BitTorrent Sync

If you love sharing files, but don't trust The Cloud, BitTorrent's Android client has had a big revamp with a new user interface and the ability to share folders via HTTPS link, email, or QR code. The update also revamps the user interface and a few behind-the-scenes improvements. These changes come alongside an equally-vamped desktop client.

BitTorrent Sync allows you to have files automatically copied across multiple destinations, including PC, Android smartphones and tablets. This is done directly via the famous peer-to-peer file-sharing protocol, which skips the need for any kind of cloud service or subscription in order to store files on other destinations.

Get downloading BitTorrent Sync for free at the link above, or check the source link below for a look at the new desktop BitTorrent Sync client.

How do you guys share files on Android? Is Dropbox still the standard? Do subscription costs turn you off? Is privacy a problem when it comes to sending big files?

Source: BitTorrent