and S7 edge. No reason Samsung can't port to those as well.
  • How can Samsung get away with putting this garbage on their devices. I have a Note 8 and it's a joke. I'm stuck with a $1000 Note 8 with a button I can't use. Google Assistant works flawlessly. Siri worked flawlessly on my Iphone 7 Plus. Samsung need to allow us to reprogram the button similar to what Blackberry does with their convenience key. Let us us the button for whatever app we want. Bixby 2.0 is as much garbage as the old version. It won't even wake up my phone
  • I bag to differ with Siri being flawless . Far from it I've watched plenty of the two side by side . An they both could still use some help. Fact that Siri had a head start an it's still not very good
  • that is a crock you can use the button why not bother to teach Bixby like I did and others then you will change your tune. It does so much
  • The naysayers an trolls are in full effect ignore them. Trust me they don't even own the phone
  • You are a troll.
  • Right on que ^^^ When you actually buy a note 8 . Then let us know how bixby really works you'll be amazed how good it really is
  • I rarely use Bixby. I forget it's there. Still use Google 99% of the time.
  • This^^
  • My problem is, I don't really "play" with my phone. When I use my Note8, I don't have time to waste trying a new technology, then having to "invest" time trying to teach it if it's wrong. For this reason, it's just quicker do what I need manually For example, if I asked it to turn on the flashlight and she suggests searching the web, I can't justify teaching it what I want it to do, when it is quicker to unlock my Note8, swipe down and tap the flashlight button myself.
  • Being a tech cripple is no excuse for not using Bixby.
  • This ,,^^^